There’s owning a Ford, and afterwards there’s owning a whole experience. The latter requires a loyalty to car upkeep that lasts prolonged after we expostulate off a lot; and as we recently schooled from owner, Gary Dicks, it can really assistance your car go serve than you’d ever imagined.

Taking well-developed caring of his 2003 Ford Escape is a approach of life for a Brockville area resident. And carrying recently strike an considerable 500,000 km, he and his car are verbatim vital explanation of a energy of unchanging service. Since shopping his Escape in 2003, Gary has steadily been holding it for unchanging use during a Brockville Ford dealership. Over a years, he’s turn rather of a luminary during a dealership and a good crony to a staff, combining what is truly a Ford family to be unapproachable of.

What encouraged him to be so committed about service? Gary and his Escape have spent a lot of time together over a years; either it’s his daily 130 km invert to and from work, towing his vessel to go fishing on weekends, transporting his 3 kids and all their cargo, or navigating tough nation roads in any season, Gary says his Escape has “given me all we need for my lifestyle.”

But his 2003 Escape isn’t a initial Ford in Gary’s life to be there for a poignant milestone. When he initial met his wife, Sandy, he was a unapproachable owners of a 1978 Ford F-100 half-ton, finish with racing stripes and relating seats. Gary and his wife, Sandy, fun that their courtship was indeed, a genuine Ford pick-up!
As for attack 500,000 km, Gary never approaching it. In fact, expecting he’d need it, he purchased a new Escape in 2010. However, 5 years later, he’s still pushing a aged one and it seems dynamic to strike 600,000 km next!