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Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport): “TheNorisring weekend was an comprehensive prominence again. A unequivocally vast throng was during a eventuality on both days – like each year, it enclosed a quite vast series of Audi fans and employees. Obviously, they’d have favourite to see an Audi win, though due to a high opening weights in a cars that usually wasn’t possible. At least, a dual best-placed drivers in a standings – Jamie (Green) and Mattias (Ekström) – have scored profitable points, that competence be essential during a finish of a season. It was good that, of all a cars, a RS 5 DTM in a 1990 retro pattern was one of a protagonists in a competition on Sunday. we consider a fans enjoyed this special feature. All in all, we delivered a good module to a fans during a Norisring – including dual illusory races in a Audi Sport TT Cup.”

Dieter Gass (Head of DTM during Audi Sport): “At a Norisring, a opening weights have a quite poignant impact. As expected, a competitors, generally a colleagues from Stuttgart, took advantage of this. Our drivers unequivocally had a tough pursuit this weekend. Two of them were ‘outstanding’ in doing it: Jamie (Green) and Mattias (Ekström). Both of them challenged a laws of production this weekend: Jamie on Saturday and Mattias on Sunday. It’s a contrition that Jamie was deprived of probable serve points on Sunday. we don’t determine with a approach a Championship personality was dealt with today. Attacking Jamie Green so tough that he had to array due to a puncture was not okay. Bruno Spengler’s overtaking scheme opposite Mattias Ekström was tough as well, though fair. That’s a kind of racing a fans would like to see.”

Mattias Ekström (Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM #5) position 17 / position 4

“The second competition was a thriller. The conflict for position 3 was fun. Unfortunately, my tires degraded 3 or 4 laps before a finish underneath a high weight. That’s given we couldn’t urge my advantage anymore. we knew my limit, done room for Bruno Spengler, and he managed a good maneuver. He was always unequivocally satisfactory to me in a past too, so we let him have this chance. He deserves a trophy. I’m not unhappy by a competition outcome during all, given we have to remember how good a waste was in terms of weight. It’s been one of a best races in my career. The competition was exquisite and my group found a good set-up.”

Jamie Green (Hoffmann Group Audi RS 5 DTM #53) position 7 / position 19

“I some-more or reduction approaching this result. The strengths a automobile has didn’t vessel out during a Norisring. Now, there’ll be opposite marks on a calendar. In a initial race, it was transparent that we’d be saying many position changes. we was using on slicks, and many of a rivals on sleet tires. But on both days it was apparent that we shouldn’t take too many risks on this track. Unfortunately, that could also be pronounced about a opposition that strike my automobile so tough that we had a puncture. I’d apparently like to conflict for victories, though withdrawal Nuremberg as a personality of a standings is a positive. At Zandvoort, I’m going to conflict for feat again.”

Edoardo Mortara (Castrol EDGE Audi RS 5 DTM #48) position 11 / position 15

“City travel circuits fit me well, that’s given I’m unhappy that it didn’t go improved for us. Obviously, a weight didn’t assistance us during all. But we also have to investigate within a patrol given we didn’t uncover a plain group performance. It’s tough for me to immediately come adult with a reason given we weren’t some-more competitive. But I’m certain we’re going to see a totally opposite design during Zandvoort in dual weeks from now. Plus, I’m happy about contesting a competition weekend in a Audi R8 LMS Cup in Taiwan in between.”

Mike Rockenfeller (Schaeffler Audi RS 5 DTM #99) position 14 / retirement

“We arrived in Nuremberg and knew how most we’d be pang underneath a high weight. Still, we need to be self-critical given we saw that a code co-worker Mattias Ekström was means to quarrel a unequivocally good conflict in annoy of this disadvantage. On Saturday, we was using good on a soppy track, though when it dusty off we weren’t quick enough. On Sunday, grid position 19 was a best we could do. In a race, we was a small astounded about how early António Félix da Costa braked. Still, attack him was clearly my mistake. Fortunately, his automobile usually had teenager damage, while we was forced to retire. I’d have favourite to make a improved display for a partner Schaeffler in a home race. It was good that Ms. Schaeffler took a time to revisit us during a competition track.”

Adrien Tambay (Playboy Audi RS 5 DTM #27) position 19 / position 14

“Following what was reduction than a ideal start of a deteriorate for me, we was set on scoring my initial points of a year during a Norisring. In perspective of a opening weights, that was arguably not a best weekend for it, though we still gave my best. On Sunday, we was a second-best Audi motorist and am comparatively happy as distant as that’s concerned. But a subsequent time I’m a second-best Audi driver, I’m anticipating to be on podium. Plus, I’m anticipating that a BMW drivers won’t expostulate as aggressively again as they did during a Norisring. we always try to pass though contact. That wasn’t a box with a BMW drivers this weekend.”

Timo Scheider (AUTO TEST Audi RS 5 DTM #10) position 16 / position 17

“My weekend began with problems and finished a same way. On a soppy track, we was in a tip five, though in subordinate a lane dusty off and we done a mistake. On Sunday, a performances were approach off a mark. There was zero we could do in subordinate and in a competition we weren’t in row for points either. That’s frustrating. Some of a team-mates done vital changes to a set-up from Saturday to Sunday. Normally, we don’t immediately strike a bull’s eye when we do that, though this time it was different. We schooled something that, hopefully, we’ll be means to modify into formula during Zandvoort.”

Nico Müller (Audi Financial Services Audi RS 5 DTM #51) position 18 / position 20

“My initial dual laps weren’t too bad. we done adult a few places and a duels were fun. When we don’t have a lot of time underneath your belt in a DTM, it’s critical to come out on tip in mid-field position battles as well. But it’s also transparent that we weren’t quick adequate this weekend. Maybe a lane characteristics don’t fit us so well, and there was a weight. I’m looking forward now and am vehement about Zandvoort. That’s a unequivocally cold track.”

Miguel Molina (Teufel Audi RS 5 DTM #17) position 20 / position 18

“Unfortunately, my weekend wasn’t so good. In a initial subordinate session, we was a second-best Audi motorist in ninth place. That was my best subordinate during a Norisring given I’ve been racing in a DTM. Unfortunately, a opposition caused me to spin in a initial competition right in spin one. In qualifying, we didn’t conduct environment a good path time. we used a competition as a exam to work on my pushing character and to try out something on a automobile as well. For Zandvoort, I’m optimistic. In eighth place in a Championship, I’m now a fourth-best Audi driver.”

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