2016 Camaro is Stronger, Lighter and More Responsive

Posted on 10. Apr, 2015 by in GM Canada

2016 Camaro is Stronger, Lighter and More Responsive

Computer aided engineering contributes to 28 percent larger constructional rigidity






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DETROIT (Thursday, Apr 9, 2015) – The engineering group spent 9 million hours of computational time honing a pushing knowledge of a all-new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro before a initial antecedent incited a wheel. The constructional displaying led to a Gen 6 Camaro being 28 percent stiffer than a stream model.

“The displaying abilities of mechanism aided engineering are advancing during implausible rates,” pronounced Jim Karlavage, Camaro module engineering manager. “Today, we can accurately indication opportunities to supplement torsional strength but adding nonessential mass. The outcome is a lighter, stiffer structure that advantages each aspect of a pushing experience.”

The some-more firm physique structure authorised a engineers to some-more precisely regulate a steering and cessation systems since they didn’t have to recompense for framework flex. The lighter structure also enabled a distance and mass of elements such as a wheels, tires and brakes to be scaled accordingly.

“The constructional weight assets are compounded by opportunities to revoke un-sprung weight,” pronounced Karlavage. “The outcome is a some-more nimble pushing knowledge that rewards a motorist with gratifying feelings of responsiveness and control.”

Chevrolet will deliver a all-new, 2016 Camaro on Saturday, May 16, during a special open eventuality during Detroit’s Belle Isle Park.

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