59,674 new trees for a Czech Republic interjection to ŠKODA

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59 674 new trees for a Czech Republic in 2013: a sum of 423,000 trees have been planted given in 2007 when ŠKODA started a programme for any automobile sole in a Czech Republic, ŠKODA plants a tree.A successful end to this year’s ŠKODA environmental movement programme ‘For any automobile sole in a Czech Republic, ŠKODA plants a tree’: Including a final movement days in Kvasiny, Mladá Boleslav and Benátky nad Jizerou, another 59,674 new trees were planted in comparison regions of a Czech Republic in this, a seventh year of a programme. This record series is equal to a series of ŠKODA vehicles sole in a Czech Republic in 2012. Since a start of ŠKODA’s environmental programme in 2007, 423,000 trees have been planted in a country. 

“Through a environmental programme, and interjection to a record sales sum in 2012, some-more new trees have been planted this year in a Czech Republic than ever before. We are gratified that we have been means to make a nation that small bit greener,” says ŠKODA Board Member for HR, Bohdan Wojnar. “Every singular tree contributes to a replacement of a landscapes and is a pitch of a ŠKODA brand’s success. It is quite enlivening to see a employees removing involved. The plan demonstrates a environmental responsibility,” he adds.

From a really beginning, a employees have actively participated in planting a trees. They have helped in anticipating suitable land, proposing reforestation areas, and have been actively intent in planting any new tree by hand. Actively removing concerned strengthens a employees’ attribute to a places where they live and work, and this has been an critical idea from a start of a programme.

The 59,674 new trees in 2013 come to a advantage of towns and communities via a Czech Republic. One concentration is on regions where ŠKODA has a prolongation sites. New places for planting are comparison in partnership with long-standing partners any year. This year, a manufacturer has worked with a sum of 25 communities and non-profit organizations. Seven of that took partial for a initial time.

The environmental programme is an constituent partial of a Czech automobile manufacturer’s extended amicable joining in their home market. The focal points are in a areas of amicable welfare, environmental protection, enlightenment and sports. Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is distant some-more than only a buzz-phrase for ŠKODA, and is actively put into use and targeted in countless activities and projects: In a area of children and girl in a Czech Republic, a association supports a Tereza Maxová Foundation, in further to a ‘Centrum Paraple’ and a ‘Medical Clowns’ project. Furthermore, ŠKODA AUTO is committed to trade reserve and has for many years upheld a ‘City Roads’   programme. Another concentration has been on stability a joining to people with disabilities, that includes ancillary a Czech Paralympic Committee, as good as a ŠKODA AUTO Handy programme that has a softened mobility of disabled people created on a flags.  

Furthermore, ŠKODA AUTO is also committed to enhancing a lure of technical preparation during schools and, with a possess vocational propagandize and university, is among a many venerable training companies in a country. Additionally, ŠKODA provides support as one of a biggest sponsors of informative events in a Czech Republic: with partners including a Czech Philharmonic, a Prague National Theatre and a National Museum of Technology. The carmaker also supports comparison informative events, such as a exemplary song festival Smetanova Litomyšl and a International Children’s and Youth Film Festival in Zlín.

From children’s highway reserve campaigns and ancillary infrastructure and culture, to a 423,000 trees now planted: In approval of ŠKODA’s full joining to a locations of Vrchlabí and Rychnov nad Kněžnou/Kvasiny, ŠKODA AUTO perceived a special corporate endowment ‘Best business location’ (City for Business) a few days ago.

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