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Design Concept
Bristling with technological advances in lighting, aerodynamics and construction, a 2014 RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD physique has a record to compare a jaunty and worldly design. Lightweight and aerodynamic, a physique provides superb collision protection, confidence-inspiring high-speed stability, and well-developed fuel efficiency.

The RLX’s energetic physique pattern combines a neat altogether shape, “aero-fused” cabin silhouette, and tighten tolerances for a circle wells and body-panel gaps for a high grade of magnificence and aerodynamics. The styling starts with a energetic front-end featuring a RLX’s signature Jewel Eye™ LED headlights, a estimable participation that imparts a demeanour of appetite and confidence, while also proof rarely aerodynamically efficient, providing absolute down a highway enlightenment and even encompassing modernized walking reserve features.

Decisive impression lines start alongside a hood, brush over a front circle arches, and afterwards along a physique sides. The physique sides underline wilful impression lines that subtly arise along a revoke physique sides, dramatically changing a light reflections and formulating an generally energetic manifest signature for a RLX.

This jaunty and worldly demeanour is complemented by a flowing, aerodynamically neat cabin design. Referred to by Acura designers as an “aero fused shape,” a cabin is far-reaching though also intensely aerodynamic, permitting both a ample interior and a still float peculiarity as atmosphere slips uniformly over a cabin’s flush-mounted accessible acoustic potion and other drag- and turbulence-reducing pattern details.

The wheel-arch hems use a most smaller opening to a tire than on a RL – and also a most smaller opening than is customary for a segment. This formula in a some-more poised, integrated and finished demeanour for a RLX side profile. The wheel-arch hems are also beautifully finished, adding to a clarity of quality. Likewise, a hood, doorway and trunk-panel gaps are delicately controlled, with a sum outcome that a RLX is immensely good crafted.

Beneath a car is a worldly array of aerodynamic aids that serve well-spoken airflow. These embody an engine undercover, left and right building covers, left and right midst underneath covers, and a behind underneath cover.

The behind of a RLX physique is also dynamic, and here a cabin is noticeably wider than possibly of a effusive RL or a RLX’s primary competitors, lending a demeanour of soliditydue to a wider altogether physique and line widths.

Additional model-exclusive pattern cues for a RLX Sport Hybrid embody a dim chrome-plated griddle insert and redesigned revoke front buffer fascia with integrated LED haze lights and spin vigilance indicators. The RLX Sport Hybrid has disdainful 19-inch, 10-spoke amalgamate wheels and “Hybrid” badging on a front fender. Also, SH-AWD badging replaces a P-AWS badge on a right behind apportionment of a case lid.

Seven opposite extraneous colors, including 4 lead and 3 pearl, are designed to element a extraneous figure and a approach light defines it.

The RLX Sport Hybrid utilizes countless aluminum components to revoke a altogether car mass by 76 pounds, that helps to urge acceleration, steering and doing response, road-holding, braking performance, fuel efficiency, emissions, and pile-up safety. Aluminum components embody a front and behind buffer beams, front fenders, hood, steering mainstay ascent beam, building pan, and doorway skins.

Exterior Dimensions
The 2014 RLX Sport Hybrid is incomparable than a prior RL indication in several pivotal extraneous dimensions, including width, wheelbase, and front and behind track. In altogether length, a RLX measures 196.1 inches – usually 0.2 inches longer than a prior model; however a wheelbase, during 112.2 inches, is a full dual inches longer, providing some-more behind newcomer room and softened a float quality.

At 74.4 inches wide, a RLX is a estimable 1.8 inches wider than a prior model, contributing to a RLX’s some-more atmospheric interior – now with an considerable 36.4 inches between seating rows – a some-more assured manifest presence, and softened doing stability.

At 57.7 inches high, a RLX is usually 0.4 inches taller than a indication it replaces.

2014 RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWDS
2014 RLX with

2012 RL
Seating Capacity
EPA Passenger Volume (cu. ft.)
Cargo Volume (cu. ft.)
15.3/15.1 (Krell Audio and Advance packages)
Head Room (in.) Front/Rear
Leg Room (in.) Front/Rear
Shoulder Room (in.) Front/Rear
Hip Room (in.) Front/Rear
Length, in.
Width, in. (excluding doorway mirror)
Height, in.
Wheelbase, in.
Track, F/R, in.
Front overhang, in.
Rear overhang, in.

Among a rival set, a new RLX is longer and wider than a Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Lexus GS series, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Competitor Summary
The draft next summarizes a RLX’s extraneous magnitude compared to pivotal competitors.

Waiting Status
When parked and locked, a folding extraneous mirrors retract, a confidence alarm complement is armed, and a RLX goes into standby mode, watchful for a owners to return. Then when a motorist (in possession of a pivotal fob) approaches a vehicle, it unlocks a driver’s doorway (or all doors if so programmed). When a motorist opens a doorway to be seated, a RLX adjusts a chair and steering mainstay to a preset positions, actives a orchestration and sets a other facilities such as climate-control and audio-system presents to compare a driver.

Body Rigidity
Static and energetic acerbity and behind parallel acerbity are all softened contra a RL and even compared to a RL-X with P-AWS. Static tortuous acerbity is adult 53 percent and torsional acerbity is adult 47 percent compared to a prior RL indication (1 percent adult from a RLX with P-AWS). In addition, behind parallel acerbity and a torsional acerbity of a behind tip check ascent points are adult 107 percent and 63 percent, respectively, compared to a prior RL (and adult 25 percent and 12 percent when compared to a RLX with P-AWS).

High-Strength Steel
To boost acerbity and acerbity in pivotal areas but augmenting weight, 55 percent of a RLX physique is done from high-strength steel, including a vital use of ultra-high strength “hot stamped” 1500Mpa steel

The percentages of opposite steel grades used in a RLX physique include:

Hot Stamped Steel
Ultra-high strength “hot stamped” 1500 Mpa steel is used in pivotal areas for extended reserve collision performance, quite in slight offset, side impact and roof strength tests. The hot-stamp steel is used in these areas:

  • Side sills
  • Side roof
  • A post and roof corner to C pillar
  • B pillar

Aluminum Body Components
Extensive use of aluminum in pivotal areas saves 76.1 pounds compared to normal all-steel construction, providing high strength with light weight that directly advantages ride, handling, fuel efficiency, emissions reductions and safety. The biggest weight assets from a singular member comes from a use of an aluminum hood, that saves 19.6 pounds compared to a steel hood. Aluminum physique components include:

  • Hood
  • Front buffer beam
  • Front fenders
  • Floor hovel bar
  • Rear buffer beam
  • Steering-column hangar beam
  • Front doorway skin
  • Rear doorway skin

Aluminum Hybrid Construction Door
The RLX doors are a hybrid construction utilizing aluminum outdoor panels for lighter weight and steel center panels for acerbity and pile-up reserve performance. Together, they yield for increasing acerbity with a weight rebate of 24.3 pounds compared to all-steel doors.

The front doors are assembled of 4 parts, while a behind doors are assembled of 5 parts. The steel center row uses a special high-corrosion-protection zinc, aluminum and magnesium plating – 11 percent aluminum, 3 percent magnesium and 86 percent zinc – to assure that electrolytic gnawing does not start between a dual metals. This plating gives a steel center row 10 times a insurgency of normal zinc galvanized plating.

The outdoor aluminum skin and steel inside panels are assimilated with an Acura-first “curl forming” slight for high-strength and durability.

Class-Leading Aerodynamics
More than 800 wind-tunnel tests were conducted to urge car aerodynamics values. As a result, a new RLX will have class-leading revoke fellow of lift (CL) and revoke fellow of drag (Cd).

Sound Insulation
Engineers paid sold courtesy to shortening interior noise, an bid that extends to literally any aspect of a vehicle’s pattern and engineering – from aerodynamics and powertrain engineering to insulators and a welfare of finishing materials – all play a partial in a RLX’s softened interior quietness.

To grasp a reward spin of interior quietness, a RLX receives an rare volume of acoustic element in pivotal areas. The list includes:

  • Carpet behind surface
  • Inside front/rear doorway lining
  • Inside A-pillars
  • Inside C-pillars
  • Roof area behind moonroof opening
  • Floor sills
  • Inside case lid
  • Rear rug
  • Rear bulkhead
  • Rear circle wells

To lessen additional sound from a hybrid expostulate motors, a RLX Sport Hybrid facilities additional focus of sound deadening materials in behind newcomer building and case building insulators.

Acoustic Door Glass
The RLX Sport Hybrid uses laminated, sound-insulating acoustic potion for all doorway glass, providing an additional magnitude of breeze and highway sound attenuation (same as RLX with P-AWS Technology and aloft grades). The potion is 4.7mm thick and includes an acoustic aspect that helps pull frequencies above 1,600 Hz, ensuing in an alleviation of adult to 14.7 dB over a prior model’s 5mm thick gradual doorway glass.

Jewel Eye™ Headlights
The 2014 RLX Sport Hybrid facilities Acura Jewel Eye™ LED headlights, that implement a dual-stacked array of high-intensity LED lamps to broach superb light distribution, and class-leading apart irradiation opening and light characteristics with a wavelength tighten to a tellurian eye’s resplendence curve. With dual rows of 5 “Jewel Eye” lights per headlight, a LED lights yield softened down a highway prominence compared to HID and halogen headlights.

On any side of a RLX, a low beams embody of 4 LED lights, while a innermost high beams implement a span of incomparable LED lights. The daytime regulating light (DRL) duty is common by a low-beam lenses, with a 8 particular lenses clearly and dramatically manifest even in splendid sunlight. Altogether, they emanate a thespian and particular coming with higher lighting capability.

Each span of low lamp lenses irradiates a opposite area of a highway as follows:

Light distribution
Both a low and apart high lamp LED headlights offer superb opening in all night pushing conditions, including highway, circuitous roads, intersections, and in severe continue conditions. The outcome is that a motorist can see serve with uniformity, creation high-speed night pushing easier and reduction fatiguing.

A outline of LED advantages include:

  • Outstanding light placement that surpasses competitors
  • Excellent apart enlightenment performance
  • Clear enlightenment of a highway aspect and white lines
  • High prominence of a whole manifest tone spectrum (white, red, green, blue and yellow) compared to HID and halogen headlights
  • Response time when switching between low and high lamp is shortened
  • Light concurrence is softened between low and high beams

When a lights are off, object enters a arrangement by a tip of a lens, reflects off a behind counterpart and afterwards brazen and by a lens again. As a outcome when lighting is off, a array still appears to be shining.

Power savings

Using usually 68 watts total, a RLX’s LED headlights use 40-percent reduction appetite than normal halogen headlights, contributing to a RLX’s altogether handling efficiency. The comparison includes:

Long lasting

Besides producing softened light characteristics with revoke appetite usage, a RLX’s new LED headlights are longer lasting. With an estimated life outlook of 10,000 hours, a LED headlights are projected to final 5 times longer than HID headlights and 10 times longer than normal halogen headlight bulbs.  Further, their compress wrapping concede for an softened aerodynamic frontal design.

LED Taillights
The RLX Sport Hybrid taillights implement periphery LED enlightenment that is both effective and rarely distinctive. The taillight array consists of dual semi-circular LED rings unconditional opposite a behind buffer edges and a sides of a case lid. The light trail combines functions of both a taillights and a side pen lights in one array. This LED array matches a “Jewel Eye” headlights for magnificence and clearly distinguishes a RLX from any other car on a highway – even during a stretch and generally during night. It also compliments a RLX physique design.

LED taillight components embody a LED assembly, a housing/reflector and center and outdoor lenses. Uniform enlightenment is supposing by a multiple of light freeing and a specifically grained finish of both an center lens and a reflecting surface. Inside a periphery LED taillight array is a apart lighting array consisting of a stoplights and spin signals. Backup lights are located on a case lid, inside a fringe taillight array.

LED Fog Lights
LED haze lights benefaction a smaller face than normal haze lights, creation them reduction receptive to damage, while charity longer life, revoke appetite pull and some-more fascinating color.

One-Touch Turn Signals

The RLX’s one-touch spin signals yield increasing welfare for a motorist when creation slight line changes. With a one-touch spin vigilance system, a discerning transformation of a turn-signal push (between 0.4 sec. and 1 sec.) provides 3 blinks of a spin signals – an ideal unfolding for changing lanes. Holding a push for 1 sec. or longer (past a “click point”) provides continual blinking, such as for signaling a spin or exiting a thoroughfare.

Retracting Mirrors
At a driver’s preference, a RLX’s doorway mirrors on some grades can be configured to automatically redress when a doors are locked, and afterwards automatically extend when a doors are unlocked. This involuntary counterpart retract/extend duty helps guarantee a mirrors when a RLX is parked, while also formulating a higher-quality knowledge for a motorist by expelling a need to remember to manually redress or extend a mirrors.

The mirrors automatically redress or extend in dual ways: 1) simply press a lock/unlock symbol on a remote pivotal fob; or 2) press a tighten symbol on a doorway handle.  

The mirrors can also be retracted and extended by regulating a counterpart switch on a driver’s doorway panel. These functions can be customized by a MID on a instrument panel.

Expanded View Driver’s Mirror
The 2014 RLX’s Expanded View Driver’s Mirror is integrated into a driver’s side mirror. Standard apparatus on all trim levels, a counterpart increases a driver’s margin of prophesy by 6.5-degrees to yield a softened perspective of objects that would differently be dark in a vehicle’s blind spot. This allows a motorist to softened commend vehicles that are in their blind zone.

The vital partial of a counterpart is prosaic and provides 15.1-degrees of visibility. Adding a 6.5-degrees of a Expanded View Driver’s Mirror yields 21.6-degrees of visibility. In addition, a enlargement of a perspective area gradually changes between prosaic and convex for a some-more healthy user experience.

Intelligent Wipers
Laws in some states need drivers to spin on a headlights when a wipers are handling in a rain. The new RLX helps a motorist approve with these laws by automatically educational a headlights when a wipers are activated in stormy conditions (with headlight switch in Auto). Operation is shown around an indicator on a instrument panel. If sleet is intermittent, a lights stay on for a fixed interlude before automatically branch off again.

Wiper operation is equally modernized for limit wiping area, softened wiping quality, reduced weight, softened coming and longer blade life. Details include:

  • Wiper coverage is maximized by determining a wiper position, including to a outdoor corners of a windshield.
  • Wiper opening is maximized by adjusting a wiper speed according to highway speed and breeze pressure.
  • The wiper engine uses a built-in ECU, shortening complexity compared to a RL wiper mechanism. The new RLX wiper engine public saves 4.6 pounds in comparison.
  • For softened appearance, a wipers are dark underneath a hood when not in operation.
  • For extended life of a wiper blades’ rubber, a handling complement intermittently raises a wiper blades from underneath a hood (when not in use) to forestall blade deformation.

Self-Opening Trunk
The RLX case has a self-opening underline that entirely opens a case lid. There are 3 ways to open a trunk: 1) by dire a case opener switch located on a motorist side doorway panel, 2) with a pivotal fob and 3) with a case opener switch located in a center of a trunk, underneath a case lid garnish. This creates it easier for a RLX motorist to lift equipment and open a case lid during a same time. In contrast, a prior RL model, a case lid would open median compared to a RLX’s entirely open function. The case lid closes manually.

Trunk Storage
The RLX Sport Hybrid offers 12.0 cu.-ft. of case storage ability (down from 15.3 cu. ft. in a RLX with P-AWS and 15.1 cu.-ft. in RLX models with Krell Audio and Advance grades). All measurements embody a apparatus pack and a puncture correct kit. A load net allows for storage of smaller equipment in an areas dangling above a load floor.  Also, underneath a building row is a 0.4 cu.-ft. lonesome storage well.

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera
The RLX’s customary multi-angle rearview camera facilities 3 observation angles – Wide view, Normal perspective and Top Down view. Drivers might name a elite perspective according to pushing conditions.  The rearview camera complement also facilities energetic discipline that arrangement a vehicle’s back arena according to steering-wheel position. When a steering circle is straight, a extended 180-degree rearward perspective can be seen in Wide View, and Normal and Top Down views are also available. However when a steering circle is incited 90 degrees, usually Wide and Normal views are available, and energetic discipline bend onscreen to uncover a trail of a vehicle. The outcome is softened welfare for a motorist as a rearward arena of a RLX is indicated by a energetic guidelines.

Rear Wheel Arch Hem
The RLX’s neat extraneous pattern is extended by tighten tolerances between a tires and a circle arches. Specially designed wheel-arch hems revoke a opening to usually 46 mm between a tip of a tire and a revoke partial of a circle arch, 10.5-mm narrower than that of a prior RL model. As a result, a tires softened fill a circle wells for a larger clarity of togetherness and substance.

Exterior Colors
The 2014 RLX Sport Hybrid is accessible in 7 extraneous colors, including 4 lead and 3 pearl colors. All colors have a clever character, charity fluent contrasts that enrich a RLX’s body-panel curves and angles, while also exhibiting a intelligent oppulance appearance. The acid-resistant glue clear-coat paint is higher to customary clear-coat paints for increasing insurgency to civic pollutants.

Exterior Colors

  • Bellanova White Pearl
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Forged Silver Metallic
  • Graphite Luster Metallic
  • Gilded Pewter Metallic 
  • Pomegranate Pearl
  • Silver Moon Metallic

Interior Colors

  • Ebony Leather
  • Graystone Leather
  • Seacoast Leather (with middle gray instrument row upper)


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