When we spend a lot of time with someone, bizarre things start to happen. You start finishing any other’s sentences and pity any other’s energy tools. But when it comes to spending time with your lorry and all a accessories, a signs aren’t as obvious. Check out a 8 signs we spend a lot of time with your Ford F-150 below.

1 – Instead of dire SNOOZE on your morning alarm, we press a Remote Start for your F-150.

2 – You’re some-more endangered about a cleanliness of your F-150 than we are about yourself.

3 – You’ve transposed singing in a showering with singing along with your Kicker Audio System on your approach to work.

4 – Similar to your F-150’s Spray-In Bed Liner, you’ve deliberate a spray-in choice for backing a building of your male cavern to strengthen opposite some of those unsightly spills from weekend football parties.

5 – When friends ask to see cinema of your kids, we mangle out your phone and uncover them cinema of your F-150.

6 – When we need to strech a high shelf in a garage, we opt to use your F-150 Running Board instead of a ladder.

7 – From your friend’s camper to your father-in-law’s fishing boat, we offer to insert anything and all to your F-150 Towing Hitch.

8 – Every time we park your F-150 for a evening, we sensitively wheeze “g’night,” underneath your breath.

From blurb toolboxes and rubber building mats, to chrome stairs and grille upgrades, we can accessorize your Ford F-150 however we need. How do we outfit your F-150 with accessories? Let us know by commenting on this post, on Facebook or Tweet us @FordCanada.