​Audi DTM drivers adore Zandvoort

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“I adore Zandvoort, it’s a cold track,” Green pronounced during an Audi write press discussion on Wednesday. “For me, Zandvoort is a lane of a year,” Mattias Ekström affirmed. “There are usually few allied circuits in a world. The quick right-hand spin during a finish of zone one is a best dilemma of a season. Plus, a best DTM races are always hold during Zandvoort. Overtaking opportunities are good there, even but DRS. If it was adult to me, Zandvoort would sojourn on a DTM calendar forever.”

Green and Ekström conclude a special plea of a 4.307-kilometer roller-coaster lane in a dunes. “I have some-more butterflies in my stomach there than on other competition tracks,” pronounced Mattias Ekström. “You need some-more thoroughness when we expostulate there. If we make a mistake, we finish adult in a sand or in a ensure rails.”

“It’s good that in a DTM we’re racing on such a classical competition lane instead of usually on complicated circuits,” pronounced Jamie Green. “There are quick corners, delayed corners, and a lane is engaging to drive.”

On Thursday, Green will be nearing directly from England, where he is now spending his summer vacation with his family. “I’ve got my motorhome with me, we’re going to do some trackside camping,” he related.

Ekström in his secretly fielded Audi S1 EKS RX won a Swedish World Rallycross Championship turn during Höljes for a second uninterrupted time final weekend and has been on a tip step of a DTM lectern during Zandvoort an extraordinary 4 times. “Obviously, collecting trophies and spraying champagne is always fun,” pronounced Ekström. “But we know that formula in sports are perishable goods: subsequent weekend, a cards will be reshuffled, so a past will be of no interest.”

When it comes to assessing their possess chances, both Audi drivers use patience in perspective of a opposite opening weights. At Zandvoort, they can comment for as most as 0.5 seconds per lap, according to a mechanism make-believe of a Audi Sport engineers. “I’m going to let myself be astounded about where we stand,” Ekström commented. “I trust that but a opening weights Audi would have dominated a deteriorate so far. That’s because I’m fervent to see how we’ll demeanour compared with Mercedes. We’ll be pushing with a same weight for a initial time given a Hockenheim deteriorate opener.”

Green: “It’s not easy to contend how a relations strengths will vessel out and how clever BMW will be in perspective of a poignant weight advantage they have. But in a past, a lane during Zandvoort always matched Audi improved than a Norisring and in terms of weight we’re in a improved position than we were dual weeks ago as well.”

ARD will be airing live coverage from Zandvoort on ‘Das Erste’ on Saturday starting during approx. 17.55 (CEST) and on Sunday starting during approx. 13.55. Additional live streaming will be accessible during www.dtm.com/live, www.sportschau.de and www.bild.de.

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