Acura Automobiles: 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD: Chassis

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The RLX Sport Hybrid is manageable and surefooted in a approach that creates pointing pushing easy – delivering on Acura’s joining to emanate “the synergy between male and machine”.

Key traits of a RLX Sport Hybrid framework dynamics include:

  • Agile and accurate cornering with linear response
  • Tight, quick and nimble handling
  • Smooth and connected handling
  • Outstanding high-speed stability
  • Comfortable, prosaic and well-spoken float
  • Confident braking opening
  • Outstanding steering feel
  • Low NVH properties

Chassis Concept
The idea behind a RLX Sport Hybrid framework was to broach “the synergy between male and machine” or energetic doing that truly responds to “the will of a driver.” This refers to a approach in that Acura engineers envisioned a whole package of a RLX responding now and precisely, with record used to urge a driver’s capability and confidence. The outcome is a car that, some-more than any Acura before it, creates a pushing knowledge that performs during a will of a driver.

Sport Mode
A driver-selectable Sport mode serve enhances pushing dynamics opposite a far-reaching operation of pushing situations. When a motorist engages a Sport symbol on a core console, a complement adopts some-more assertive change mapping and behind circle torque-vectoring control. The complement also deactivates Idle Stop, Variable Cylinder Management (no 3-cylinder mode) and a Reactive Force Pedal, and a Active Sound Control complement is mutated to yield an even sportier pushing experience.

Front Aluminum Subframe
The RLX Sport Hybrid has a lightweight and firm front aluminum front subframe that is privately designed to support a high opening of a double wishbone, revoke double-joint front cessation with Amplitude Reactive Dampers and belt-type Electric Power Steering (EPS) system. Using die expel front corners, a RLX Sport Hybrid’s front subframe is also wider opposite a middle, facilities wider core and behind rails, and a wider behind territory vs. RL to accommodate a new EPS system. Rigidity is adult 82 percent compared to RL.

With a lightweight and rigidity, a new aluminum front subframe contributes to flexible and light handling, straight-line stability, aloft fuel efficiency, prosaic cornering and appreciative float comfort, and well-spoken and accurate steering feel (with reduced torque expostulate tendencies).

The RLX Sport Hybrid subframe is matched to a Active Control Engine Mount (ACM) complement that is engineered privately for a RLX’s higher-output engine and Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system. (See Powertrain territory for some-more information.)

Lower Double-Joint Front Suspension
The RLX Sport Hybrid utilizes a same double-wishbone, revoke double-joint front cessation as a RLX with P-AWS, that significantly improves discerning doing agility, motorist certainty and security, and float sophistication. The complement includes a revoke double corner with a apart revoke control arm, optimized kingpin geometry, top control arm, hydraulic correspondence bushing, special dual-stage Amplitude Reactive Dampers done for Acura by ZF-Sachs, and a stabilizer bar that is feverishness treated for high strength.

Benefits include:

  • Agility – Improved steering feel characteristics including stability, linearity, response and tracing performance
  • Driver Confidence – Increased high speed linearity with reduced torque steer/pulling, shimmy and judder
  • Ride Sophistication – Flat float with reduced rudeness and steering vibration

Multi-Link Rear Suspension
Like a revoke double-joint front suspension, a RLX Sport Hybrid’s multi-link behind cessation with Amplitude Reactive Dampers provides optimal doing agility, motorist certainty and float sophistication. The multi-link complement geometry is optimized for a prosaic float during cornering, assured branch capability, and a worldly float in a accumulation of urban, highway and open highway scenarios. The complement includes multi-link control arms, control-arm bushings that are optimized for a best mix of NVH siege and doing precision, Amplitude Reactive Dampers, and a behind stabilizer bar that is hardened with a special shot-peening process.

Amplitude Reactive Dampers
Amplitude Reactive Dampers yield higher float comfort and doing in all pushing conditions. The dampers have twin apart damping mechanisms: one that is tuned for extent potency on smoother roads with tiny inputs; and a other that is tuned to hoop vast inputs such as serious roads, potholes, and remarkable steering and braking action. The outcome is a car that stays stoical and gentle in a far-reaching operation of pushing conditions.

The core record contained within a Amplitude Reactive Dampers is their twin apart damping pistons, including a categorical piston and a second piston. To urge altogether float comfort, when smaller inputs start during normal pushing conditions, usually a categorical piston works to yield a ideal damping characteristics. To urge a RLX’s float and doing during some-more serious conditions, a second piston operates to yield additional damping force.

The Amplitude Reactive Dampers are a quite automatic complement that does not need electronic controls. Altogether, they yield a many wider operation of damping opening than a prior RL.

High-Output Electric Power Steering (EPS)
The RLX Sport Hybrid Electric Power Steering (EPS) complement uses a high-power, belt-type electric steering assist. The complement increases a torque accessible to support a motorist in steering a car smoothly, with immediate response, approach feel, and softened low-speed lively and high-speed stability.

The non-static rigging ratio EPS uses a high-output electric support engine with a belt-drive system. The complement is designed and tuned to yield a twin many essential characteristics in a high-performance oppulance vehicle’s steering. These embody a well-spoken initial response (shorter delay) during a start of steering input, and incomparable linearity response (steering force cove increase) as submit is increased. As a result, a RLX’s high-output EPS provides flexible opening in low-speed pushing maneuvers such as during intersections, softened altogether correctness and highway feel, and glorious high-speed stability.

Rigid Steering Column
The RLX Sport Hybrid steering mainstay is a rarely firm pattern with an aluminum joint and creosote bony bearing. The ensuing rigidity gives extent motorist steering feedback along with minimizing quivering felt in a wheel.

The steering missile is significantly incomparable in hole than a missile found in a prior RL, and together with a unbending though lightweight aluminum support joint and bony bearing, yields extent vibration-damping characteristics for a some-more lush pushing experience.

Electrically actuated lean and telescoping composition creates it easy to set a steering circle to a ideal position for drivers of opposite sizes.

4-Wheel Disc Brakes with ABS and Brake Assist
RLX Sport Hybrid is versed with 4-wheel front brakes with a 4-channel anti-lock braking complement (ABS) for assured stops. The front discs magnitude 12.99 inches in diameter, while a behind discs magnitude 12.2 inches in diameter.

ABS exclusively modulates braking energy during any circle to assistance a motorist keep steering control during complicated braking, while Brake Assist recognizes puncture braking situations and roughly now relates full braking force when appropriate.

The stop pads are a high-friction form for rise interlude opening even underneath eager conditions. The stop calipers are designed to revoke stop drag when not in use, shortening rolling insurgency and improving fuel potency in a process.

Electric Servo Brakes
The RLX Sport Hybrid’s electric servo stop complement maximizes regenerative braking capability for softened fuel efficiency. The braking complement is entirely hydraulic from a master cylinder all a approach to a 4-wheel front brakes, usually like a normal braking system. The pivotal disproportion is that a braking duty is electronically tranquil rather than a quite automatic activation, permitting regenerative braking from a front and behind electric motors to delayed a vehicle, rather than a hydraulic attrition brakes, underneath many circumstances. Besides a boon in efficiency, a complement offers glorious feel and feedback for a motorist by a stop pedal.

When a motorist relates a stop pedal, a vigilance is sent to a vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU), that determines a suitable volume of braking force to allot to regenerative braking by a electric expostulate engine and to a hydraulic attrition braking system. In many cases, attrition braking is not indispensable until a car speed drops next 9 mph, as a car slows to a final stop. When a ECU determines that attrition braking is needed, a twin hydraulic master cylinder pumps stop liquid by a system. Midway between a master cylinder and a calipers is a apart motorized electronic actuator. This actuator receives an electronic signal, generated in a master cylinder procedure that precisely defines how a motorist has practical a brakes – soothing or hard, delayed or fast. The actuator afterwards directly apportions hydraulic vigour to a stop calipers during any wheel.

While a RLX with P-AWS uses a 10-inch opening upholder to support a motorist in requesting indispensable stop pressure, a RLX Sport Hybrid uses an electric servo stop actuator.

Reactive Force Pedal
The RLX Sport Hybrid is a initial indication to request a Acura-developed Reactive Force Pedal technology. In Normal mode, a complement measures car speed and boldly varies pedal force to assistance a motorist in requesting a optimal volume of stifle for both energetic opening and good fuel economy.  In sleazy conditions, a complement can also assistance a motorist request a optimal volume of pushing force while minimizing circle slip, utilizing submit from a Vehicle Stability Assist system.  Further, in a eventuality that a Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS) detects that a frontal collision is imminent, a Reactive Force Pedal will pull behind on a driver’s feet even before a CMBS complement activates a visible and heard alerts.

Electric Parking Brake + Automatic Brake Hold
The multiple of Electric Parking Brake (EPB) and Automatic Brake Hold are a initial for a Acura division. Together, they meaningfully revoke a bid of pushing a vehicle, thereby lifting altogether comfort to a loyal flagship level.

Electric Parking Brake

The Electric Parking Brake (EPB) on a RLX Sport Hybrid creates regulating a parking stop easier and some-more comfortable. Actuating a parking stop is now as elementary as pulling a symbol on a core console. To recover a parking brake, a motorist simply   presses on a accelerator pedal. In serve to being simpler, some-more available and some-more gentle to use than a normal parking brake, a new Electric Parking Brake creates mountain starts easier when a RLX is parked on a grade.

The palliate of use also promotes a use of a parking brake. Further, given usually a few rival vehicles have an Electric Parking Brake (EPB) system, a inclusion in a RLX serve defines a new Acura as a loyal flagship. As with a normal manually activated parking brake, EPB functions on a behind wheels only.

Automatic Brake Hold
The RLX Sport Hybrid also facilities Automatic Brake Hold, that retains stop vigour when a car is stopped, simplifying pushing in complicated trade or hills. This frees a motorist from ceaselessly dire a stop pedal to say a car in a stopped position, a poignant alleviation in pushing delight in formidable conditions.

Operating a complement requires twin elementary actions from a driver:

  • Activating/deactivating a complement around a switch on a core console.
  • Pressing on a stop pedal when a car comes to a stop.

Once these stairs are taken, Automatic Brake Hold will prove rendezvous and afterwards say stop vigour when a car has come to a stop, even if a motorist releases a stop pedal. The RLX afterwards stays stopped – even on a mountain – until a motorist presses a accelerator pedal. At this indicate Automatic Brake Hold releases a brakes and a car resumes normal braking function.

Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®)
The RLX Sport Hybrid’s high-efficiency Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA) works in and with a ABS and a Drive-by-Wire stifle systems. This reward VSA complement enhances car fortitude when cornering. If car understeer or oversteer is detected, a complement selectively reduces energy and/or relates braking force to particular wheels to assistance scold a condition and stabilise a vehicle.

Traction control monitors front-wheel slippage, such as when starting on sharp surfaces or rags of ice. If it is detected, traction control activates one or some-more stop calipers and reduces engine torque to delayed a spinning circle so it can recover traction.

Agile Handling Assist
Agile Handling Assist works in nearby extent cornering by regulating a brakes to emanate a bend moment, assisting a motorist uniformly and simply snippet a preferred line with smaller steering-wheel inputs. The outcome is softened energetic opening in all pushing conditions, assisting a RLX Sport Hybrid perform during a will of a driver.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
A customary Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) helps a motorist say correct atmosphere vigour to urge pushing reserve and fuel efficiency, as good as revoke wear and rip on a vehicle’s tires. Located in a instrument panel, a TPMS idol illuminates to warning a motorist whenever any of a tires has a significantly low-pressure reading that requires a driver’s attention.

Noise-Reducing Wheels
The RLX Sport Hybrid facilities model-exclusive10-spoke, 19x8J amalgamate wheels with a embellished Glitter Silver Metallic finish.  The RLX Sport Hybrid’s wheels have a special noise-reducing pattern that lowers sound by as many as 7 dB in a mid-frequency range. The pivotal elements of a noise-reducing 4 creosote moldings propitious on a inside of a circle rim. The outcome is reduced sound inflection in a atmosphere mainstay inside a wheel.

All-Season Tires
The RLX Sport Hybrid is shod with 245/40R19 M+S tires. The RLX facilities an easy-to-use tire correct pack in lieu of a gangling tire. This reduces weight and increases case volume, and simplifies proxy repairs in a eventuality of a prosaic tire.

Capless Fueling System
The RLX’s capless fueling eliminates a fuel cap, definition that fueling a car now simply requires opening a fuel-tank lid, refueling, and afterwards shutting a lid. This reduces a probability of deleterious a vehicle’s paint with a fuel top or tether, or forgetful a fuel top during a gas station. The complement also allows a use of a smaller fuel-cap door, that cleans adult a lines of a vehicle.

The complement consists of twin integrated components, including an outdoor shiver resource that prevents a penetration of mud and dust, and a self-sealing fueling strap that is sealed by a torsion spring. Both work automatically.

At a gas station, a motorist simply opens a fuel lid (which automatically thatch with a doors) and afterwards inserts a fuel nozzle. Inserting a projection automatically opens a outdoor shiver and fueling flap. When fueling is complete, stealing a fuel projection automatically closes both a fueling strap and outdoor shutter.

15.1-Gallon Fuel Capacity
The RLX Sport Hybrid’s creosote fuel tank ability of 15.1 gallons gives a RLX an plenty cruising range. Both a fuel tank and fuel siren are done of high-impact creosote for lightweight and durability. The fuel tank is located in a stable area in front of a behind suspension.

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