50 Years of a Porsche 914

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To applaud this anniversary, a Porsche Museum has invited all fans of a two-seater to a “Typically Porsche Day” on Sunday, Jun 2, during a start of a special uncover “50 Years of a 914 – Typically Porsche”. Over 120 owners of private 914 models, including from a bar scene, will be in attendance.

As good as a operation of promotions, visitors to a “Typically Porsche Day” will also be means to suffer consultant panels on a 914. For example, former growth and competition operative Roland Kussmaul, former framework developer and competition motorist Hans Clausecker, as good as operative and competition motorist Günter Steckkönig together with author Jürgen Lewandowski will demeanour behind during a birth and mythological moments of a Porsche 914. Anthony Hatter, Head of Design Quality Style Porsche, together with former Porsche growth operative Jürgen Kapfer and product developer for competition cars Hermann-Josef Steinmetz, will try a doubt of a roots and above all a destiny of a mid-engined judgment during Porsche and examine because a mid-engined configuration, design, record and lifestyle are typically Porsche today. Entry to a “Typically Porsche Day” on Sunday, Jun 2, is free.

Porsche 914/6 GT, indication year 1972, a ONS lane reserve vehicle, 1973, Porsche AG

The Porsche 914/6 GT, indication year 1972, was a ONS lane reserve vehicle

The twelve fantastic exhibits featured in a special uncover will cover a extent of a 914 and a creations it inspired. They will embody a 914/4 and 914/6 prolongation models with VW four-cylinder engine and Porsche six-cylinder engine respectively. Also on arrangement will be a initial 914 ever built and one of a dual Porsche prototypes with eight-cylinder racing engine. Another vaunt will be a 914/6 GT. It was done accessible to a ONS (Obersten Nationalen Sportbehörde (Supreme National Sports Authority)) in 1972 as a initial reserve automobile in a universe – versed with new reserve systems and a complicated glow extinguishing system. Also appearing will be a privately-owned reformation plan with a 350 PS V8 engine from a 928 GTS as good as a 916. The VW Porsche also desirous a eminent automobile engineer Albrecht Graf von Goertz and a French coachbuilder Heuliez to pattern their possess 914 sports automobile creations, that will also be on display. The special uncover will run in a Porsche Museum until Jul 7.

“50 Years of a 914”: second sports automobile array for younger Porsche customers

In a mid-1960s, Porsche was essay to enhance a position in a marketplace with a sports automobile in a earnest shred underneath a 911. However, such a plan would not have been viable for a tiny association on a own. The Zuffenhausen-based automobile manufacturer found a partner in Volkswagen, given during a time VW was looking for a inheritor to a afterwards rather old-fashioned Type 34 sports coupé, improved famous as a Karmann Ghia. Ferry Porsche and VW Director Heinrich Nordhoff shook hands on a corner plan in a mid-1960s. When Nordhoff suddenly died in 1968, a plan was in risk of collapsing. Ferry Porsche worked out a resolution with a new Managing Director of VW, Kurt Lotz: a dual companies determined a VW-Porsche sales company. It marketed a plan on a European marketplace as a VW-Porsche. It was accessible in dual versions: a 914 with a four-cylinder engine from Volkswagen and a 914/6 with a six-cylinder engine from Porsche. In a USA, both variants were sole underneath a Porsche marque.

Porsche 914/6, 1970, Porsche AG

Albrecht Graf von Goertz combined his possess prophesy of a 914: a 914/6 was presented in 1970

The 914 bureau car’s biggest success is a triple feat in a Marathon de la Route hold during a Nürburgring in 1970. Many victories were also achieved in patron engine sports. The six-cylinder chronicle had a successful start in a USA in several racing array and achieved several category victories. A 914/6 GT from Team Sonauto won a GT category during Le Mans in Europe in 1970.

Pure sports car: high energy output, low weight and mid-engine

The VW engine was a totally new pattern and noted a initial prolongation injection engine offering by a marque. The 1.7-litre four-cylinder indication grown 80 PS during 4,900 rpm, definition it could strech 100 km/h in 13 seconds and surfaced out during 177 km/h. In contrast, a Porsche six-cylinder engine came from a 911 T and was designed for limit sports opening with a beyond camshafts, triple carburettors and high-performance capacitor ignition. The two-litre fighter offering 110 PS during 5,800 rpm, creation it both many some-more comprehensive and some-more rev-happy than a VW counterpart. With a dry weight of 900 kilograms, or 940 kilograms for a six-cylinder variant, a 914 boasted a truly well-developed power-to-weight ratio.

914 S: Two one-off models with an eight-cylinder racing engine

Last though not least, dual mythological special models helped to concrete a two-seater’s superb reputation: a 914 S with 8 cylinders. The three-litre fighter engine from a Porsche 908 racing car, that dominated circuits via a 1970s, sat in front of a back axle. Thanks to a injection system, a initial automobile constructed around 300 PS and was handed over to Ferdinand Piëch, a conduct of growth during a time, as a exam vehicle. In a second vehicle, a eight-cylinder engine with carburettors achieved 260 PS. It was a road-registered automobile presented to Ferry Porsche to applaud his 60th birthday. Both 914 S models had a tip speed of around 250 km/h, and served as a basement for a brief run of high-performance 914 models in 1971.

Herbert Linge, ONS lane reserve team, 911 Carrera RSR 2.8, indication year 1973, 914/6 GT, indication year 1972, Nürburgring, 1973, Porsche AG

The ONS lane reserve group during a Nürburgring in 1973 – including a 914/6 GT, indication year 1972

Eleven vehicles were versed with six-cylinder engines from what were afterwards a many comprehensive models: a 911 S and Carrera 911 RS with 190 PS and 210 PS. They were afterwards optimised for motor-sport functions and christened a 916.

Market success

The particular two-seater with a evil Targa roof was directed especially during younger buyers. With an initial simple cost of 11,955 Deutschmarks, a Porsche 914 indication array became an comprehensive sales hit. Between 1969 and 1975, 115,631 four-cylinder 914 vehicles were built. Most of a vehicles were exported to a USA, where a 914 was marketed exclusively as a Porsche but a VW suffix. As a result, it is one of a best-selling sports cars in a world. In a USA, a 914 was voted a “Import Car of a Year” in 1970. By contrast, a 914/6 was a rarer beast: accurately 3,338 units were constructed between 1969 and 1972. It also available a series of competition wins.

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