60 years of Volkswagen in Brazil and 15 years of a São José dos Pinhais factory

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São José dos Pinhais factoryVolkswagen do Brasil promoted a grand furloughed – revisit of employees and their kin – in a automobile bureau in São José dos Pinhais (PR), commemorating 60 years of a association in Brazil, a anniversary of Paraná state unit, who turns 15 in Jan 18, 2014, and a attainment of new investments and products recently announced by Volkswagen Group.

Over 10 thousand people have seen a high record and peculiarity of a prolongation routine of a factory, besides a attractions prepared for a event, such as a attainment of Santa Claus on sleigh pulled by Amarok and a uncover with a song rope Tchakabum. In addition, an muster of code vehicles and robots dancing a strike “Olha a Onda” hold a courtesy of visitors. There was also a specific plcae where children unnatural a operation of a prolongation line, checking a routine record in practice.

“We are gay to applaud dual so special ancestral dates, a 60th anniversary of Volkswagen do Brasil and 15 years of a São José dos Pinhais factory. we would like to appreciate and honour any worker who, with a support of their families, builds any day this success story”, pronounced a Vice President of Operations during Volkswagen do Brasil, Otto Joos.

New technologies and products
The São José dos Pinhais bureau will accept investments of R$ 520 million of a Volkswagen Group for a prolongation of a New Golf. The association will feature a technological globalization, with a introduction of a new MQB modular plan in a country, providing some-more coherence to a production.

“This was a really special year for a indent of São José dos Pinhais. The proclamation of new investment and products confirms a critical and obliged work of a teams. It is a good honour to be means to applaud with a family and a village these good achievements and a 60th anniversary of Volkswagen do Brasil”, pronounced a plant manager of São José dos Pinhais, Volker Germann.

“Our achievements are a approach outcome of a proclivity and rendezvous of a employees, for that we appreciate in this time of celebration. We are certain that we will overcome a hurdles of a destiny with a clever teamwork”, pronounced a Human Resources Manager of a unit, Luciana Partel.

The Volkswagen do Brasil automobile bureau in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) and a engine plant in São Carlos (SP) also perceived a employees and their families to applaud a 60th anniversary of Volkswagen do Brasil. In Taubaté, a revisit will be hold in 2014.

60 years of Volkswagen in Brazil and 15 years of a São José dos Pinhais factorySpace ‘Think Blue.’
Besides visiting a prolongation line, a trail of a good furloughed in São José dos Pinhais bureau featured attractions like a Space “Think Blue.”. Videos and information play showed a idea of “Think Blue. Factory.” module of a company, that aims during rebate of 25% in appetite and H2O expenditure and rubbish generation, CO2 and solvents by 2018 of all plants of a Volkswagen Group.

A origination seminar taught children to reuse divert cartons to fashion a mini Kombi. The space also had an muster of a models Fox BlueMotion, New Gol and New Voyage, generally characterized by a judgment “Think Blue.”.

With sustainability as a categorical focus, a good furloughed of a São José dos Pinhais bureau speedy a tolerable function with different attractions. At a opening of a event, were distributed stylized and particular mugs for libation consumption, avoiding a prolongation of waste.

A Chance to Play
Employees and visitors who attended a eventuality had a eventuality to learn some-more and minister to a module “A Chance to Play”, promoted by a World Committee of Workers of Volkswagen, with a support of a company. Young people entering a City String Orchestra and are attended by a “Patronato Santo Antônio”, an establishment that is extrinsic into a program, also participated in informative performances. The module “A Chance to Play” aims to rise good use and innovative methodologies to knowledge a right to play, holding into comment a significance of networking to renovate best practices in open policy.

Cribs Contest
Another captivate of a eventuality was a explanation of a winning teams of a normal Cribs Contest, that is in a 7th edition. The competition aims to foster formation between teams and raise a creativity of any area, divulgence talents and skills of employees. In a creation of cribs, teams have used materials that would differently be discarded, emphasizing recycling and environmental sustainability. Stamping and Frame teams were a large winners during this year Cribs Contest, whose highlights are a newness and farrago of materials used. The work of all participants will be unprotected during a factory.

Sewing a Future
The “Costurando o Futuro” (“Sewing a Future”) project, grown by a Volkswagen Foundation in São José dos Pinhais in partnership with a Municipal Government and a Institute of Rational Labour Organization – Idort, attended a event, with a muster of pieces done in a workshops. Among a equipment were handbags, bins for automobile and accessories done from a reuse of automotive fabrics and used uniforms that would be rejected by Volkswagen and were donated to a new environmentally obliged purpose.

The “Costurando o Futuro” (“Sewing a Future”) was hold for 3 years in São Bernardo do Campo and was stretched to Paraná state with appropriation resources from a National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). In both locations, some-more than 35 tons of hankie have already been remade into new products. Released in São José dos Pinhais, May this year, a plan offers 45 women in situations of amicable disadvantage adjacent bureau giveaway workshops focused on technical training in slicing and sewing, and amicable entrepreneurship to structure their possess business.

Christmas Without Hunger
This year, a normal amicable debate “Natal Sem Fome” (“Christmas Without Hunger”), promoted by a Paraná state bureau in partnership with a São José dos Pinhais city hall, was related to good touring. When creation a registration for a event, employees contributed with donations of non-perishable food for a campaign. The some-more than 3 tons of food collected were brought to a eventuality by Santa Claus, in his Amarok.

The donations were delivered to a Municipal Secretariat of Social Assistance of São José dos Pinhais, that will discharge among several institutions served by a municipality, and a Mennonite Association of Social Service (AMAS) of Curitiba.

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