Eric Vice has been personification a piano for 35 years. So naturally, sound peculiarity is a large understanding to him.

However, for years he was stranded pushing an aged car, with an old-fashioned sound system. That altered this year after he won a two-year franchise of a Ford Focus in a contest.

With a new car, he was unprotected to a dauntless new universe – one that authorised him to knowledge his song in a some-more available fashion. And not to mention, get him improved sound quality.

“I’m totally blown divided with being means to have a iPod in a car,” Vice pronounced with a laugh. “No some-more scratched CDs! we haven’t played a CD in a Focus; (it’s) all digital song in that car.”

Vice got absolved of his 15-year-old automobile after winning a Time To Get Focused contest, that was hold by Toronto Area Ford dealers. His video, that we can see above, featured him test-driving a Focus and was deemed a winner.

Vice’s new universe is not only singular to music, though. He can now take highway trips but carrying to expostulate in fear.

“The aged automobile pennyless down each 3 or 4 weeks,” he said, adding that he was forced to lift a four-litre can of oil in a case during all times.

Despite that, he did go on a family highway outing with his aged float to Sharbot Lake, Ont. The distress was not pleasant, to contend a least.

“It was a nerve-wracking experience,” he said. “We done it, and done it back. But it was a two-hour expostulate but journey control, atmosphere conditioning, a windows weren’t going all a approach down … or down during all. Not a many gentle ride.”

In further to being means to go on highway trips with a Focus, Vice is also vehement to take on a winter and see how a automobile performs in a snow.

“The aged automobile wouldn’t have lasted for another winter.”

Animal Factor

As you’ll notice in a video, Eric is a pet lover. In further to owning dual dogs, his family also has several cats. Thus, it was really critical that a Focus was easy to their dear animals.

“After pushing a Focus for dual or 3 days, it only seemed that a opposite elements of a automobile were there for a occupants – humans or dogs. It was really motorist focused.”