​Audi DTM drivers put by their paces

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Audi relies on “Vorsprung durch Technik” not usually with a competition cars. The code with a 4 rings is one of a initial vehicle manufacturers to have famous early how critical aptness and health of a drivers is in achieving success. Even as distant behind as in a days of a mythological strange quattro in a World Rally Championship a group medicine would accompany all a factory-backed commitments of a code from Ingolstadt. The corner winter stay involving all a drivers that Audi Sport organizes each year before a start of a deteriorate dates behind to a nineteen-nineties.

Since then, Audi Sport has shifted into aloft rigging once more. All bureau drivers bear a extensive aptness and medical checkup during Technical University Munich (TUM) before a Hockenheim deteriorate opener. The “Klinikum rechts der Isar” university sanatorium is Germany’s largest core for surety and sports medicine attending to some-more than 500 athletes from inhabitant teams per year – including a skiers from Audi’s partner DSV (German Ski Association). Contact between Audi Sport and TUM was determined by a ski association.

Although a module finished by a 8 Audi DTM drivers is tough, they tackle it with good vitality each year. “The comforts and assemblage during a sanatorium are first-class. Everything is accessible there in a singular place,” says Jamie Green, a Audi motorist with a best points measure in a DTM final year. “It’s good that Audi Sport offers us this opportunity. They found a few things there in my box too that no other alloy had rescued before. As a result, we was means to work on them together with my physiotherapist.”

The checkup that takes about 4 hours and is sweat-inducing during times starts with a holding of blood samples, followed by isometric strength measurements. During these measurements, a driver’s physique, conduct alignment, strength and agility, as good as a functions of a joints are checked. A comparison with a formula from prior checkups provides a design of a competition driver’s growth – creation it probable to away adjust his training program.

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