500 immature employees from Volkswagen have already taken partial in a "Wanderjahre" (Years Abroad) growth program

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• 42 Group locations in 18 countries participate
• Program for career entrants started in 2006

Since 2006, Volkswagen has already reserved 500 immature employees to a “Wanderjahr” (Year Abroad). The module allows immature people who have finished their tutelage to benefit general knowledge by spending 12 months with a Group association in another country. The 500th member is Laura Lange from a Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. She started her Year Abroad with Autoeuropa in Portugal in October.

The Head of Human Resources of a Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, Martin Rosik, says: “Volkswagen offers a employees appealing growth possibilities. The ‘Year Abroad’ is really renouned with a immature employees given it opens adult a general universe of work of a code and a Group to qualified, high-performance immature people during an early stage.”

Bernd Osterloh, Chairman of a Group Works Council, emphasizes: “The immature participants spend 12 months in another country. At a Group association concerned, they are partial of a normal work routine and are deployed in suitability with their qualifications. The Works Council supports this program, as it creates a vital grant to intercultural understanding.”

42 Volkswagen Group locations in 18 countries are participating in a growth program. Following a execution of their tutelage or a twin march of studies, career entrants can take partial in a module if they have adult to 5 years of unsentimental knowledge and above-average opening and growth potential.

At their new location, participants work in prolongation or in a dilettante dialect and can sell views with mentors on site. For example, countries where assignments are probable embody Argentina, China, Mexico, Spain, a USA, Poland and Portugal. Participants from other countries can also be reserved to Germany. Currently, 79 immature people from Germany and other countries are participating.

Laura Lange, a 500th participant, finished her tutelage as a room logistics dilettante in Wolfsburg in Jul and has been reserved to Autoeuropa in Portugal given October. She is operative during a Palmela plant, nearby Lisbon.

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