Going on a highway outing this summer? Get a many out of your outing with a few elementary preparations!

Ford Canada 5 Road Trip Tips















1. 5 Minutes Check Without a Tech

Before going on any outing it’s best to give your automobile a five-minute investigation to equivocate surprises after on a road. Specifically demeanour for: tire vigour as remarkable on your automobile car door, windshield cracks, oil dipstick levels, and operative front/back lights. It’s best to schedule a upkeep appointment, for any additional services and double check a willingness of your vehicle, dual to 3 weeks before your trip. If we need to reinstate a tire, or have a gangling on hand, be certain to use a Ford Service Tire Finder.

Ford Canada 5 Summer Road Trip Tips






2. No Batteries Required

After 3 and hours on a road, review and song can usually do so much. To equivocate boredom, hang an in-car party organizer over a front headrest from a shoe holder. Each slot can enclose games, window stickers, caricature books, label games, and several activities. Such equipment equivocate aria on immature eyes with high tech toys. Mental kick games also yield minimal sound though distracting a driver.

Create an in-car party organizer for your highway trip.






3. Master Disaster Kit

Before a prolonged trip, be prepared with a printed list that includes puncture phone contacts behind home and a phone series of your hotel or destination. Additionally, carrying an puncture pack in your automobile ensures you’re prepared to seat down if need be. Do go over your pack equipment and if equipment need to be replaced or added. A extensive puncture pack should include: jumper cables, initial assist kit, puncture blankets, non-perishable foods, water, a flashlight, flares, and windshield washer fluid. Hopefully we won’t have to use them, though you’ll be blissful we were prepared if we do.

Have an puncture pack with updated equipment for emergencies.






4.  Go Analog

The fun of a highway outing is a unexpected. Depending on your route, and clarity of adventure, your GPS might remove signal. In that case, be prepared and go analog with printed directions of your destination, and hotel reservations. To make formulation easier, Ford Canada offers a free, customized Travel Planner by unchanging mail. For some-more information, greatfully call 1.800.665.2006 or we can send an email directly to Sykes Roadside Services who is providing roadside services on interest of Ford of Canada.

call 1.800.665.2006 or we can send an email directly to Sykes Roadside Services who is providing roadside services on interest of Ford of Canada.






5. Keep Calm and Drive On

The best partial about a highway outing is a memories made. After a outing is pronounced and done, your automobile requires upkeep to continue going on prolonged hauls. See your internal Ford dealer who can yield a suitable caring for your automobile so we can do another outing all over again.

Keep pushing your Ford with correct upkeep






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