​Positions 3 and 4 for Audi during Le Mans

Posted on 19. Jun, 2016 by in Audi Canada

In a thespian competition that was usually motionless on a final lap, Lucas di Grassi (BR), Loïc Duval (F) and Oliver Jarvis (GB) clinched third place for Audi during a final moment. Marcel Fässler (CH), André Lotterer (D) and Benoît Tréluyer (F) finished in position four. With that, Audi, in a 18th appearance given a brand’s Le Mans entrance in 1999, achieved a 18th lectern in period including 13 altogether victories.

“Unfortunately, conjunction of a dual cars done it over a stretch but issues,” pronounced Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. “This weekend once some-more showed because Le Mans is regarded as a world’s toughest continuation race. I’m unapproachable of a patrol carrying managed to move both cars home. But, obviously, this is not a outcome we were anticipating for. Congratulations to Porsche on their second feat in succession. Following a extensive race, Toyota, on creation their 18th attempt, again usually hardly missed finally winning Le Mans – that speaks volumes about how impossibly formidable this competition is.” 

Due to complicated rainfalls, a margin started behind a reserve automobile for a initial time in Le Mans history. Following a all-clear for a race, it took André Lotterer usually a few laps to allege from grid position 5 to initial place. However, a #7 Audi R18 mislaid a possibility for feat as early as in a second hour when Lotterer, while heading a race, had to array for a change of a turbocharger.

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