2016 Chevrolet Volt Delivers More

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2016 Chevrolet Volt Delivers More

Lighter, some-more fit drivetrain facilities extended operation and performance






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DETROIT (Monday, Jan 12, 2015) – The all-new Voltec extended operation electric automobile (EREV) thrust complement will continue to be a powerhouse providing Volt’s electric-driving experience. Owners will grasp adult to 80 kilometres in all-electric mode, and significantly increasing sum pushing range.

Featuring a new, 192-cell/18.4-kWh lithium-ion battery container and new, 111-kW two-motor expostulate unit, a Voltec complement is adult to 12 percent some-more fit and approximately 45 kilogram 100 pounds (100 pounds) lighter than a prior system.  It also goes from 0-96 km/h in 8.4 seconds.

“The improvements in a potency and opening of a 2016 Volt are driven by what owners pronounced they wanted in a next-generation model: some-more range, softened fuel economy and stronger acceleration,” pronounced Andrew Farah, automobile arch engineer. “Building on General Motors’’ attention heading battery and drive-unit technologies, we’ve delivered all of that, while also creation a Volt some-more polished and fun to drive.”

Practically any member and member of a Voltec system, that includes a battery, expostulate unit, range-extending engine and appetite electronics, is new or improved. The Volt’s larger EV operation and all new range-extender, outcome in a quieter pushing experience.

“Volt stays a usually electrically driven automobile with operation capability identical to normal engine- or hybrid-driven cars of a size,” pronounced Farah. “In all climates, it can be driven opposite city particularly on electricity or opposite a nation with a support of a operation extender – a explain that can be done of no other electric automobile though condition.”

Increased battery capacity

General Motors’ industry-leading battery record includes revised dungeon chemistry, grown in and with LG Chem. Storage ability is 20 percent aloft on a volume basement when compared to a strange cell, while a series of cells decreases from 288 to 192.

In short, a new Volt’s battery container stores some-more appetite – 18.4 kWh vs. a prior 17.1 kWh – with fewer cells, since there is some-more appetite ability per cell. It also has a some-more absolute liberate rate of 120 kW vs a prior 110 kW, that contributes to larger performance.

The battery container retains a informed T-shape of a first-generation Volt, though with revised dimensions. The new cells are layered in pairs in any dungeon organisation rather than a prior three-layer configuration. They are also positioned revoke in a container for softened (lower) core of sobriety in a vehicle, and a altogether mass of a container decreases by some-more than 9 km (20 pounds).

“More appetite with rebate weight is a win-win unfolding for a Volt’s battery container that helps a automobile grasp a larger all-electric range,” pronounced Bill Wallace, executive of battery systems engineering. “Range, operation and some-more operation was a evident summary conveyed by stream owners.”

The softened battery complement continues to use a Volt’s industry-leading active thermal control complement that helps maintains electric range.

Two-motor expostulate unit

A new, two-motor expostulate section is during a heart of a 2016 Volt’s larger opening potency and stretched all-electric pushing range. The motors are smaller and lighter than a prior motor-generator expostulate unit, while delivering some-more torque and appetite capability.

The new expostulate section was also designed with softened sound and quivering characteristics that minister to a quieter pushing experience. Total engine mass rebate is some-more than 15 kg (33 pounds).

The motors can be used away or in tandem, effectively delivering dual torque paths to make a many of opening and efficiency. The new Volt can work on a primary engine during revoke speeds such as city driving, separate appetite between a motors during assuage speeds or entirely rivet both motors for higher-load/higher-speed driving, such as flitting on a highway. The Traction Power Inverter Module (TPIM), that manages appetite upsurge between a battery and a electric expostulate motors, has been built into a expostulate section to revoke mass, and size, that contributes to larger efficiency.   

“The blended arrangement of a dual motors is a pivotal writer to a new Volt’s GM estimated all-electric pushing operation of adult to 80 kilometres,” pronounced Larry Nitz, executive executive of transmissions and foundation powertrain engineering. “The arrangement also enhances torque, giving a Volt a stronger feeling of acceleration and a ability to use both motors helps broach scarcely 20 percent alleviation in low-speed electric acceleration.”

As with a first-generation model, a 2016 Volt offers 4 diving modes:

  • Normal: Designed to make a many of battery operation and potency during any day commuting.
  • Sport: Provides revised accelerator pedal mapping for softened acceleration feel when flitting or holding off from a stop. 
  • Mountain: Enables a engine and battery to mix appetite to grasp preferred opening when traversing high grades.
  • Hold: Allows owners to use their battery appetite when they wish to use it.  Hold mode switches a Volt into extended-range operation, that is ideal for longer-distance highway driving.

The new expostulate section will be made during GM’s Powertrain plant in Warren, Mich.

New 1.5L operation extender

A range-extending engine is a pivotal underline that creates Volt a no-compromises electric vehicle, providing owners a declaration they can go anywhere, anytime though carrying to worry about either they have adequate battery appetite to go by plateau or operation for a extemporaneous weekend getaway.

Energy for extended-range operation comes from an all-new, high-efficiency 1.5L naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, rated during 101 horsepower (75 kW). It facilities approach injection, a high-compression ratio of 12.5:1, cooled empty gas recirculation, far-reaching management cam phasers and a variable-displacement oil siphon to make a many of opening and efficiency. It also facilities a lightweight aluminum block, compared to a stream engine’s iron block.

The new operation extender also runs on less-expensive unchanging unleaded fuel.. The 1.5L engine will be made during GM’s Toluca, Mexico engine plant for a initial year of production, afterwards change to a Flint, Mich. engine plant.

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