3 years in a quarrel of Nissan’s care in Mexico

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3 years in a quarrel of Nissan’s care in Mexico

  • It reaches an accrued figure of 224,509 units sole in 2011
  • It obtains a record marketplace share in a year of 24.8%
  • It also breaks ancestral annals in prolongation and exports, by surpassing a 600 thousand and 400 thousand units, respectively.

For third year in a row, Nissan Mexicana leads again a sales in a domestic automotive market, by reaching a figure of 224,509 units sole and a record marketplace share for a code of 24.8%, that was not performed in a final 23 years. These formula paint an boost of 34,991 units compared to 2010 and a expansion of 18.5% compared with a prior year.
During December, a association sealed with sales of 29,166 units (18% some-more than during a same duration of 2010) and a marketplace share of 25.2%. This figure placed Nissan 6,965 units above a closest competitor, with a disproportion of 6 commission points (pp).

The internal strategies that were undertaken were in line with a tellurian vital business devise Nissan Power 88, upheld by a new business devise that was designed for Mexico called Nissan Innovation 1, that objectives are: product quality, patron compensation and loyalty, profitability of a dealers’ network, and being widely known.

Based on this strategy, Nissan Mexicana was means for a third year to take a lead in a market, by achieving a disproportion of 56,006 units opposite a closest competitor, as accrued figure for 2011.

Last March, President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, gave a starting vigilance for a prolongation of a initial indication of a V-platform —produced in a Aguascalientes plant— a subcompact Nissan March. Another indication of this same height was launched in Jul 2011, Nissan Versa.

The twin March-Versa had an strenuous attainment into a marketplace and fast placed itself among a tip 10 vehicles mostly sole in a country. Their sales have reached 18,995 units for Mar given a launch in Mar and 20,894 for Versa given July, when this indication was initial in a market. Adding to these launches came a Nissan Juke, a high-tech vehicle, that non-stop adult a new marketplace segment, Cross Sport, and that sales reached 503 units given a entry.

On a other hand, Nissan keeps a solid gait with other models such as Tsuru, achieving 55,741 units during 2011; Tiida sedan, that changed 39,083 units; as good as Sentra, with 20,309 units; but neglecting a Pick-ups NP300 with 40,622 units over this period.

The plan to place a largest array probable of models among a tip 10 has given good results, enabling to place between 5 and 6 models among a tip 10 mostly sole vehicles in any and any month.

It is value mentioning that in 2011, Nissan became a colonize towards zero-emissions mobility in Mexico, with a introduction final Nov of a Nissan LEAF, initial 100% electric car, underneath an agreement with a Government of Mexico City to be used in open travel and, thus, assistance shortening emissions in a collateral of a country.

“2011 was a vicious year for Nissan Mexicana, a year when we became 50 years aged in a country, definition a renovation and converging of a brand, with successful launches of new models and ancestral annals achieved in sales, production, and exports,” pronounced José Muñoz, President and CEO of Nissan Mexicana. “The best jubilee we could have in a year that has only finished is carrying had these achievements interjection to a support of a business partners; a dealers’ network; a workers and employees; as good as a trust and faithfulness of a customers, that done a products their products of choice. Thanks to any and any one of them for these superb results, that inspire us to continue with new appetite in 2012, charity creation in all we do and in a destiny products that we will be presenting to a market.”

Likewise, Nissan Mexicana’s production, notwithstanding it creatively shrunk due to a effects of a Japanese catastrophe, reached final Aug a figure of 7 million units, with a prolongation of a Nissan Versa chronicle Advance; likewise, in Oct 2011, we achieved a ancestral figure of 8 million engines constructed with a entrance of a HR array engine, also for a Versa model.

The prolongation of vehicles went adult in such a approach that in December, a association done 45,626 units, representing an boost of 17% compared to a same month of 2010, and that aided to tighten 2011 with an accrued figure 20% above that of a prior year, producing one fourth of all a cars of all automotive open plants in Mexico.

Nissan Mexicana constructed 607,087 units form Jan by December, violation a all-time record of 600 thousand units and a ancestral figure for an automotive association in Mexico.

In Jun 2011, Nissan Mexicana distinguished a trade of a section 3 million. This fact is a poignant feat in a story of Nissan given this third million was achieved in a shorter time duration (less than 4 years) compared to a second million (5 years) and a initial (30 years), that talks about a accelerated stroke that a association has achieved in a prolongation and conveyance of units abroad, that has turn a vicious component for Nissan all by a Americas, as good as world-wide.

This is how we were means to grasp a ancestral record of units shipped abroad in one year —for a initial time in a story of Nissan in Mexico— surpassing a 400 thousand vehicles (with 411,661 units exported) in a duration January-December for an boost of 19.6%. Just in December, a association augmenting a exports 44.7% compared to a same month of a prior year, shipping 38,962 units.

The exports during a year were especially of Tiida (158,679 units) and Sentra (127,742 units), while a categorical destinations were United States, Brazil, and Latin America.

Nissan Mexicana now exports to some-more than a hundred countries in a 5 continents.

About Nissan Mexicana
Nissan Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. is a auxiliary of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., determined in Mexico in Sep 1961 The association has corporate, marketing, sales, manufacturing, distribution, and pattern comforts in cities of Aguascalientes, Distrito Federal, Cuernavaca, and Toluca. 2011 outlines a 50th Anniversary of operations in Mexico, where Nissan was a unapproachable unite of a Guadalajara 2011 XVI Pan American Games. Nissan Mexicana now employs over 10,600 workers and employees. In 2011, a association available sales of 224,509 cars in Mexico, and purebred a 24.8% marketplace share (6.2 pp some-more than in 2010), with a prolongation of 607,087 units for a domestic and trade markets. Nissan is focused on improving a sourroundings with a Nissan Green Program 2010, an beginning that includes shortening CO2 emissions and augmenting recycling efforts. Moreover, a company’s foundation, Fundación ANDANAC/Nissan manages a Social Support Fund for a construction of open facile schools. Over a march of 8 years, a classification has built and versed 63 schools to advantage some-more than 30,000 disadvantaged children via a country

About Nissan Motor Co.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Japan’s second-largest automotive association in terms of volume, is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and is partial of a Renault-Nissan Alliance. Operating with some-more than 248,000 employees globally, Nissan sole some-more than 4.1 million vehicles in 2010, generating income of ¥8.77 trillion (US$ 102.37 billion). With a clever joining to building sparkling and innovative products for everyone, Nissan delivers a extensive operation of 64 models underneath a Nissan and Infiniti brands A colonize in zero-emission mobility, Nissan done story with a introduction of a Nissan LEAF, a initial affordable, mass-market, pure-electric automobile and leader of countless general wards, including a prestigious 2011 European Car of a Year and 2011 World Car of a Year. For some-more information about a products, services and joining to tolerable mobility, revisit a website: http://www.nissan-global.com/EN/.


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