“A special place in my heart”

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Whenever a 2011 leader comes behind to Stuttgart, like now for a 42nd annual foe from Apr 20 to 28, it arouses clever emotions. “This tournament,” says a Porsche code envoy in a interview, “will always have a special place in my heart.”

Julia, with your win in a 2011 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, we knocked on a doorway to a universe of chosen tennis. Do we still see this contest as a miracle in your career?

“Definitely. Every time we come behind to Stuttgart, a many images in my conduct awaken clever emotions. It was my initial large pretension on a WTA debate and we saw it as a breakthrough. It was astonishing during a time. I’ll never forget a atmosphere in a Porsche Arena after a final opposite Caroline Wozniacki, who was series one during a time. The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix will always have a special place in my heart.”

Even players who have not nonetheless won a Porsche Tennis Grand Prix suffer entrance to Stuttgart year after year. Why is that?

“The contest is unequivocally good organised. What a players are offering in Stuttgart is singular in a world. Practically a each wish is fulfilled. For me, a Porsche Arena is like my vital room, a singular oasis of well-being. And afterwards there are a spectators, who give us illusory support.”

With 8 players from a tip 10 in a universe and a stream Grand Slam winner, a Porsche Tennis Grand Prix once again has a unequivocally clever line-up. How distant do we have to get to be happy?

“My complacency isn’t unequivocally dynamic by how distant we get. The many critical thing for me is to work tough in each compare – no matter a outcome in a end. Regardless of this we try to take something certain from each win and each defeat. Negative thoughts are of no use, they usually lift we down. Thinking unequivocally creates a tour better.”

But eventually it’s always about a win or a defeat.

“It’s not a usually thing. It’s also critical to see where you’ve softened given a final match. What did we conduct to do this time that didn’t work before? we have unequivocally certain thinkers around me. That helps me to stay certain myself, to not put too many vigour on myself and to suffer each singular match. No actor nonetheless has managed to win all of her matches in a year.”

Julia Görges, 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet, 2011, Porsche AG

Porsche Brand Ambassador Julia Görges won a Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in 2011

After winning a prestigious WTA Elite Trophy in 2017, we done a jump into a tip 10 for a initial time in 2018 and got by to a Wimbledon semi-final. How happy are we with your swell in new years?

“After my win in Stuttgart, we had a few years in my career when we couldn’t play my best tennis for several reasons. My new group has helped me to put this time behind me and make swell in many areas, not usually as a tennis player. That was a prolonged journey. We did a lot of work on my fitness, and with a aptness came mental strength too. In a Wimbledon semi-final opposite Serena Williams, we felt that we belonged there and a usually thing we was still blank to win was experience. You need matches like that to take a subsequent step. It goes but observant that I’m unequivocally happy with this progress.”

How critical was a jump into a tip 10?

“It over a childhood dream of mine. That was something unequivocally special for me.”

That was also when we became a Porsche code ambassador. What does this meant to you?

“Since my win in a Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and as a outcome of competing in a Fed Cup with Porsche Team Germany, we have had a unequivocally special attribute with Porsche. It’s a good honour for me to be authorised to paint a association with such a prestigious repute worldwide as a code ambassador. That creates me proud.”

It’s an sparkling time in women’s tennis. Young players like Naomi Osaka and Aryna Sabalenka are entrance to a fore. Is this a pointer of a new generation?

“It’s usually healthy that immature players come along, differently a competition would die out. However, we don’t consider it’s as impassioned as before, when it was totally normal to win a Grand Slam during 17 or 18 and turn series 1 in a universe during 20.  That’s no longer a case. Naomi Osaka is unequivocally an exception. She deserves her place during a tip of tennis, there is no question. But a pretence is to stay there for a prolonged time. We’ll see either she can do that.”

Up for grabs in a “Porsche Race to Shenzhen”, a gift ranking list for a WTA Final, is one of 8 starting places for this final contest of a season’s many successful players. How do we see your chances?

“Of march a WTA finals are always a goal. Thankfully a gift competition starts during 0 this year, so each actor has a same possibility to grasp this goal. The deteriorate is still young, there are still a lot of large events where points can be won. The fact that a matches will be played in Shenzhen this year rather than Singapore doesn’t unequivocally matter. What matters is being during this prominence of a season. Regardless of where it’s held.”

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