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The 2011 Hyundai Elantra has been named one of a Top 10 Coolest New Cars underneath $18,000 by Kelley Blue Books kbb.com. According to kbb.com experts, a Elantra was selected on a basement of dual criteriabeing fun to expostulate and fun to own. Kbb.com praised a Elantras all-around package of sharp design, available facilities and fuel efficiency, as good as a fact that each Elantra gets 40 miles per gallon on a highway.

The Elantra will be one of 4 Hyundai vehicles sole in 2011 that achieves a miracle 40 mpg highway fuel economy rating, along with a Accent, Sonata Hybrid and a Veloster. Elantra perceived a finish redesign for 2011, as good as an 18 percent strike in fuel potency over a predecessor.

Were respected that kbb.com famous so many of a things about a Elantra that we baked into a recipe, pronounced Brandon Ramirez, manager, Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America. With customary 40 mpg highway fuel economy and superb looks, as good as a resources of modernized technological and reserve features, a Elantra is unequivocally one of a coolest options in a segment.

The 2011 Elantra excels in terms of pattern and fuel economy, though it also rises above a foe with a multiple of modernized reserve features, well-developed interior room equal to that of a midsize sedan and an all-new 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. All of these features, and Hyundais industry-leading customary warranty, volume to an well-developed car that is also an well-developed value.

As kbb.com notes, it takes some panache to be fuel efficient, affordable and good looking, and a 2011 Hyundai Elantra pulls it off in style.

Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial executive and executive marketplace researcher for Kelley Blue Books kbb.com, remarked of all a vehicles featured in a Top 10 Coolest Cars underneath $18,000, There are good deals to be had on many new cars underneath $18,000, though usually a handful of them unequivocally possess that cool, difficult-to-describe it factor. Each year a foe keeps removing worse in this affordable segment, with some-more personality-filled, amenity-laden, versatile vehicles entering a marketplace.

For some-more information about kbb.coms 2011 Top 10 Coolest New Cars Under $18,000, greatfully revisit http://www.kbb.com/car-news/all-the-latest/10-coolest-cars-under-18000-_-2011-edition/.

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