A Porsche in nonplus pieces

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When it was initial built over 50 years ago, a 911 R represented a miracle in Porsche’s history. In 2016, a sports automobile manufacturer motionless to build a second era of this classical car. This new era will now be reissued – in miniature. In partnership with Porsche, a fondle manufacturer Ravensburger is rising a 3D nonplus chronicle of a 911 R.

“We were vehement to be concerned in such a project, operative together with a partner Ravensburger to reconstruct one of a iconic sports cars–no other than a 911 R–in a form of a 3D puzzle”, says Oliver Eidam, Head of Brand Partnerships and Sponsoring during Porsche.

The engineers from Ravensburg were only as prudent in their work as their colleagues in Weissach: The really initial step in a growth routine of a 3D nonplus is a feasibility investigate regulating a severe model. This is followed by an initial prototype. Based on this prototype, a technical product growth dialect divides a automobile into particular nonplus pieces. The subsequent step is to emanate a minute pattern – a second prototype.

3D nonplus of a 911 R, fondle manufacturer Ravensburger, 2018, Porsche AG

All 3D puzzles are done regulating a law routine that involves injection moulding a pieces, laser-marking a middle side with ID numbers and copy a pattern on a outdoor side.

The pattern and prolongation routine needs to safeguard that transformation of a pieces during spraying is minimised – generally when winding and bendable nonplus pieces are involved. Keeping a pieces still is essential in sequence to furnish a precisely printed aspect and equivocate a colour seeping onto a edges of a nonplus pieces. This theatre in a nonplus prolongation routine resembles a breeze hovel tests that take place during a growth of a genuine sports automobile in Weissach.

Tools for array prolongation are afterwards manufactured. Following this a wrapping is designed, before finally ramping adult to array production.

3D nonplus of a 911 R, fondle manufacturer Ravensburger, 2018, Porsche AG

“It was a plea to reconstruct a iconic figure of a Porsche 911 R as accurately and in as many fact as possible”, says Martin Fischer, a growth operative during Ravensburger.  “That and dividing adult a nonplus segments were a many formidable stairs from a technical indicate of view.”

The 3D nonplus of a 911 R is only a starting indicate for an endless partnership between Porsche and Ravensburger in a entrance years. The dual long-established companies share a identical ethos in terms of their loyalty to their products, their clever engineering and their unusually high peculiarity standards.

3D nonplus of a 911 R, fondle manufacturer Ravensburger, 2018, Porsche AG

The Porsche 911 R as 3D Puzzle

The 3D nonplus of a 911 R provides all nonplus and sports automobile fans from a age of 10 a event to knowledge a mindfulness of sports cars in a totally new approach – by 108 nonplus pieces. The nonplus is now accessible from a Porsche Online Shop, a Porsche Museum and during Porsche Leipzig, as good as from a Ravensburger Online Shop and fondle shops.

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