A century of expansion in vehicle manufacturing: from artisans to robots

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At Ford, we’re unapproachable of a story and a extensive improvements that have been finished on productivity, sustainability and amicable shortcoming over a years. Here’s a discerning outline of this evolution! No time to review it all? Watch a 100 second video outline above!

Ford Piquette Plant in Dearborn
Ford Piquette Plant – You can revisit it today

The Ford Piquette plant, second home of Ford prolongation after a 58 Bagley Avenue stable in Henry Ford’s backyard, was truly a birth place of Ford’s prophesy of an inexpensive automobile for a masses. Built in 1904 for $76,500, it would offer to build a large Model K, a tiny Model N, and a universe famous Model T. The plant, that has been totally easy and that we can revisit currently to see pleasing easy cars of many creates of this era, was built on a beliefs of prolongation of a period: work bays where a cars being built stayed still and workers worked as teams to ride tools to a cars and build them from a belligerent up. This normal approach of operative meant a automobile took 12.5 hours to build. After building 12,000 Model Ts’ with this method, Henry Ford had a improved idea: a relocating open line. This thought meant that usually 6 years after building Piquette, Ford prolongation changed to Highland Park Assembly line in 1910.

Ford Wings
You can brand Ford cars palm built during Piquette with these Ford “Wings”

It is during this time that, in an bid to revoke prolongation times to a comprehensive minimum, a famous Henry Ford quote “Any patron can have a automobile embellished any tone that he wants so prolonged as it is black” was introduced. Prior to this, we could buy Model T’s in many colors such as a red and bullion one above! The black usually Model T’s available faster paint drying times, and was one of a reasons a time to build one was reduced to usually 93 minutes. This lightning quick prolongation time came from a truth of a systematic classification of work. Ford’s prophesy was a relentless success, and prices forsaken while prolongation increased, all a approach until 1926-27, where prolongation decreased and paved a approach for a Model A. At this point, 15 million Model T’s had been built!

Production and cost numbers graph of Model T prolongation over a years
* Production and cost numbers for a Model T – Note that 1920 prolongation spans over 17 months due to changes in mercantile year start/end dates.

More than a century later, a Ford Motor Company is still improving on a judgment of a relocating open line. One of a best examples of these improvements is a Ford Rouge Center, open to a open for visits, sporting one of a world’s largest vital roofs and one of a many homes of F-150 production. What do we consider will occur in a subsequent 100 years? Tell us your futurologist predictions in a comments!

One of a world’s largest vital roofs during Ford Rouge Center
Today: One of a world’s largest vital roofs during Ford Rouge Center

* Model T Ford Club of America, “Model T Ford Production” – http://www.mtfca.com/encyclo/fdprod.htm



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