Trucks have always been a partial of Jason Currie’s life. Growing adult on a plantation in Caledon, Ont., a vehicles were roughly like an prolongation of his possess family.

“My dad’s had trucks ever given we was born,” Jason told us. “There hasn’t been a year where we haven’t had a lorry on a farm.”

Jason and his father Don are dual group whose “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” This word is a name of a array that highlights bland people who make a disproportion with their trucks. The Currie story is one of a father flitting on a passion for Ford trucks to his son.

“Really we’re a plantation Ford family,” Don said, observant that he began shopping Ford half-tons (pickup trucks) in a early 1970s. “A half-ton is something that’s only like your right hand. You need it for so many things that it’s partial of your life. Whether it’s out fencing or hauling lumber … it’s an essential partial of farming.”

But a lorry does some-more than work on a farm. It has many other jobs too. Don can remember a time when a rancher would unequivocally “know” his neighbours. He says that a lorry was instrumental when it came time to lend any other a hand. “If we were in trouble, or indispensable a hand, (neighbours) were right there to assistance out and, vice-versa, we would do a same for them.”

Family Friendly

Jason pronounced he purchased his F-150 Platinum book since of a “industry-leading” reserve components. That’s a priority since of his 3 children.

He uses a lorry to assistance with family adventures. Whether it’s transporting snowmobiles or four-wheelers, a F-150 helps Jason emanate fun practice for his kids.

“I never have an emanate with a carrying ability of a lorry or a space that we need,” he said. “It’s a ideal size.”

Do we have a friend, neighbour, or family member who drives an F-150 and is always there to lend a hand? We wish to hear about it. Tell us your story during