A unconventional fable – a MB 100 D by AMG.

Posted on 23. Aug, 2018 by in Mercedes-Benz Canada

By a way, a AMG rims, specifically done for a AMG MB 100 D, were combined to a special apparatus programme for customary vehicles when a truce between Daimler Benz AG and AMG come about. This is also a reason because dual opposite forms of rims were combined for a AMG MB 100 D: a initial array with a strange AMG trademark and given 1990, when a Daimler-Benz AG strictly began to concur with AMG, a mutated chronicle of a amalgamate rims with a standard Mercedes-AMG stripes. From Jan 1999 onwards, DaimlerCrysler had a infancy interest in AMG for a initial time, followed by a finish takeover and formation in 2005. In a early 1990s, some DTM (German Touring Car Masters) teams who relied on Mercedes-Benz, were also regulating a AMG MB 100 D fast transporter as a group car.

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