Acura Automobiles: 2012 North America International Auto Show Press Conference Remarks Jeff Conrad, Vice President, Acura Sales

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Jeff Conrad

Welcome and good morning, everyone. 

Happy New Year and appreciate we for fasten Acura.

Today we have 3 new products to broach today.

But before we do, we wish to take a discerning demeanour behind during 2011.

And a best thing we can contend about final year is … appreciate integrity it’s 2012.

As we know, Acura was strike tough by prolongation disruptions ensuing from a trembler in Japan and flooding in Thailand.

But before to that, Acura was on a prohibited strain with 13 months of back-to-back double-digit sales increases.

Despite a plea of singular -production for several months, Acura continued to outsell a array of successful oppulance brands. So, we truly done a best of a formidable situation.

And late in a year, we began to rekindle a movement that we devise to accelerate via 2012. In fact, starting currently Acura came to being as a code that defied required wisdom.

And it had a vital change on a oppulance marketplace in terms of a forms of brands and products that followed us to market.

Acura brought dependability, peculiarity and trustworthiness to a oppulance segment.

Acura led a introduction of a call of modernized technologies.

And Acura products supposing a ideal change of facilities that offering value on a oppulance scale and helped a new epoch of business enter a oppulance segment. 

And we offering a inconceivable regulating engineering innovation, racing knowledge and Honda peculiarity and trustworthiness to emanate a automobile that delivered supercar opening and delight though super automobile rubbish and guilt.

Today, we’re going to uncover we how we are refocused on Acura DNA to unleash a array of new models that over a subsequent 24 months will reconstitute a product lineup and shake adult a oppulance market.

In short, we will again plea required knowledge and turn one of a tip oppulance brands by formulating oppulance vehicles formed on a possess singular values.

We will offer a pushing knowledge that is energetic and romantic to yield a motorist a feeling of tie to a product, a highway and a universe from a really impulse of entering a vehicle.

We will yield a ideal change of opening and fuel economy that is right for any product.

And from a styling perspective, we will concentration on undying and pleasing pattern dictated to elicit an romantic tie where business enterprise to be seen in an Acura.

Looking during a oppulance marketplace a segments that are foresee to have a many thespian expansion over a subsequent 4 years are a entrance oppulance sedan and SUV.  

In fact they are a usually dual segments awaiting double series growth.

So, we’re going to start by articulate about dual products that residence this event a all-new RDX and a code new oppulance sedan.

The further of these new vehicles will assistance propel Acura to record sales levels again with a aim for this year of 180,000 vehicles— an boost of 45-percent.

To exhibit a initial new product, it’s now my pleasure to broach a Assistant Vice President of Product Planning, Vicki Poponi.


Vicki Poponi

Thanks, Jeff. 

I’m vehement to join we currently to exhibit a styling instruction of a all-new RDX compress competition application automobile that will entrance after this spring.

As a second epoch RDX, we’ve sensory a concentration formed on a 3 Acura code promises that residence a underlying needs of difficult oppulance customers.

Value for income is now a some-more essential member of success for any oppulance automotive brand.
Acura products will offer abounding facilities and calm in a proceed that normal oppulance brands can’t match.

We’re focused on sustainability to yield a ideal change of opening and fuel economy that’s right for any product.

And in an attention where record is creation vehicles some-more and some-more complicated, “Time is Luxury” represents a bid to assistance Acura business finish tasks facilely and fast so they can spend time on a things they suffer … like pushing an Acura.

You can see how a code instruction made a all-new RDX.

Before this year, a RDX … powered by a 4-cylinder turbo… packaged copiousness of low-end torque. The float was sporty, though fuel economy wasn’t utterly what business expected.

The all-new RDX will have a 3.5-liter V-6 interconnected with a new 6-speed involuntary delivery to broach an estimated 33 some-more horsepower.

Yet, we also pattern RDX to offer a best fuel economy of any required compress oppulance SUV with a front-wheel expostulate indication estimated to acquire fuel economy of 20 mpg city and 28 highway.

RDX also gets a new, lighter weight all-wheel-drive complement that provides a opening and reserve advantages business wish though a combined weight and cost that hurts fuel economy and value.

Quieter, roomier and some-more comfortable, a all-new RDX will also offer a styling, energy and peculiarity appointments that we pattern in a oppulance SUV.

As we can see we’re elaborating a RDX from a sporty, compress SUV to a some-more grave demeanour with a longer, sculpted hood and styling that is some-more superb and worldly to compare a truth of timeless, pleasing design.

On a inside, RDX boasts Acura’s “dual personal cockpit” pattern approach.

And with a identical footprint to a stream RDX it will offer best-in-class legroom and interior space with a one-touch overlay down back chair and a back load opening a full 6 inches wider to improved accommodate a active lifestyles of immature couples and empty-nesters.

The new RDX will offer:

• Pandora internet radio
• Text-to-speech SMS voice texting
• A intelligent entrance keyless entrance system
• Pushbutton start
• A multi-view back camera

• A new HDD navigation complement with a new high fortitude 8-inch screen.

Of course, we pattern RDX to acquire a 5-Star altogether pile-up exam rating and Top Safety Pick standing from IIHS.

Finally, notwithstanding all of a combined facilities and increasing value, we pattern pricing to be really tighten to a stream RDX.

It’s utterly a story and it’s all entrance in early spring.

Now, to exhibit another new Acura indication in a entrance oppulance segment, it’s my pleasure to broach a conduct of a Acura Design Studio, Jon Ikeda.


Jon Ikeda

Thank you, Vicki … and hello everyone.

Let me start by observant that we during Acura, are in a routine of reshaping a whole hierarchy of a Acura sedan line-up.

As partial of this strategy, we’ll have a transparent distance eminence for all of a Acura sedans with any indication targeting oppulance clients in a graphic shred of a market.

The all-new sedan I’m going to uncover we currently is a really vital pierce for Acura that effectively creates a new sporty compress shred on a heading corner of a oppulance marketplace.

Now, a oppulance marketplace represents usually 10% of sum attention sales. But investigate shows that 80% of mass marketplace buyers are deliberation stepping adult to a oppulance vehicle. We consider we can make a oppulance shred even some-more permitted by providing a right automobile to get them there.

Many of these buyers are younger, Generation Y business who place a top value on extraneous styling, affordability and a sourroundings that’s a practical clarification of what we’ve combined with this new sedan.

For immature eccentric and intelligent buyers looking to demonstrate their individuality we’re job this all new sedan a Acura I-L-X.

As we can see, this is no child racer.

It’s a beautifully styled oppulance sedan focused on good suit compress nonetheless grave a new ILX styling targets a really veteran image.

The liquid lines demonstrate a superb and fit sides while this judgment car’s 19-inch wheels play adult what is during a heart of all Acuras … performance.

In terms of what’s underneath a hood, a all new Acura ILX will get 3 opposite powertrains including Acura’s initial hybrid.

We’re not positioning a ILX as a record automobile though it has a array of facilities that will supplement genuine value, generally for a Gen Y crowd.

Like a RDX, this includes:

• Smart entrance keyless entrance system
• Pushbutton start      
• Wide angle rear-view camera
• Pandora Internet radio
• Text-to-speech SMS voice texting

Of march it’s an Acura, so we pattern to acquire a 5-Star altogether pile-up exam rating and Top Safety Pick standing from IIHS.

The prolongation chronicle of a Acura ILX will entrance this spring, so we’re not announcing final pricing today. But we expect pricing will start good subsequent $30,000 dollars.

As we pronounced a impulse ago, ILX is positioned as a initial oppulance end stop for many immature buyers that make it a new gateway to a Acura brand.

Now, for a initial demeanour during what will offer as a apex of a lineup it’s my pleasure to broach a male we initial came to know in a late 1990s when he assimilated us during Honda RD Americas.

The boss and CEO of Honda Motor Company, Mr.Takanobu Ito.


Takanobu Ito
Good afternoon, everyone. 

It’s good to start a New Year in Detroit with a Acura team. After a really severe year in 2011, we start 2012 with good momentum.

Today, I’m happy to broach a automobile that demonstrates a passion for opening and for a Acura brand.

I initial became concerned with Acura about 25 years ago. we led a group of immature engineers building a physique of a new supercar that would turn a Acura NSX. It was a biggest engineering plea of a lives. Through a proceed to emanate a lightweight supercar with an all-aluminum body, a Acura NSX became an icon.

Its pivotal charge was a power-to-weight ratio that helped yield a fun-to-drive knowledge to anyone who got behind a wheel.

Since prolongation of NSX finished in 2005, we have strived to emanate a estimable successor. Yet, many tellurian changes have influenced a automotive industry    given that time.

In this new era, even as we concentration on a fun-to-drive suggestion of a NSX, we consider a supercar contingency respond to environmental responsibilities.

To grasp this, a automobile we share with we currently will have dual really important   traits.

First, it will have modernized record that enhances fun-to-drive doing and    performance.

Second, it will demonstrate a possess core values … to emanate and means a universe where people can suffer life. So, we will again demonstrate high opening through    engineering potency and that’s something singular to Acura DNA.

This NSX Concept is powered by a mid-engine V-6 and a new Acura-exclusive    Sport Hybrid super-handling All-Wheel Drive system. This complement will make NSX a ultimate countenance of a Acura thought to emanate synergy between male and machine.
NSX will make a motorist one with a automobile to raise energetic pushing though removing in a way.

Our prophesy is to grasp opening that is adult to a plea of racing. So, while we combined this NSX Concept for a business we competence see NSX on the   competition lane as well.

A automobile that is closely formed on this NSX Concept will come to marketplace within 3 years on a tellurian basis. And currently we am vehement to announce that this new Acura supercar will be grown by an RD group in a United States. And we will build it in Ohio as well.

We will continue to strengthen a Acura code here. Not usually in sales, though expansion and production as well. In this way, a U.S. will be a clever heart of a tellurian business for a Acura brand.

Acura is already in China. And starting subsequent year, we will enhance Acura to some of a world’s expansion sectors … such as United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as good as Russia and a Ukraine.

Along with a Acura group and tellurian Honda, we am vehement about this new model. And we unequivocally wish a business around a universe will share a passion.

Thank you

Jeff Conrad

Thank you, Mr. Ito.

With a new Acura ILX sedan as a gateway to a lineup and a NSX Concept as a apex of a brand, we consider we can see that any Acura automobile is being designed to elicit passion and joy.

Thank we for being with us.
Now, Mr. Ito will be accessible for a few discerning photos, and afterwards greatfully join us and a rest of a Acura group on theatre for a closer demeanour during a destiny of Acura.

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