Acura Automobiles: 2012 New York International Auto Show Press Conference Remarks

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Mike Accavitti

Hey everyone… it’s good to see all of you.

Thanks for fasten us today.

2012 has already been utterly a year for Acura, and currently we’re holding another vital step brazen in a continued revitalization of a Acura brand.

In a moment, a boss and CEO of American Honda, Mr. Tetsuo Iwamura, will take a theatre for a universe entrance of a all-new Acura flagship vehicle — a fourth new Acura denote that we have introduced given a start of this year.

We kicked things off in Jan with a introduction of 3 new judgment models.

The second-generation RDX…the all-new gateway to a brand, a ILX sedan…and, of course, a ultimate countenance of Acura performance, efficiency, and technological sophistication, a next-generation Acura NSX supercar.

As for an update, we launched prolongation of a RDX final month during a East Liberty,
Ohio plant,

And a new ILX and ILX Hybrid start rolling off a public line during a Greensburg, Indiana plant in only 3 weeks.

Both of these plants, incidentally, are during a tip of a peculiarity rankings, carrying warranted Silver and Platinum awards, respectively, in a 2011 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study.

And growth for a next-generation NSX is now in full swing, led by a R and D centers in a United States, with formulation underway to build it in Ohio as well.

We also leveraged a fad surrounding a NSX with Acura’s first-ever Super Bowl ad, that saw dual associate vehicle nuts named Leno and Seinfeld jockeying to be a initial NSX owner.

The ad continues to beget an implausible volume of hum for a code and a products.

And another special Acura supercar will take a star spin subsequent month in a blockbuster film “The Avengers.”

Before we denounced a NSX Concept in Detroit, a array of we speculated that a vehicle speckled right here in Central Park in a organisation of Iron Man Tony Stark was indeed a new NSX.

Well, not exactly, though flattering damn close. The entrance of an Acura denote in ‘The Avengers’ — even one that won’t be on sale, serve leverages Acura’s ongoing organisation with a Marvel superhero franchise, that has seen Acura vehicles in both a second ‘Iron Man’ installment and in final year’s Captain America and ‘Thor.’

Acura’s purpose in this impossibly successful film array gives us a event to rivet a business in an interesting way.

And we’re leveraging this attribute opposite all media platforms and via a Acura product lineup.

As one example, here’s a special demeanour during a new blurb for a 2013 RDX that plays to Acura’s comic-book-hero status.

So, we’re perplexing to have a small fun. But we all know that particular selling is tough to means though particular products.

That is because it was so critical that we pattern products around a core values, with a concentration on formulating a human-centered synergy between a vehicle and a driver.

We are now formulating a right products for oppulance business in any shred of a market.

Based on on a possess singular values, we are focused on undying and pleasing pattern dictated to elicit an romantic tie where consumers enterprise to be seen in an Acura.

We will yield value for income on a oppulance scale, and we will again plea required knowledge by formulating oppulance vehicles that yield a ideal change of opening and fuel economy that is right for any product.

This means a pushing knowledge that is energetic and romantic — that provides a motorist a feeling of tie to a product, to a road, and to a universe from a really impulse they enter a vehicle.

The all-new Acura flagship is a subsequent countenance of a concentration on “human-centered synergy,” and here to broach it to you, it is my pleasure to broach a President and CEO of American Honda, Mr. Tetsuo Iwamura.


Tetsuo Iwamura

Thank you, Mike, and appreciate we everybody for fasten us this afternoon.

As we set out to emanate this new Acura oppulance sedan, a idea and a plea was to emanate new value with a oppulance sedan that is right for these times.

On a high seas, a flagship is a fast, flexible and technologically modernized qualification that carries a swift commander and provides care and transparent instruction for a rest of a fleet.

And that is precisely a purpose of a new Acura flagship sedan.

We have combined a loyal oppulance sedan formed on a possess Acura DNA.

This means achieving a high turn of opening by engineering potency to perform a instruction of human-centered synergy.

To designate this new mission, we have re-christened Acura’s tip sedan a Acura RLX.

And it will get some-more than a new name.

We’re giving a RLX a horde of new technologies fitting a standing as a flagship of a Acura brand.

Inside and out, on a open highway or city streets, a worldly and superb Acura RLX will offer a turn of connectivity, comfort and opening demanded by today’s oppulance buyers.

But before we get into details, let’s take a initial demeanour during a universe entrance of a all-new Acura RLX Concept.

This all-new RLX Concept is a loyal flagship that delivers on a intelligent values of a Acura code — charity both first-class comfort and higher value, implausible connectivity and discerning control. And above all else, high fuel potency and an refreshing pushing experience.

We trust that people should be during a core of vehicle design.

Based on this, a Acura RLX interior judgment is a “gracious host” with a atmospheric and gentle cabin typically compared with a most incomparable oppulance sedan.

This was done probable by a wrapping technologies, that is one of a particular strengths.

And unchanging with a Acura code guarantee that time is a luxury, a new RLX will underline a subsequent era of a AcuraLink telematics system.

This complement provides higher connectivity by an on-demand hold shade with entrance to infotainment, confidence assistance, concierge support and most more.

But, it is a superb pushing knowledge that will conclude this new Acura flagship sedan.

To grasp it, we are equipping a RLX with a Acura Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive complement that is formed on a complement we introduced in Detroit on a NSX Concept.

This new Sport Hybrid complement is designed to perform “at a will of a driver” to maximize their ability and optimize a fun of driving.

This will be a signature record for Acura, and it will entrance in a marketplace with a RLX sedan.

The Sport Hybrid complement joins army with an all-new direct-injected V-6 engine to beget some-more than 370-horspower.

This will give RLX V8-like acceleration with 4-cylinder fuel economy of 30 miles per gallon city/highway/combined.

In further to a Sport Hybrid chronicle we see here today, we also wish to offer Acura business superb doing and value in a 2-wheel-drive RLX.

The pivotal to this denote will be another new Acura record that will entrance on RLX that we call Precision All Wheel Steer.

The complement will offer an rare turn of doing and control for a front-wheel-drive car.

At a same time, it will yield a all-weather performance, superb fuel economy and value for income compared with front-drive packaging.

Both RLX models simulate Acura’s core code values of modernized opening achieved by engineering efficiency.

This includes a really light and firm platform, regulating high-strength steel and lightweight aluminum. And in further to achieving superb collision safety, RLX will offer an endless array of active reserve and prominence technologies.

This Acura RLX Concept gives we a really clever denote of a instruction for a prolongation RLX that will go on sale during a commencement of subsequent year.

While we are not prepared to speak pricing, as we can see, it will broach on a Acura code guarantee of charity implausible value on a oppulance scale.

And this is not a proclamation for a new commercial, though we prognosticate another quarrel between Seinfeld and Leno — solely this time, we get to confirm who will be a initial customer.

Again, appreciate we for coming. Now, we acquire we to a theatre for a closer demeanour during a new Acura RLX Concept.

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