Abigail Reynolds starts her BMW Art Journey, visiting a mislaid libraries of a Silk Road as good as participating in Yinchuan Biennale, a initial biennale in Northwest China.

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Abigail Reynolds starts her BMW Art Journey,
visiting a lost
libraries of a Silk Road as good as participating in Yinchuan
Biennale, a initial biennale in Northwest China.

Munich/Basel. BMW Art Journey leader Abigail
(represented by ROKEBY, London) has begun a first
leg of her debate along a Silk Road, that sees her transport by
motorbike to revisit a sites of ‘lost libraries’ she has come across
in her research. Reynolds is a third BMW Art Journey leader and will
be a second artist to betray her work during Art Basel’s Hong Kong show,
following work by prior leader Samson Young that debuted during this
year’s edition. Reynolds is now completing a initial theatre of
her tour, and has so distant trafficked from a UK to China, where she has
visited Xi’an before streamer to Yinchuan, where her work has been
enclosed as partial of a Biennale. From Yinchuan she will travel
by Dunhuang before streamer to Kokand in Uzbekistan and Istanbul
in Turkey.

The initial stop on Reynolds’ debate saw her revisit a Xianyang Palace
library, founded in 350 BCE and broken in 206 CBE. Xianyang was
done a collateral of a state of Qin in 350 BCE where a Ch’in
dynasty (221 BCE – 207 BCE) left a durability impact. While a site is
mentioned in many ancient erudite texts and a site was excavated
in 1956, all that stays currently is a empty tract of wasteland, the
steer of that was a musical and relocating believe for a artist.

Reynolds’ second stop took her to a Baisikou Pagodas. These
Pagodas, home to a library containing a initial ever book printed with
moveable type, were built by Xixia in 1075, partially broken by
Genghis Khan in 1227, and were totally broken during the
informative revolution, with replicas assembled in a 1990s. The
artist explored a site and Xi’an’s internal libraries to find
support on a strange pagodas, piecing together the
resources of their light and finish destruction.

Throughout a journey, Reynolds will be recording her travels using
16mm film and a Bolex camera. The camera itself is complicated and
cumbersome, while a film is ethereal and can be simply influenced by
a conditions. Reynolds is during benefaction uncertain either a film from
China will tarry overdue to a clever X-ray scanners in many
general airports as good as a impassioned continue found in the
dried conditions of Central Asia. Images and scenes prisoner will
usually be suggested on building a film in a UK. However, Reynolds
believes that should a film be fogged or damaged, afterwards this decay
will counterpart a conditions of a sites she is visiting. The thought of
carrying to deliver what she can find from a film directly correlates
to a several degrees of refuge and redevelopment she will
confront on her journey.

Having complicated English Literature during Oxford University, Abigail
Reynolds frequently draws impulse from literary essays and figures
to suppose places and moments from a past, benefaction and future. Her
plan for BMW Art Journey 2016/17, ‘The Ruins of Time: Lost
Libraries of a Silk Road,’ will concede her to bond a complex
eremite and physical narratives of Europe and Asia by an
endless multi- continent array of visits to ancestral and fabled
repositories of books. The artist will snippet sixteen sites of
libraries mislaid to domestic conflicts, looters, healthy catastrophes
and war. Conceptually, Abigail Reynolds intends to try blanks and
voids, with a library symbolising a stupidity of encompassing
all knowledge.

The second half of Reynolds’ debate will be finished by a finish of
Jan 2017. This second leg will see Reynolds transport to sites in
Italy, Egypt, Turkey and Iran before once again returning to a UK.

Abigail Reynolds’ project, ‘The Ruins of Time: Lost Libraries of the
Silk Road’ will be presented by Art Basel and BMW during Art Basel in Hong
Kong 2017 and will contain a physique of work finished by Reynolds in
response to her commentary along a Silk Road.

The BMW Art Journey is a tellurian partnership between Art Basel and
BMW, combined to commend and support rising artists worldwide. This
singular endowment is open to artists who are exhibiting in a Discoveries
and Positions sectors in a Hong Kong and Miami Beach shows of Art
Basel, respectively. Two judging panels comprised of internationally
eminent experts accommodate initial to name a shortlist of 3 artists
from a sector, who are afterwards invited to contention proposals for a
debate directed to serve rise their ideas and artistic work. The
jury reconvenes to name a leader from a 3 proposals. The next
turn of selections for a BMW Art Journey will take place during Art
Basel in Miami Beach.

BMW is a tellurian partner of Art Basel and has upheld Art Basel’s
3 shows in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong for over a decade.

Art Basel and BMW will combine with a artists to request the
debate and share it with a broader open by imitation publications,
online and amicable media.

For serve information about a artists and a project, please
visit: www.bmw-art-journey.com

For serve questions greatfully contact:

Dr Thomas Girst

BMW Group Corporate and Intergovernmental Affairs

Head of Cultural Engagement

Telephone: +49-89-382-24753


E-mail: presse@bmw.de


Dorothee Dines

Art Basel

Global Head of Media Relations

Telephone: + 41 58 206 27 06

Email: dorothee.dines@artbasel.com


About Abigail Reynolds
Based in Cornwall, UK,
Abigail Reynolds review English Literature during Oxford University before
posterior Fine Art during Goldsmiths University. Her seductiveness in books
prompts her collages, sculptures, films and printmaking. The ideas
pushing Reynolds’ work are formed on images from reportage photography
books, her seductiveness in networks of organisation and how a clarity of
time is influenced by technology. Represented by ROKEBY (London), she
has exhibited during art institutions and galleries in London, Vienna, Los
Angeles, Seattle, Berlin and Eindhoven.

About Art Basel
Founded in 1970 by gallerists
from Basel, Art Basel currently stages a world’s premier art shows for
Modern and contemporary art, sited in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong
Kong. Defined by a horde city and region, any uncover is unique, as
reflected in a participating galleries, a artworks presented, and
a together programming constructed in partnership with local
institutions for any edition. 

In new years, Art Basel’s art-world rendezvous has stretched beyond
art fairs. In 2014, Art Basel launched a Crowdfunding Initiative, in
partnership with Kickstarter, that has helped catalyze much-needed
support for superb non-commercial art projects worldwide and has
helped oath over $1 million to artistic projects all over a world.
For Art Basel Cities, launched in 2016, Art Basel will work with
name partner cities to rise colourful and content-driven programs
specific to a particular city. Connecting them to a tellurian art
universe by Art Basel’s imagination and network, Art Basel Cities
supports a partner cities in building their singular cultural
landscape. The initial city Art Basel is partnering with for Art Basel
Cities is Buenos Aires. For serve information greatfully revisit artbasel.com.

About BMW Group’s Cultural Commitment

For roughly 50 years now, a BMW Group has instituted and engaged
in over 100 informative

cooperations worldwide. The association places a categorical concentration of its
long-term joining on contemporary and complicated art, exemplary music
and jazz as good as pattern and design. In 1972, three
large-scale paintings were combined by a artist Gerhard Richter
privately for a corridor of a BMW Group’s Munich headquarters.
Since then, artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Daniel
Barenboim, Jonas Kaufmann and designer Zaha Hadid have co-operated
with BMW. Currently, womanlike artist Cao Fei from China and American
John Baldessari are formulating a subsequent dual vehicles for a BMW Art
Car Collection. Besides co-initiatives, such as BMW Tate Live, the
BMW Art Journey and a “Opera for All” concerts in Berlin, Munich
and London, a association also partners with heading museums and art
fairs as good as orchestras and show houses around a world. The
BMW Group takes extensive artistic leisure in all a cultural
activities – as this beginning is as essential for producing
groundbreaking artistic work as it is for vital innovations in a
successful business.


Further information: www.bmwgroup.com/culture
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The BMW Group
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and Rolls-Royce, a BMW Group is a world’s heading premium
manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles and also provides premium
financial and mobility services. As a tellurian company, a BMW Group
operates 31 prolongation and public comforts in 14 countries and has
a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries. In 2015, a BMW
Group sole approximately 2.247 million cars and scarcely 137,000
motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation for a financial year
2015 was approximately € 9.22 billion on revenues amounting to € 92.18
billion. As of 31 Dec 2015, a BMW Group had a workforce of
122,244 employees. The success of a BMW Group has always been based
on long-term meditative and obliged action. The association has
therefore determined ecological and amicable sustainability throughout
a value chain, extensive product shortcoming and a clear
joining to conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.



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