Getting from indicate A to B can be a required hassle, or partial of a experience. It’s all how we asian your opinion and your ride. Take a fun facilities in a all-new 2015 Ford Edge, for example, that move out a whole new spin comfort for city living

1. Heading out with an armful of rigging can fast spin a con if we fail for your keys or need another set of hands to open a liftgate. The solution:  the Power Liftgate automatically opens with only a appropriate of a feet and a keys in your slot or purse. Get packaged adult and on a go fast and easily.

2. Stopped during a trade lights or pulling adult a curb, a new Edge creates heads turn, interjection to an all-new pattern from a belligerent up. And, with a discretionary 315 horsepower 2.7L EcoBoost engine in a Edge Sport, there’s flesh underneath that eye-catching exterior.

3. Arriving during your destination, a Edge can take a highlight out of parking in together or perpendicular spots. With a assistance of twelve ultrasonic sensors, Enhanced Active Park Assist creates a potentially formidable parking mark a hands-free relaxing experience.