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The story of a Zuffenhausen site began eighty years ago when a association famous as Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche KG changed from a core of Stuttgart to a northern district. The association wrote automotive story right from a start: a 0 array of what would turn a VW Beetle was done in Zuffenhausen, as were 3 Type 64 competition coupes in a year 1939. From 1950 a initial sports cars of a Porsche code were done on a bureau grounds—starting with a mythological 356 and followed by a 911 in 1964. The company’s chronological domicile are now during a threshold of a new era. A bureau within a bureau is being built for Taycan production. From 2019 a sports-car builder will make not usually a stream two-door vehicles though also a initial standard-series automobile with a entirely electric drive. More than 1,200 new jobs are being created. Porsche is investing around €700 million in Zuffenhausen alone.

Tens of thousands of metric tons of steel have left into creation a new physique shop, paint shop, and circuit overpass as good as a halls for public and logistics, electric drive, and spindle production. That’s roughly a volume indispensable to make one hundred thousand 911 Carrera bodies. Some twenty-eight thousand truckloads of earth have been excavated during a site. And 112,000 cubic meters of petrify have been delivered. Nearly 3 hundred planners and as many as 3 thousand plant and construction experts have been concerned in transporting this huge volume of element by Stuttgart’s unenlightened trade and in regulating it during a stream construction sites. The deliveries embody petrify columns that can import adult to one hundred metric tons. In short, there’s a lot going on in these weeks and months in Zuffenhausen.

Creative ways of stretching space

“The heart of Porsche beats in Zuffenhausen,” says Reiner Luth, conduct planner for a bureau project. Series prolongation continues—without any interruptions or delays—right subsequent to a buildings underneath construction. Luth draws a medical analogy to report a work that’ll capacitate a Taycan to hurl from Zuffenhausen’s prolongation lines. “We’re fundamentally doing open-heart surgery,” he says. Needless to say, this “procedure” poses a array of challenges.

The calendar alone is ambitious. In late 2015 Porsche done a preference to furnish a Taycan during a headquarters. The time has been ticking ever since, with array prolongation scheduled to start in 2019. But that’s not a usually challenge. “The space here is already densely packed,” explains Jürgen King, conduct of executive construction management. He’s coordinating a plan for Porsche. “For us to do a construction work, 5 thousand employees had to move—in about half a year.”

Zuffenhausen, 2018, Porsche AG

Porsche is now adding prolongation comforts for a Taycan to a headquarters

Porsche’s domicile is bordered on all sides. It directly adjoins residential areas, skill owned by other companies, sight tracks, and streets. For example, a vital four-lane travel separates a public line from a new paint emporium and a Taycan physique shop. These tighten buliding call for ingenuity. When adding new comforts to a site in a past, Porsche built vertically—and is doing a same thing now. Production of a new electric Porsche will take place on 4 levels of a new public and logistics gymnasium and a physique shop. The public routine will ensue from tip to bottom, relocating down to a belligerent building where a new sports cars will hurl from a gymnasium following their final inspections. The technical systems that control all of a prolongation processes are housed in a cellar. The outcome is a logistical masterpiece scarcely rare in a automotive sector.

Looking out during a enlargement work, Luth speaks of a “gigantic challenge.” And King adds: “Given these horizon conditions, what we have is not usually a biggest though also a fastest-moving construction site in Porsche’s history.” The preference to enhance a bureau during Zuffenhausen has never been questioned. The megaproject will make a association domicile improved versed for a future. It’s a clever confirmation of a site and a people—and guarantees Taycan business a peculiarity of being “made in Germany.“

Sustainable cars from tolerable production

The electric expostulate systems and axles for a initial e-Porsche will also be done in Zuffenhausen. “We’re generally unapproachable of them,” says Luth. The same relates to a idea of a CO2-neutral factory—“the topping on a cake of all these challenges,” as King puts it. Plans call for forty-two thousand block meters of immature roof cover and for trees to be planted around a new bureau halls. At a same time, comparison buildings that are emasculate and reduction environmentally accessible will disappear. People who revisit or simply expostulate past a domicile in a destiny should immediately commend that Porsche places a reward on sustainability and meridian protection. “When we’re finished expanding a bureau for a Taycan, Porsche will furnish zero-emission cars in a CO2-neutral plant,” says construction conduct King. “And that,” he adds, “is a well-rounded result.”

Conveyor system, Zuffenhausen, 2018, Porsche AG

The perspective from inside a new circuit overpass reveals a lot of activity during Porsche’s headquarters. New structures are being total to a old, and a red-brick building—the iota of a site—is surrounded by steel and potion facades that outrider a new epoch for a association abounding in tradition. In serve to classical sports cars, a initial Porsches with a entirely electric expostulate will be done here starting in late 2019. The circuit bridge, one of a longest in a world, will ride expostulate complement components and embellished e-car bodies from a paint emporium to a public line—at a tallness of twenty meters above a four-lane categorical highway in Stuttgart that divides a domicile in half.

Length: 890 meters
Levels: 2
Facade: 17,000 block meters
Windows: 2

Assembly and logistics, Zuffenhausen, 2018, Porsche AG

Spacious buliding for a Taycan: a new public and logistics gymnasium will be Porsche’s largest building formidable in Zuffenhausen. The huge measure make a construction a balancing act for a planners. While a four-level structure is going adult in record time, prolongation of a 911, Boxster, and Cayman, as good as Porsche engines, continues notwithstanding a construction. Assembly systems for a new e-Porsche are now being commissioned in a hall. And a initial standard-series Taycans will hurl from a public line subsequent year.

Excavated earth: 240,000 cubic meters
Height: 38 meters
Depth next ground: 25 meters
Gross building area: 62,000 block meters
Hall volume: 360,000 cubic meters
Prefab components: 2,760

Paint shop, Zuffenhausen, 2018, Porsche AG

Final work on a interior—including a building and ceiling—of a paint emporium designed privately for a Taycan is holding place while a apparatus is being commissioned and a paint systems set up. One of a building’s special features: a steel structure is self-supporting.

Length: 216 meters
Height: 28 meters
Material: 6,900 metric tons of steel

Body shop, Zuffenhausen, 2018, Porsche AG

The new physique emporium is a second-largest building formidable during a site, surpassed usually by a Taycan public and logistics hall. Construction started in a final entertain of 2015. The initial preproduction bodies are already being done here—for a 911 and, in a future, for a Taycan as well.

Hall volume: 320,000 cubic meters
Gross building area: 65,000 block meters
Height: 30 meters
Material: 20,000 metric tons of steel, 35,000 cubic meters of concrete

1938: Ferdinand Porsche’s pattern bureau moves from Kronenstraße in Stuttgart’s city core to Zuffenhausen. Today’s Plant 1 has usually been built.

1953: The public gymnasium (Plant 2, Building 1) designed by Rolf Gutbrod starts operation. Porsche started creation a initial sports cars in Zuffenhausen 3 years earlier.

1963: Porsche expands fast in a early 1960s. The domicile are grown further, and automobile pick-up facilities, a gate, and Plant 3 are added.

1973: After introducing a Porsche 911, a sports-car builder takes over a Reutter physique emporium in 1964. Five years after Building 41 is total to Plant 2.

1988: The new physique emporium is built. It’ll turn Plant 5, that is connected to Plant 2 by a circuit bridge. Production of a Porsche 911 Type 964 starts shortly thereafter.

2015: Six plants, a Porsche Center, and a Porsche Museum—the Zuffenhausen site now has an area of 614,000 block meters. The chronological Plant 1 is usually one building among many.

2018: 10,600 employees

Model Ranges Porsche 718 Boxster / 718 Cayman: Fuel expenditure total 9.0 – 7.4 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 205 – 168 g/km





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