The Ford SVT Raptor unequivocally is a rarest of a singular when it comes to trucks. Offering a personalized pushing experience, that you’ll take honour in pushing a absolute savage of a pick-up that feels both admirably imperishable and refined.

It’s kind of like a wolverine – we know it’s out there, though we rarely locate a glance of it. That’s what this post is for, folks. For those of we wanting to learn some-more about a fugitive Raptor, here are a tip 5 reasons because it’s awesome.

Happy learning:

The SVT Raptor has a savage 6.2L V8 engine, that produces a whopping 411 horsepower with a max torque of 434 ft.-lbs. Those total comment for some critical energy entrance from underneath a hood of this beast.

Off-roading abilities:
The Raptor was clearly built with off-roading in mind. The lorry has heavy-duty movement plates for insurance , along with large 35-inch tires and durable fenders. There’s even a camera on a front griddle of a Raptor that lets we know what kind of trouble, or adventure, you’re about to step into.

Hill Descent Control:
If you’re going to be travelling off-road, during some indicate you’ll expected run opposite some imperishable downhill terrain, that might benefaction hurdles for many trucks. Luckily, a Raptor has a singular underline called Hill Descent Control that ensures all we have to worry about is steering. It’s unequivocally easy to use – only pull a designated symbol and afterwards press a stop and accelerator to set your preferred speed. Once it’s set, a braking is practical automatically while we transport downhill. The facilities works for speeds adult to 32 km/hr.

Extra Strength Components:
In further to a off-roading capabilities, a Raptor is also Built Ford Tough. We’re articulate super tough here, folks. It facilities several additional strength components, starting with lane breadth 7 inches wider than other F-150 models. The lorry is done to accommodate incomparable components and has singular cast-aluminum SVT control arms that yield additional day-to-day strength.

The Design:
To go along with a intimidating opening capabilities, a Raptor looks prosaic out mean. Kinda like a namesake from a Cretaceous Period. Aside from it being a bumbling lorry with large tires, it’s got a singular griddle that is suggestive of a section wall. we mean, really, is there anything that indicates “toughness” improved than a section wall? Also of note is a accessible Hood Graphics Package and Exterior Graphics Package, both of that will take your Raptor’s pattern to a subsequent level.

If we could have a Ford SVT Raptor for a day, where would we take it?


Editor note: Always expostulate safely and responsibly, and be aware of road/surface conditions. Obey trade laws and signs during all times.