Acura Automobiles: 2015 Acura TLX Prototype and TLX GT Race Car Introduction Press Conference Remarks by Mike Accavitti, Senior Vice President, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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Mike Accavitti
Senior Vice President, Automobile Operations, American Honda

This is a good day for oppulance automobiles during a Detroit automobile uncover and with this Acura press discussion following Lexus, Infiniti and Cadillac this morning it creates us a clean-up hitter for oppulance brands today. 

I consider that’s utterly appropriate since this morning we’re going to speak about an all-new Acura antecedent automobile with truly refreshing jaunty performance.

But you’ll have to forgive me if I’m feeling a bit of déjà vu today. 

It was a year ago right here in Detroit, that we debuted another Acura antecedent model. 

And a prolongation chronicle of that automobile a 2014 Acura MDX has delivered on all we promised. 

Month after month of record sales a finalist for North American Truck of a Year. 

And singular among oppulance SUVs a Top Safety Pick-PLUS rating from IIHS. 

No oppulance code has warranted some-more TSP+ awards than Acura.

This joining to modernized record and innovative pattern has done a Acura MDX and RDX bar nothing a strongest one-two punch in a oppulance SUV segment. 

Today we’re holding a subsequent vital step in a devise to strengthen a Acura code by giving a Acura sedan lineup a shot of adrenaline with an all-new modern-luxury sports appurtenance that’s going to broach a ideal mix of       5-passenger oppulance comfort modernized record and implausible performance.

Developed underneath a judgment of “Red Carpet Athlete” a all-new 2015 Acura TLX Prototype heralds some-more than a new name for Acura’s mid-size opening sedan. 

It delivers a vicious values preferred by a complicated oppulance customer Elegant pattern a still oppulance cabin with discerning record all with a red runner looks and implausible opening of an chosen athlete.

Now when a prolongation chronicle of this TLX Prototype comes to marketplace in a center of this year we accomplish something else for a Acura code a unequivocally transparent hierarchy of oppulance opening sedans stretching from a ILX during a gateway to a flagship model, now surfaced off by a RLX Sport Hybrid.

Today, we’re anxious to lift a screen on a automobile that will offer as a fortitude of this Acura opening sedan lineup. 

In a automobile category, opening is mostly interpreted as mindless, pedal-to-the-metal testosterone. 

In reality, superb opening becomes probable when a universe slows around we when your senses are heightened and record enables we to knowledge a earthy prodigy of being in sum control of refreshing performance.

Introducing a automobile that will yield an adrenaline rush like no other Ladies and gentlemen, a instinctively manageable 2015 Acura TLX Prototype.

(TLX Prototype reveal)

Delivering new levels of polished comfort technological creation and implausible energetic performance a Acura TLX Prototype!

True to a “Red Carpet Athlete” impression a styling judgment for this beautiful, risque TLX Prototype matches a opening makeup of a prolongation indication that is to say, impossibly nimble energetic and resolutely planted.
Building from a solid, wheels-out performance-handling position a TLX Prototype has a taut, aero-tuned form noted by accurate lines that upsurge from a condensed behind overhang and around a automobile where they cap in a signature Acura Jewel Eye LED headlights.

Yet, even with this unequivocally low and far-reaching profile, we leveraged a wrapping imagination targeting a largest interior volume of any automobile in a shred with good site lines plenty load ability and gentle seating for 5 adults.

While we aren’t display a interior currently we can tell we that a knowledge we set out to grasp is “vault-like.”  

Our U.S. pattern and growth group in Los Angeles and Ohio not usually targeted reductions in breeze and highway sound though pounded a area of physique acerbity framework siege and physique sealing to take a vital jump brazen in low  midst and high magnitude sound reduction. 

In only a initial 50 feet down a highway in a TLX you’ll knowledge a nimble and plain ride, with a clarity of tranquil siege a inside cabin that provides unusual comfort for bland driving.

As we would pattern from an Acura we’re also charity innovative technologies that mangle down barriers between a motorist and a automobile for a some-more discerning and personal oppulance experience.

On tip of a all-new powertrain technologies, this includes modernized connectivity around a capacitive hold row and a subsequent gen AcuraLink telematics complement an accessible Electronic Gear Selector with easy-to-use facilities and many more.
Of course, TLX will underline an modernized apartment of Acura reserve and motorist assistive technologies that we pattern only like MDX and RLX will acquire a industry’s top reserve ratings.

Acura is famous for pioneering intelligent record in a oppulance set though we’ve never put so many critical record on one automobile before. 

And in TLX a purpose of this splendidly still automobile and a modernized reserve systems is to giveaway a motorist to suffer a rush of implausible performance.

And during a heart of this knowledge is a good powertrain. 

Well in a box of a new TLX it means twin of them. 

At one finish of a lineup is a direct-injected 2.4-liter VTEC engine corresponding to an all-new, Acura-designed and grown 8-speed twin purchase smoothness with a torque converter.  

This new smoothness takes full advantage of each unit of a new engine’s rarely effervescent energy rope delivering impossibly well-spoken and discerning rigging changes and putting a energy down in an impossibly manageable and discerning way. 

Handling opening will be aided by a subsequent era of Acura’s Precision All-Wheel Steer record that we have to tell we is only an implausible compare for a power-to-weight ratio offering by a 2.4 TLX. 

At a other finish of a new TLX lineup is Acura’s distinguished
3.5-liter approach injected V-6 mated to a new 9-speed involuntary transmission. 

Here again, we’re articulate impossibly effervescent and polished energy smoothness with a wider altogether ratio operation to optimize both opening and fuel economy.

The V6 TLX will be accessible in both two-wheel expostulate with P-AWS and with a new era of Acura’s highly-regarded Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive system.

This new complement is 25% lighter and facilities new torque vectoring control that will offer even improved branch opening and reduced drag.

TLX will offer an unimaginable energetic knowledge discerning and nimble during low and mid-speed ranges and unequivocally linear and fast during high-speeds.

And while we’ll get into a numbers during a destiny date with a new apartment of Acura powertrains, poignant weight rebate and good aerodynamic pattern TLX is targeting top-class EPA fuel economy ratings for both a 2.4 and 3.5 models. 

As we pronounced it’s a ideal blend.

As each fan knows, a good sports sedan is not only about energy and beast force. 

Done a Acura Way, it’s about how all a pieces of a appurtenance work together to broach a deeper, some-more personal tie between a automobile and a driver. 

This Red Carpet Athlete is going to be right during home severe a world’s many energetic roads while providing a comfort compulsory to accommodate your daily pushing needs. 

But a bottom line is a TLX lineup will embody three sports sedans with three graphic sets of characteristics that all share one impossibly critical thing in common. 

Each indication will offer an instinctively manageable pushing knowledge … and an adrenaline rush like no other.  

That is TLX.

But it’s not utterly a finish of a story today. 

You see, we’re critical about a opening intensity of this new TLX height and powertrain. 

And lest we consternation either this Red Carpet Athlete unequivocally has a chops to take on a world’s best oppulance sports sedans let me share something we’ve been operative on that we consider is flattering cool.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen you’re listening to a sound of Acura Motorsports. 

And it’s my pleasure to deliver a 2015 Acura TLX GT competition car!

(TLX racer reveal)

The Racing Spirit is an definite partial of a association culture. It’s wound parsimonious in a DNA.

Racing is a training belligerent for a engineers and provides track-tested record that we feed behind into a products a business drive. 

But don’t child yourself we competition to win.

Our owner Soichiro Honda pronounced it simply and best.
Second place is only a initial loser.” 

So, currently a summary is clear. 

We’re going racing with this 2015 Acura TLX GT competition automobile and we’re going to win!

And this spanking new GT automobile is organically Acura powered by a twin turbo chronicle of a approach injection engine that will be in a prolongation TLX sedan with a racing powerplant grown by a Acura Motorsports Group during HPD.

As some of we know, Acura has a prolonged and successful attribute with Real Time Racing and group owner/driver Peter Cunningham, who is here with us today. 

Real Time is relocating adult from GT-S to a GT category in a Pirelli World Challenge series. 

In fact, they’ll have this Acura TLX GT automobile on a lane in only a few weeks good before a new 2015 Acura TLX comes to marketplace around a center of a year.

I don’t consider Peter is going to need red runner comfort or a discerning modernized record that we’re baking into this all-new TLX for a customers.

But he damn certain will make use of a track-worthy jaunty performance.

On a travel and on a track this all-new TLX unequivocally is going to be one “Xtraordinary” new vehicle.


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