2011 Nissan Quest Overview

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2011 Nissan Quest Press Kit: Overview

2011 Nissan Quest Designed to Take On a Toughest and Most Rewarding Job on a Planet – Parenting

The all-new fourth era Nissan Quest, that is set to go on sale during Nissan dealers national in early 2011, is about to take on a toughest pursuit on a planet: parenting. More than usually another new Quest, it’s an wholly new take on a minivan – with confidant styling, an endless list of family accessible innovations and amenities a family can suffer together. With one-touch energy shifting doors, discerning recover fold-flat seats, an Advanced Climate Control System, and behind storage good to name usually a few, Quest provides a creation to assistance make a unfit probable on a daily basis. Just like relatives do.

“The all-new Nissan Quest ‘gets’ parenting. While minivans sojourn one of a many maligned black of adulthood, where some see them as a surrendering of girl and fun, Nissan sees a minivan as a jubilee of family life – not usually for moms on weekdays, though for fun times with a whole family on weekends,” pronounced Al Castignetti, clamp boss and ubiquitous manager, Nissan Division, Nissan North America, Inc. “We perspective Quest as a prerogative to relatives for doing usually that – parenting.”

Designed with purpose inside and out, a 2011 Quest offers functionality, singular styling and comfort for all occupants. “While it can’t guarantee to make parenting easier, or your kids improved behaved, a new Quest can make your life as a primogenitor a tiny reduction chaotic,” adds Castignetti.

Among a new Quest’s accessible “Innovation for Family” pattern facilities are:
• A sophisticated, complicated extraneous and interior pattern that provides a uninformed proceed to a minivan shred – including a “fluid sculpture” physique with full approximate potion diagnosis
• One-touch energy shifting side doors that simply clear and open with a singular touch, even with arms and hands full of groceries
• Dual Opening potion moonroofs (two), providing lovely breezes to front and behind occupants when open
• 2nd quarrel energy windows
• Standard Quick Release Fold-Flat 2nd and 3rd quarrel seats to make a prosaic bucket floor, and accessible 3rd quarrel power-return seatback on LE
• Quick Comfort exhilarated front seats with modernized staged heating complement design
• Removable 2nd quarrel console with cupholders and lid
• Always-available large, lonesome Permanent Rear Storage Well
• Advanced Climate Control System (ACCS) intelligent HVAC complement with Plasmacluster™ atmosphere purifier, Grape Polyphenol Filter and automobile recirculation
• Blind Spot Warning (BSW) complement and RearView Monitor
• Conversation mirror, that helps raise prominence and review with children in a 2nd and 3rd rows
• Standard 2nd and 3rd quarrel museum seating with accessible vast behind 11-inch tone guard and automobile splendid function
• Easy maneuverability, with tiny branch radius and front triangle windows for extended visibility
• Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Easy Fill Tire Alert, that alerts we when scold tire acceleration is reached

“This new dimension in minivans was recognised to yield intelligent prioritization, fulfilling a traditional, mostly child-centric needs of bland life, though also a some-more romantic aspects of personal style, pushing pleasure and memorable family vacations,” pronounced Castignetti. “It’s designed to counterpart a multi-purpose comfort and regard of a home’s ‘great room’ and lets we take it along on a road.”

Innovative Functionality
The all-new 2011 Nissan Quest’s “innovative functionality” starts with a proven substructure of Nissan’s modernized “D-platform,” that is also employed on a stream Nissan Maxima and Altima sedans, as good as a renouned Murano crossover SUV. With a prolonged 118.1-inch wheelbase and 200.8-inch altogether length, Quest offers both a ample interior and a rarely maneuverable altogether size.

The Quest extraneous styling combines liquid sculptural elements with crafted sum to yield a uninformed proceed to minivan design. In front, a confidant fender and plane grille and headlights mix into a thespian side impression line and sole circle forms filled with customary 16-inch or 18-inch wheels. The confidant doorway sections and surfaces upsurge seamlessly into a behind “boomerang” taillights and tailgate finisher, assisting emanate a demeanour as if Quest was fake from one plain square of sculptor’s stone.

The many distinguished aspect of a new Quest design, however, is a full approximate remoteness glass, black cincture frame and chrome trim accents, that mix with a wide, low position and robust front finish to give Quest a many energetic and sole coming in class. The Quest extraneous pattern is also one of a many wind-efficient, with a 0.32 Cd for a Quest S model.

In further to customary chrome doorway handles, behind roof spoiler and chrome permit image finisher, accessible extraneous facilities embody High Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon headlights, automobile on/off headlight function, haze lights, and twin energy exhilarated outward mirrors. Quest also facilities tiny triangle windows in a front doors to assistance raise visibility. Available on Quest SL and LE models are Dual Opening Glass Moonroofs that minister to a open, ethereal atmosphere of a Quest interior for all passengers.

The new Quest is charity with energy shifting side doors with resourceful clear duty and one-touch open/unlock underline and power-opening windows. The complement works in and with a customary Nissan Intelligent Key™. Also, due to a approach a Quest’s doorway rail complement is designed, a shifting doorway step-in tallness is revoke than rival minivans. This is generally useful for tiny children or comparison adults stealing into a 2nd or 3rd rows. In addition, a one-touch unlock/open energy behind liftgate is customary on Quest SL and LE models.

“The one-touch doorway operation is ideal for a many times during a day when we find yourself coming a car with both hands full. In and with a I-key, there’s no fumbling for a pivotal fob to clear a door, no carrying to put your packages down or let go of a child’s palm to open it – usually lift a symbol on a doorway hoop and a Quest takes caring of a rest,” pronounced Castignetti.

The easy-to-use preference also carries over into a interior pattern with a discerning recover fold-flat 2nd and 3rd quarrel seats. The 60/40-split 3rd quarrel chair can be switched from honest to fold-flat position with a elementary lift of one tag (Quest S and SV) or lift of a symbol (Quest SL and LE). The LE indication also includes 3rd quarrel energy lapse seatback. A open support aids a primer overlay and lapse operation. The 2nd quarrel bucket seats also underline easy-fold/return operation, and there is a customary 2nd quarrel walk-in device for easier entrance to a 3rd row.

Quest’s permanent behind storage good provides a large, stretchable space behind a 3rd quarrel seat, charity a hidden, additional load area for massive items. The storage area is eccentric of a overlay prosaic 3rd quarrel chair – so it’s always there when we need it – and is lonesome by a lightweight though stout 60/40-split multi-position removable cover.

“In genuine universe use, we need to comment for a impetuosity cause – one notation we are dropping off a kids during sports practice, a subsequent you’re suddenly using to a room store to collect adult cases of beverages and snacks. The new Quest transitions from newcomer to load car and behind with ease. No stealing massive 2nd or 3rd quarrel seats, no carrying to pierce apparatus from a storage area to fit a seats, and no carrying to devise your activities around a pattern of your vehicle’s interior that sole day,” pronounced Castignetti.

Interior comfort and preference facilities are also designed for coherence and functionality. The driver’s chair is a 6-way primer composition pattern for S and SV models, and 8-way power-adjustable for SL and LE trim levels. The newcomer chair is 4-way tractable on S, SV, and SL and 4-way energy on LE. Rich cloth chair fabric is customary on S and SV, while leather-appointed seats are customary on SL and LE models. Quest LE also facilities a 2-driver memory and automobile entry/exit system.

Unique Quest front seating facilities embody a special “trilaminar” structure, that uses 3 forms of cushions to discharge physique vigour some-more uniformly than normal padding, and a initial focus of Nissan’s new Quick Comfort front chair heaters (SL and LE models). When activated, this worldly complement immediately starts warming a physique tools that are many supportive to heat, such as a thighs and hips. Then, to say a warm, accessible feeling, a heater increases heating on physique vigour points.

Quest’s theater-style interior blueprint with lifted 2nd and 3rd rows provides occupants with glorious prominence and a good perspective of a accessible 11-inch WVGA family party complement arrangement monitor. The gentle 2nd quarrel Captain’s Chair impression seats embody twin armrests, recline, and fore/aft adjustability, while a 3rd quarrel 60/40-split dais includes recline and 3-way tractable headrests. A sum of 6 cupholders and 6 bottle holders are standard, along with 4 cloak hangers and twin 12-volt DC outlets. The dual-level front core console offers stretchable storage, as does a removable 2nd quarrel console. An beyond front console is customary on SL and LE models.

Quest’s far-reaching instrument quarrel includes a 4.3-inch tone audio arrangement on SV and SL models, with an 8-inch hold shade arrangement for LE models with a customary Nissan Navigation System. The tough drive-based navigation complement includes a user-friendly striking interface, menu structure and intelligent hunt capabilities, a 9.3GB Music Box® tough drive, XM NavTraffic® Real-Time Traffic Information, XM NavWeather™ (XM® subscription required, sole separately) and Zagat Survey© Restaurant Guide.

One of a many innovative and certain to be appreciated new technologies is a Quest LE’s customary Advanced Climate Control System (ACCS) with Plasmacluster™ atmosphere purifier, Grape Polyphenol Filter and automobile recirculation control. The complement works 3 ways to assistance revoke allergens and neglected odors within a Quest cabin. Its involuntary intake control utilizes sensors to constantly guard outward odors and automatically closes a intake pier to forestall influx of empty smoke or other upsetting smells into a interior. It afterwards restores uninformed atmosphere upsurge automatically when a descent odors have passed.

The ACCS also employs a Grape Polyphenol Filter to assistance revoke a array of damaging allergens in a interior air. Finally, an modernized Plasmacluster™ cleanser generates ions to “scrub” a interior atmosphere of neglected odors – either they come from outward or inside a vehicle.

Quest SV, SL and LE models underline a Tri-Zone Automatic Temperature Control system, while Quest S models embody primer heat control. A operation of audio systems is also available, starting with a Quest S model’s AM/FM/6CD complement with 4 speakers. A Bose® reward audio complement with AM/FM/CD/DVD/Flash Memory, 13 speakers (including twin subwoofers) and XM® Satellite Radio (XM® subscription required, sole separately) is customary on Quest LE and accessible on Quest SL. A USB pier with iPod® connectivity is customary on SV models and above.

One other Quest object helps relatives make a tie with passengers in a behind seats, a Conversation Mirror. Available on SV, SL and LE models, a far-reaching nonetheless compress counterpart folds down from a area about a rearview counterpart (replacing a sunglass holder), providing a motorist with combined prominence and available communication with children in a 2nd and 3rd rows, but carrying to spin their conduct or constantly adjust a rearview mirror.

A RearView Monitor, that provides a perspective of objects behind a Quest when a rigging selector is in reverse, is customary on SV, SL and LE models.

“Little things, either an additional mirror, a revoke entrance tallness or usually a smell of purify atmosphere can make a disproportion in bland car use – how we feel when you’re pushing and how we feel when we arrive,” pronounced Castignetti. “Our engineers have suspicion of scarcely all a primogenitor might need in a minivan, including fun.”

Innovation for Driving Security and Pleasure

Dynamic opening is a hallmark of Nissan vehicles and a all-new 2011 Quest is no exception. Quest’s top-level peculiarity and trustworthiness starts with use of a 3.5-liter DOHC V6 with 260 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque, partial of Nissan’s award-winning VQ engine series. Fuel economy is estimated during 19 mpg City/24 mpg Highway.

The engine incorporates a twin Nissan Variable Induction Control System (NICS), microfinished camshaft and crankshaft surfaces, DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated valve lifters, creosote intake manifold, fake crankshaft, digital hit control system, high ability scarf and lightweight aluminum retard and cylinder heads. Backing a engine is Nissan’s modernized Xtronic CVT™ (Continuously Variable Transmission) with Adaptive Shift Control (ASC), that provides a manageable pushing knowledge and a fibre that usually a CVT offers.

The new Quest’s secure, manageable doing feel is supposing by a 4-wheel eccentric suspension, with eccentric strut with curl springs and stabilizer bar in front and a multi-link pattern in rear. Braking is by 4-wheel front brakes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA). Steering is a vehicle-speed-sensitive power-assisted rack-and-pinion design.

Quest S and SV models come with 16-inch wheels (aluminum-alloy on SV) with P225/65R16 all-season tires, while Quest SL and LE models underline 18-inch machine-finish aluminum-alloy wheels and P235/65R18 all-season tires.

Quest’s customary Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) includes a segment-first focus of Nissan’s Easy Fill Tire Alert. When stuffing a tires with air, a jeopardy lamps peep to let we know a complement is working. When a scold vigour is reached, Quest will give a accessible beep of a horn.

As partial of Nissan’s “Safety Shield” concept, Quest is designed to incorporate a array of modernized reserve systems. Standard on a Quest LE indication is a initial Nissan focus of a Blind Spot Warning (BSW) system, that helps warning a motorist if another car is rescued in a blind mark by educational an indicator light in a suitable outward mirror. If a motorist afterwards activates a spin signal, a indicator flashes and an heard warning sounds.

Every 2011 Quest also offers customary Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Traction Control System (TCS). Also customary are a Nissan Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) with twin theatre supplemental front atmosphere bags with chair belt sensors and an passenger sequence sensor, front seat-mounted side impact supplemental atmosphere bags, roof-mounted screen supplemental side-impact atmosphere bags for front-and rear-seat passenger conduct protection, front-seat Active Head Restraints and child reserve behind doorway locks.

Four Well-Equipped Quest Models
The all-new 2011 Nissan Quest is charity in 4 models: S, SV, SL and LE. Seven extraneous colors are available: Twilight Gray, Dark Mahogany, Titanium Beige, Brilliant Silver, Platinum Graphite, Black Amethyst and White Pearl. Two interior colors are offered, Beige and Grey, in a choice of cloth (S and SV) or leather-appointed (SL and LE) seating.

Following is a list of name particular indication apparatus and features:

Quest S: 16-inch steel wheels with full circle covers; behind roof spoiler; 6-way tractable driver’s seat; front doorway map pockets, wood-tone trim (instrument panel, front doors, and shifting doorway window switch); fold-flat 2nd and 3rd quarrel seats, permanent behind storage well; 1st and 2nd quarrel core consoles; Nissan Intelligent Key™ with Push Button Ignition; and AM/FM/6CD audio complement with 4 speakers.

Quest SV: One-touch energy shifting doors; 16-inch aluminum-alloy wheels; Tri-Zone Auto Temperature Control; energy driver’s chair lumbar adjustment; 6 speakers; haze lights; Conversation Mirror; 4.3-inch tone audio display; USB pier with iPod® connectivity; Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System with steering circle controls; RearView Monitor; and leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Quest SL: Leather-appointed seating and doorway trim; 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels; energy liftgate; 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat; Quick Comfort exhilarated front seats; HomeLink® Universal Transceiver; auto-dimming inside counterpart with compass; roof rails; automobile on/off headlights; leather-wrapped change knob; Quick Release overlay prosaic 3rd row; and exhilarated outward mirrors with integrated spin signals.

Quest LE: Nissan Navigation System; Bose® Audio System with 13 speakers; XM® Satellite Radio (XM® subscription required, sole separately); memory complement for driver’s chair and outward mirrors; automobile tilt-in-reverse outward mirrors; 2nd and 3rd quarrel primer blinds; 4-way power-adjustable front passenger’s seat; 8-inch VGA tone arrangement (dash mounted); DVD Entertainment System with twin wireless headphones and remote control; behind 11-inch 16:9 aspect ratio arrangement for DVD Entertainment; Advanced Climate Control System (ACCS) with automobile recirculation feature; Blind Spot Warning (BSW) system; and High Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon headlights.

Only 3 choice packages are offered: DVD Entertainment System (SL); Dual Opening Glass Moonroofs (SL and LE); and Bose® Package (SL).

“With a introduction of a new 2011 Quest, Nissan offers a new model in family mobility –an innovative alloy of sophistication, confidence and functionality that helps applaud family life,” pronounced Castignetti.

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