2015 Ford Fusion Energi Review

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What’s Best: Recharging a Fusion Energi is a zephyr by simply plugging it into a normal domicile outlet.

What’s Worst: Trunk space is compromised by a lengthened battery container in a Energi model.

What’s Interesting: This automobile will work in electric mode during speeds of adult to 136 km/h.

Unless a infancy of your pushing is spent on brief commutes or jaunts in and around town, a 2015 Ford Fusion Energi isn’t a automobile for you.

But if a latter describes your pushing poise and you’d like to be partial of a ‘green revolution,’ afterwards we would advise we take a demeanour during a Fusion Energi, that shares a powertrain with Ford’s compress C-Max Energi.

2015 Ford Fusion Energi side view

Both are plug-in variety or PHEVs (plug-in electric vehicles), as they are famous in a industry. These cars work in possibly electric or gasoline mode.

Where a Fusion Energi differs from normal variety is that it has a battery in a case that can be charged from a energy grid, producing an all-electric operation of adult to about 32 km.

After a electric energy is depleted, a automobile switches seamlessly to required hybrid mode.What creates this plug-in engaging is that Ford says a automobile is able of attack a speed of 136 km/h (85 mph) in electric-only mode.

I didn’t exam it during that speed, though we did expostulate it in electric mode on a highway so for people who have brief commutes, even if it involves highway travel, a Fusion Energi competence work for them.

2015 Ford Fusion Energi interior

Plug-in variety have nonetheless to turn as mainstream as a normal hybrids. The Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius plug-in and a aforementioned C-Max Energi make adult a categorical foe for a Fusion Energi, nonetheless a new call of plug-ins is approaching in a entrance months.

So consider of a plug-in hybrid as sitting somewhere in a center of a record hierarchy between a required hybrid and a entirely electric vehicle.

The Fusion Energi has a lot going for it; styling-wise it is a leader both inside and out.
But a massage in a salve of this five-passenger mid-size sedan is a price— it starts during $38,399 in bottom SE trim and $40,599 for a top-shelf Titanium model. That puts a Energi right during a tip of a Fusion cost range.

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Our Fusion Energi Titanium tester labelled out during $49,039 when we supplement in $6,840 in options and $1,600 in end and smoothness charges. However, some provinces have incentives for immature vehicles.

The Fusion Energi, for example, qualifies for immature looseness image in Ontario and is authorised for a provincial supervision remission of $5,808. British Columbia has usually introduced a new module with rebates of adult to $5,000 for plug-in hybrids.

The Fusion Energi has been on a marketplace given 2013 and for a 2015 indication year has usually teenager changes in customary and accessible features. A back perspective camera is now standard; while a SE and Titanium trim models have accessible upgrades like 17-inch, 10-spoke aluminum wheels.

Ford has been operative with variety for years and has some-more than 200 patents alone on a plug-in hybrid power-split record on a Fusion Energi.

2015 Ford Fusion Energi assign port

The Energi has a 2.0-litre Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine sum with an 88 kW electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery. Combined, a dual furnish 188 hp and 129 lb/ft of torque and energy is delivered by a invariably non-static smoothness (CVT).

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The lithium-ion battery in a case area can be charged regulating a customary 120-volt preference cord in about 7 hours, while a time can be cut down to about two-and-a-half hours with an accessible 240-volt home charging system.

However, a battery cuts a case space to 232 litres (8.2 cu ft), down from 453 in a simple Fusion, as a battery itself is many incomparable than a one in a normal Fusion Hybrid.

2015 Ford Fusion Energi engine

Plugging in a Energi is a breeze— simply insert a assign coupler to a plug-in pier on a driver’s side front fender. The pier has an LED light ring around it divided into 4 quadrants to paint a standing of a recharge. Charging is finish when all 4 quadrants are lit.

Other than a reduced case space and a hybrid technology, a Fusion Energi is like any other car. In Ontario, a immature looseness plates and a charging pier are a usually tell story signs that this is something different. The sleek, complicated styling sets it detached from many other variety and plug-in hybrids, though a back chair headroom suffers since of a high tilted roofline as on a unchanging Fusion models.

2015 Ford Fusion Energi trunk

In electric mode, things are passed wordless inside a cabin, other than a bit of tire noise. Things lapse to normal when we switch to gasoline mode, though electric energy in a hybrid complement continues to build adult by regenerative braking.

Our Titanium indication was a top-shelf model, versed with discretionary facilities like a moonroof with concept garage doorway opener ($1,250), active park support ($600), heated/cooled seats ($600), exhilarated steering circle ($200), adaptive journey control ($1,500), navigation complement ($800), motorist support package ($1,450) with a line gripping complement and blind mark showing complement and Ford’s singular back inflatable seatbelts ($190).

Sync with MyFord Touch is customary transport as on all top-end Ford products. However, a Fusion Energi also boasts a latest era SmartGauge with EcoGuide that provides present fuel economy ratings on a span of 4.2-inch screens. In a cluster on a right, images of immature leaves prove altogether pushing efficiency.

2015 Ford Fusion Energi logo

The other cluster shows a series of screens with information about how a automobile is being driven. For example, stop manager helps a motorist optimize a regenerative braking complement by improved braking technique.

All this adds adult to a some-more fuel-efficient float with a fuel expenditure rating of 2.7 L/100 km gasoline and electric sum and 6.1L/100 km gasoline only. The onboard mechanism showed a rating 5.4L/100 km during a week with a car.

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So while there is a reward to be paid for a Fusion Energi over a simple Fusion and even a Fusion Hybrid, this is a automobile that allows we to go immature but creation any sacrifices when it comes to styling.

And for those who do brief commutes, it offers plug-in electric charging with a operation of adult to about 30 km.
2015 Ford Fusion Energi rear

2015 Ford Fusion Energi during a glance

BODY STYLE: Four-door, mid-size sedan.
DRIVE METHOD: Front-engine, front-wheel expostulate with plug-in hybrid technology.
ENGINE: 2.0-litre inline four-cylinder engine with an electric engine and lithium-ion battery (total complement 188 hp, 129 lb/ft) with a CVT transmission.
CARGO VOLUME: 232 litres.
FUEL ECONOMY: 2.7L/100 km gasoline and electric sum and 6.1L/100 km gasoline only.
PRICE: Fusion Energi SE $38,399; Titanium $40,599, as tested $49,039 including $1,600 end and smoothness charge.

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