25 years of Audi quattro Cup

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Far some-more than a million golfers opposite a creation have participated in a Audi quattro Cup given a inception, while a array has been environment new tip outlines year after year.  In 2014, over 100,000 amateurs in some-more than 900 gift tournaments played to validate for a universe culmination in that 53 nations were represented. The tournaments are hold during a invitation of informal Audi partners as ‘foursomes with comparison drive.’ The winners validate for a culmination in their countries and a best nation teams subsequently accommodate in a universe finale. This season, a universe culmination will be hold during a Cabo del Sol Ocean Course in Mexico from Nov 29 to Dec 2. The participants from Germany will be dynamic during a A-Rosa Resort Bad Saarow from Aug 31 to Sep 4. The Audi Ladies Cup to that informal Audi partners entice womanlike golfers has been a Audi quattro Cup’s homogeneous for women given 1995.

The team-work with Hartl Resort in Bad Griesbach that has existed given a commencement of this year is new in a portfolio of Audi’s endless golf commitment. As a facility’s new reward partner, a organisation has given a name to a ‘Audi Golf Course’ and is featured with a trademark on all promotion materials. In return, a code creates 5 Audi models accessible to a resort.

The partnership with a German Golf Association (DGV) has existed given 2008. As a disdainful vehicle partner, Audi provides several cars to a officials of a organisation that has some 640,000 members and is featured with a 4 rings on all membership cards.

For some-more than a decade, Audi has been presenting a Süddeutsche Zeitung Business Golf Cup that starts during a Münchener Golf Club on Jun 9 this year. The Cup encompasses twelve tournaments and offers an ideal event to settle or feature business contacts while personification golf. Complete information is accessible online during www.businessgolfcup.de.

In addition, a fantastic prominence awaits golfers off a golf courses. Twelve holes along a mythological downhill ski march in Kitzbühel will have to be tackled again this year in a ‘Streif Attack’ that Audi will again be concomitant as a categorical unite in 2015.

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