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Christopher Weil is a ardent designer. Since 2013 he has been
Head of Exterior Design during MINI, i.e. a male obliged for shaping
a extraneous of both stream and destiny MINI models and a brand’s
judgment and prophesy cars. As a new year gets underway, he answers ten
questions about pattern in ubiquitous and a MINI pattern in particular.
He explains because good pattern is something we knowledge as good as
see, and predicts sparkling things in store for a MINI brand.

1. Why did we turn a automobile designer?
I’d always
dreamt of apropos a automobile designer, we had a arrange of middle urge. For one
thing, I’ve enjoyed sketch ever given we can remember – each throw of
purify paper got scribbled all over! And I’m also preoccupied by future
themes, fundamentally anything and all that’s new. Being a car
engineer not usually lets me do my passion for creativity, it gives
me a possibility to assistance figure a future. Exterior pattern has particular
interest for me. That feeling of saying your “own” automobile pushing on the
highway is unequivocally something special. It’s my comprehensive dream job.

2. Where do we get your impulse as a automobile designer? What
spurs we on?
I pull my impulse from positive
destiny scenarios, Utopias. The destiny has always been a good place
for me, a arrange of softened chronicle of now. That’s also what we think
a charge as designers should be: to make a destiny a improved place.
And that includes cars and mobility. As a designer, I’m also inspired
and perplexed by products where we can see that someone has worked
prolonged and tough on a theme matter and unequivocally got to grips with
whatever a subject is. The outcome is mostly something unique. And
that’s accurately what we aspire to grasp with my pattern work: the
product shouldn’t only pierce a MINI code forward, it should inspire
others too. In other words, a tension I’ve put into it should also
ring with a user and trigger something inside them.

3. What is a duty of extraneous pattern in your view?

Good extraneous pattern is like a promise, arrangement what
a automobile is means of – and some-more besides. Good extraneous design
reveals a car’s impression too. This can be each bit as challenging
as it is powerful. For me, good extraneous pattern means formulating an
romantic tie with a onlooker only by means of a vehicle’s form.
To grasp this, designers have to heighten a area of surfaces with
romantic interest and inject a clarity of fit by adding a right
lines to fit a impression of a automobile during hand. The product itself
has to promulgate and strike a chord, though a patron wanting to
review an exegetic leaflet first.

4. Why have we selected to work during MINI?
an automotive icon. Everyone, large or small, knows what a MINI looks
like and could substantially even pull one too. More crucially, however,
MINI is most some-more than only a product. It is a messenger by daily
life, it symbolises an large opinion on a world, full of
confidence for a future. Our business form a unequivocally special bond with
their cars. Very few other manufacturers can contend a same. The charge of
transporting this singular peculiarity into a destiny intrigues me. And the
code has huge untapped potential. The stream MINI LIVING and
MINI FASHION collaborations, for example, yield an denote of
what a destiny competence hold.

5. What creates a MINI so special for you
It’s formidable to put into words. At its
hint a MINI is something unequivocally special – it’s approachable, nearly
human. Rather than a emotions that can be influenced by a workings of
a high-tech machine, a MINI is some-more about a attribute with the
driver. MINI conveys some of a driver’s personality, while also
carrying a impression of a own. MINI owners brand with a product
to a apart larger grade than business of other brands. MINI is an
unusual experience, one we suffer myself – when we get into my MINI
and expostulate off, it simply creates me happy. So we unequivocally can call it a
tighten relationship. MINI does all of that. And it’s something we want
to take to a whole new turn in a future.

6. What is it that creates a MINI design
The MINI DNA – in other words, what Sir Alec
Issigonis sought to grasp with a classical Mini – has a special
formula. It’s about a product whose each fact is good suspicion out
and fulfils a purpose. The surfaces of a brand’s cars have always
had a unequivocally clean-cut, roughly pared down feel. It’s “pure car” – i.e.
virginity of form (rather than dispensing with non-essentials). This has
had a additional outcome of formulating a strong, iconic design. The
plea lies in enlightening such an idol though blurring a identity
of MINI in a process. The accessible coming of a cars is another
special MINI trait. For years now, MINI has resisted a enticement to
give a pattern a some-more assertive tinge – notwithstanding all a sporting
bravery on offer. There is, after all, no denying a go-kart
qualities, as we was means to knowledge first-hand on an Alpine convene I
took partial in a while back. There was some clever foe from
supercars, nonetheless a MINI still ran rings turn everyone. It was a
rarely considerable display, and extensive fun too.

7. What would we contend are critical issues for a future?

For me, digitisation is one of a pivotal issues. MINI is
going digital, though we suppose it will do so in a rather warmer, more
personal and tellurian approach than other brands of car. People will continue
to come initial during MINI, not technology. Our record will, of course,
still be state-of-the-art. And in some areas we will even lead the
way, such as with customisation regulating 3D printing, that will allow
MINI business to pattern and fit tools themselves. But it won’t be all
about a technology, rather a knowledge will be king. Car design
is also set to turn increasingly connected and a range will extend
apart over what we see now. Today, we fundamentally still only pattern the
figure of a car, though in destiny we will be operative on apart more. A wealth
of possibilities are opening up, that creates a whole thing unequivocally exciting.

8. So, what purpose will extraneous pattern have to play in
Exterior pattern will still be important. Even
if, during some indicate in a apart future, MINI is zero some-more than a
mobile box (to elaborate things slightly), no matter how ultra-modern
and pared down a box looks, it will still broadcast a brand’s core
values. Design is radically communication. The romantic bond that
is shaped with vehicles starts with their exterior, as it’s a first
touchpoint of any car. Nurturing this attribute – indeed, ensuring
there is a attribute in a initial place – is what we find to do at
Exterior Design. It will still be a pursuit as designers to make a MINI
now recognizable as a MINI.

9. What will be a identifying facilities of a MINI in
I consider that there will continue to be design
elements that emanate temperament and therefore make MINI as recognisable
as ever. The resisting roof is though doubt a elemental MINI
characteristic, as is a MINI “face” with a hexagonal radiator
grille. we see these dual elements as a core visible facilities of MINI,
transparent temperament creators. Everything else is non-static and offers scope
for serve development. But we consider there will still be a need for
iconic pattern elements in future.

10. You have overseen a new facelift for a MINI Hatch
(3-door and 5-door). Don’t we consider it’s a bit subtle, when
compared to a formerly settled prophesy for a destiny of
Model updates – or Life Cycle Impulses, as they
are also famous – always engage treading a excellent line between
innovating and preserving. I’m privately of a opinion that design
thrives on this contrast. The modifications and impulses of the
stream indication refurbish can be found in a smaller details, and they are
both right for a automobile and in hold with a times. Features that were
soothing before have a some-more resisting outcome on a updated models.
There is some-more clarification in a MINI logo, for instance, while the
wheels and lights have further been given a most crook look. The
contrariety with a surrounding soothing surfaces creates a apart some-more modern
appearance. New extraneous colours, back lights with a Union Jack design
and a choice of customising a side scuttles and trim strips
by MINI Yours offer a business some unequivocally intriguing new
features, and sees us holding a large step into a future.


Christopher Weil has been Head of Exterior Design at
MINI given 2013. This means he has altogether shortcoming for the
whole extraneous styling of both stream and destiny MINI models, and
judgment cars. Weil’s prior work for a BMW Group included
conceptualizing a extraneous of both a BMW 3 Series and a BMW 328
Hommage, that was denounced in 2011 during a Concorso d’Eleganza Villa
d’Este classical automobile and motorcycle event.


Thank we unequivocally much!

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