The annual Green Living Show, Canada’s largest consumer uncover dedicated to all things green, takes place in Toronto each April. Ford of Canada was during this year’s eventuality with a energetic eco-friendly arrangement featuring a tolerable vehicles.

On a opening day of a show, a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid won a initial Canadian Green Car of a Year Award, presented by AJAC (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada). Not usually was a Ford Blog there to applaud a large win, though we also spoke with some of today’s immature leaders to hear their perspectives on vital green.

For those of we who consider that relocating towards a greener lifestyle is easier pronounced than done, we have some personal tips and tricks from a experts that can beam you. And, if you’re someone who considers themselves to be cost conscious, you’ll be gratified to learn how holding a jump to a immature side competence also save we some of your hard-earned green! Check out a video above to learn more.


Tips for Living a Greener Lifestyle


Rachel Steiman 

The Community Ambassador for a thorough Sweat Equity yoga repository says to supplement yoga to your life since of a approach couple it has with unwavering immature living. Yoga is all about being benefaction and apropos some-more wakeful of yourself and your surroundings. Many people who use yoga find they start to turn some-more wakeful of a dishes they are putting into their bodies, as good as their healthy world.


Michael Holm

The owners of Boss Solar gave us some good recommendation on candid appetite fit changes we can make to your home right now. Mike says it’s time to change those light bulbs – out with a aged (incandescent light bulbs) and in with a new (compact fluorescents or LED lights). While you’re during it, get absolved of your halogens, that are mega appetite guzzlers.


Jodi Koberinski

The Executive Director of a Organic Council of Ontario common easy grocery selling tips to assistance safeguard healthier, greener meals. One of Jodi’s elementary tips was to ask people to try and squeeze one or dual organic products a week. Every small bit helps!


Eric Novak

Eric Novak, improved famous as Enviro Dad, urges people to stop meditative of “Green” as a radical concept. Becoming immature is all about creation better, some-more sensitive choices. Eric shared, “I wish one day we can contend we am an automotive journalist, though carrying to supplement a word ‘green’ in front of it. I’m an ‘eco-auto journalist’ though I’d be a happiest man around if we could tell we down a highway that I’m usually an ‘auto journalist’ since everybody buys immature cars. We’ve got to get absolved of that moniker – that it’s ‘alternative.’ It’s usually living.”

Tara St. James 

Originally from Montreal, Tara St. James is a Owner and Creative Director for a tolerable wardrobe line Study NY. She reveals how a “made in” tag can contend a lot. A good and easy approach to assistance a world is by creation wakeful wardrobe purchases. By identifying brands that make wardrobe locally, we are not usually ancillary a economy though also assisting to revoke CO emissions that start when products are shipped from overseas. Not usually does Tara have her wardrobe made locally, though she also uses “zero rubbish cutting,” definition no fabric is wasted. Tara uses some-more durable textiles to safeguard wardrobe lasts longer. She also creates designs that have a undying interest and will always be in fashion, as against to being this year’s latest trend.

Ford Green Tip

Make certain all your tires are arrogant to a endorsed pressure. Underinflated tires can reduce your fuel economy by adult to 3.3 per cent!


Check out a video next to see Ford EV consultant Steve Ross explain how we can live immature with Ford.


We plea we to interpose a small immature into your life. Let us know how we are doing so in a comments next and we could be featured in a blog post!