Nobody is some-more critical to a F-150 group than F-150 drivers. After all, they’ve done F-Series a best offered trucks in Canada for 48 uninterrupted years. (Seriously—has anything else been during a tip for half a century? Maybe a Rolling Stones, though a F-150 is tougher*. Have we ever seen Mick Jagger or Keith Richards draw anything bigger than a Telecaster? Case. Closed.)

So, nobody belongs during a phenomenon of a 2015 F-150 some-more than an F-150 driver, and we invited Nate Meyer. Nate is an outdoorsman, husband, blogger and code new dad, as good as a genuine F-150 fan. We brought Nate and his family to Toronto (they gathering their F-150, naturally), put them adult and gave Nate a pass to a central phenomenon of a revolutionary 2015 F-150 during a Canadian International AutoShow, so he got to see it a full day before a public.

The insubordinate 2015 F-150

The high-strength, military-grade aluminium amalgamate takes a 2015 F-150 to a whole new level.

Watch a video above to see Nate’s greeting as he practice a lorry that is a initial of a kind. It contingency have been flattering amazing: Imagine being one of a initial Canadians to indeed hoop and stand into an all-new pre-production F-150! We were really vehement to find out what a real-world F-150 motorist thinks, and he has some flattering pointy observations.

We inspire we to dump by a Toronto AutoShow and check it out in person, though if we can’t, we can learn about a F-150 during And we’ll be bringing it to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver in a spring, too. Smarter, lighter, faster, tougher: though those are a words. What do you consider of a all-new 2015 F-150? Let us know in a comments.

*This is not a systematic comment of a Stones’ tangible toughness. They might in fact draw vast objects. We are sincerely certain that they are, however, not done of high-strength, military-grade aluminium alloy.