A automobile lifetime in fast-forward mode: 100th Audi Quality Assurance INKA test

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In a march of behaving 100 INKA tests, Audi Quality Assurance has finished a total of 322,500 contrast hours, lonesome some-more than one million kilometers (621,371 mi) and driven by 2,800 sand tests and 1,900 salt tests. Sylvia Droll, Head of Materials Engineering: “Audi stands for higher build quality, high-quality element coming and high trustworthiness – even many years after a automobile is initial registered. The INKA exam is an essential apparatus for assessing the peculiarity of a models and for serve optimizing a prolongation methods.”

The continuation exam covers 5 phases. First a automobile is misted with salt in a climatic cover during 35 degrees Celsius. Next it is unprotected to a pleasant meridian of adult to 50 degrees Celsius and limit atmosphere steam of 100 percent. In proviso three, 80 halogen steel fog lamps, any with an outlay of 1,200 watts, feverishness a physique to a limit of 90 degrees Celsius. In a process, a colors in a interior contingency not blur and a materials contingency not turn brittle.

The fourth proviso simulates winter-like conditions during a frigid circle. At reduction 35 degrees Celsius, a four-post hydropulse appurtenance rocks a automobile to copy a physique torsion and aria on tools of a automobile and engine mounts that cars continue on severe roads. In together – proviso 5 – exam drivers regularly expostulate by specifically prepared routes on a open contrast grounds.

A sum of 12,000 kilometers (7,456.5 mi) are trafficked with any model, including pushing by saltwater and mud. At a finish of a test, a peculiarity inspectors disintegrate a whole automobile into around 600 particular tools and check these for diseased points.

Audi Quality Assurance conducted a initial INKA tests in 2002. Technical Development has been assessing pre-series cars regulating a same exam process for 40 years now.

Fuel expenditure of a models named above

Audi A4:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 6.7 – 3.7 (35.1 – 63.6 US mpg)**;
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 154 – 95** (247.8 – 152.9 g/mi)

**Fuel expenditure and CO2 glimmer total given in ranges count on a tires/wheels used as good as a engine/transmission version.

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