​Hollywood stars revisit Audi during Le Mans

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Strong coming by a new Audi TT RS

Besides a Audi R18, a new Audi TT RS caused a stir during Le Mans. Journalists were given an eventuality to privately try out a 400-hp flagship of a TT indication operation on a Le Mans competition track. There were dual other premieres: for a initial time, a organisation of reporters was authorised to use a array stop on an Audi R18 and during a Audi Arena, guest together with Audi Sport fabricated a V12 TDI engine of a Audi R10 TDI that was winning in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Audi R8 becomes an internet star

This year, Audi again supposing a Official Cars during a Le Mans 24 Hours. The Audi R8 Safety Car suddenly became a principal performer on Thursday night. Four-time Le Mans leader Yannick Dalmas anxious a fans during an stop of a subordinate eventuality in pouring sleet with a fantastic drift. The brief video has given been virally swelling on a internet and is ideal announcement for a Audi R8’s quattro drive.

More than 100,000 Twitter fans, new Audi Sport App

During a Le Mans week Audi Sport logged some-more than 100,000 supporters on Twitter (@audisport). Right in time for a season’s apex eventuality a new Audi Sport app for iOS and Android smartphones also went live. The new app provides users with humorous emojis centered on Audi Sport as well.

Virtual Le Mans competition in San Francisco

Concurrently with a “real” Le Mans 24 Hours, Audi of America is hosting a practical Le Mans competition in San Francisco. In a “24 Hours of Le Forza” some of a best competition gamers in a United States are pitted opposite any other in a “Forza Motorsport 6” simulation. The competition is streamed live on www.twitch.tv with explanation supposing by Dion von Moltke, who in 2013, won a GTD category of a 24-hour competition during Daytona in a Audi R8 LMS. Under a hashtag #AudiLeForza a racing movement can be watched in amicable media.

550 guest during Audi Sport Camp

Employees of Audi Sport in their giveaway time again orderly an Audi Sport Camp this year for colleagues and partners during a Le Mans 24 Hours. About 550 guest used a eventuality to spend a night in a tent and motorhome stay nearby a paddock, to watch a competition and to party. A prominence during a entertainment was a opening of a residence rope of Audi motorist Marcel Fässler who privately visited a Audi Sport Camp and patiently over all wishes for autographs.

Audi Sport e-tron towering bike singular edition

One of a highlights during a Audi Arena during Le Mans was a new Audi Sport e-tron towering bike that is now accessible in a singular book of 100 bikes, any offered for 15,300 euros. Tipping a beam during merely 18.2 kilograms it is one of a world’s lightest e-mountain bikes.

Dindo Capello celebrates birthday during Le Mans

Dindo Capello distinguished his 52nd birthday during Le Mans on Friday. During a normal revisit to a Danish stay together with his former teammate Tom Kristensen, a Italian was reasonably celebrated. Capello worked as a watchman for Audi Sport during Le Mans. The other Audi Sport Ambassadors – Frank Biela, Emanuele Pirro and Marco Werner – were active for Audi in several ways during Le Mans as well.

In a Audi R8 from Germany to France

Nearly 50 Audi R8 cars did a path around a famous “Circuit des 24 Heures” before a start of a Le Mans 24 Hours. Audi Germany had invited R8 business for a convene to France. 

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