With a Ford Escape SYNC®3 system, directions, music, phone calls and Siri can be tranquil from a tip of your tongue. There’s no need to take your eyes off a highway and your hands off a wheel. Make your expostulate easier by voice commands with SYNC®3’s subsequent era of voice-activated technology.



We suspicion it would be fun to ask Michael Lennard, Ford Canada Technology Marketing Manager, what his favourite SYNC®3 commands are:

  1. “Call Mom” and “Call Home”
  2. “Search nearest Thai Food”
  3. “Play Sirius Alt Nation”
  4. “Climate set temp 19 degrees”
  5. “When are a Leafs personification next?”

With SYNC®3 we can suffer all of a good SYNC® features. New easy-to-use design. New interface. New features. SYNC®3 is not usually new, it’s manageable and innovative. Discover how SYNC®3 delivers next-level connectivity to your bustling life.

What are your favourite SYNC®3 features?