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Thanks to a use of modernized materials including aluminum, high-strength steel and magnesium, a 2017 MDX’s restyled physique combines well-developed acerbity with low car mass. This multiple provides a substructure for a MDX’s assured doing capabilities, polished float quality, and a quite high slackening of cabin noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH). High constructional acerbity during essential cessation ascent points allows a MDX’s cessation systems to be tuned to yield a best multiple of float and handling.

Collision opening is serve extended by Acura’s next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) front support structure and a MDX’s one-piece stiffener ring — done of ultra-high strength steel. It comprises a A-pillar and B-pillar, roof rail and revoke support member — for softened government of collision appetite in frontal equivalent and side impacts and roof bucket government in a eventuality of a rollover. See Safety territory for some-more information.

Key Body Features

  • Next-Generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) Body Structure
  • Acoustic glass
  • Efficient underbody airflow
  • Optimized Material Grades
  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) mitigation
  • Active control engine mounts

Exterior Dimensions
Compared to a 2016 MDX, a restyled 2017 MDX is 0.6-inches longer though shares all other pivotal extraneous dimensions.

2016 MDX vs. 2017 MDX Exterior Dimensions


Next-Generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) Body Structure
The MDX’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) physique structure is an disdainful physique pattern that enhances newcomer insurance and pile-up harmony in frontal crashes. It uses a network of connected constructional elements to discharge pile-up appetite some-more uniformly via a front of a vehicle, assisting to revoke a army eliminated to a newcomer compartment. It can assistance to some-more uniformly sunder a army eliminated to other vehicles in a pile-up as well. ACE also helps revoke a chances that one car will overrule another, improving pile-up harmony of vehicles that differ in size. ACE goes serve by charity additional strength and insurance in tiny overlie frontal collisions, that are among a many severe. See Safety territory for some-more information.

Acoustic Glass
The MDX utilizes 4.5-mm thick, 3-layer acoustic windshield and 4.8 mm front doorway potion to assistance lessen wind, highway and trade sound in a cabin.

Underbody Airflow
Carefully doing underbody airflow helps revoke turmoil and drag for softened fuel efficiency, while also enhancing fortitude during highway speeds. Strategically placed aerodynamic underbody components — including front dash shields, an engine exit cover, and a mid-floor clandestine — assistance well-spoken airflow between a physique and highway surface, while also assisting to minimize power-robbing turmoil and drag. A front atmosphere dam with a extended wickerbill, along with strakes positioned forward of a back tires, serve improves fit airflow. These techniques assistance maximize fuel efficiency, boost fortitude and revoke breeze sound on a highway. See Exterior territory for some-more information.

Advanced Materials, Lower Weight
High-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium sum 65 percent of a MDX physique structure. The MDX has a lightest published weight in a shred that directly contributes to a absolute acceleration, light and nimble handling, and class-leading fuel economy ratings.

The MDX is fabricated from steel stampings that are robotically welded together to form a single, lightweight unit-body with a high turn of rigidity. A accumulation of modernized materials and techniques give this structure well-developed strength and uniformity. One is high-strength steel, that composes 59 percent of a physique structure by weight, including a use of 1,500-megapascal ultra-high strength “hot-stamped” steel in 7 percent of a body, enhancing collision insurance while minimizing car weight.

An instance of high-strength components in a MDX are a one-piece stiffener rings around a front doors. Formed from a singular square of hot-stamped steel, any ring provides measureless strength for extended opening in frontal and side impacts, as good as extended roof vanquish protection. Likewise, a firm tailgate opening is engineered to discharge loads by a back cessation mounts, serve helping physique stiffness. See Safety territory for some-more information.

The MDX steering hanger lamp is done of a magnesium casting, that spans a whole breadth of a interior (inside of a instrument panel). This 3-piece member saves 7.5 pounds compared to an aluminum hangar beam, while also shortening a intensity for penetration of a steering mainstay into a cabin in a frontal collision.

Body Materials


Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Mitigation
To emanate a reward pushing experience, endless investigate and countermeasures were practical to assistance revoke noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) via a MDX. Acura engineers began by operative to discharge NVH during a source with technologies such as a rarely firm unibody firmly tranquil production tolerances, a rarely firm aluminum-alloy engine retard and forged-steel crankshaft, electronically calibrated engine mounts, clever aerodynamic tailoring, acoustic glass, and more.

Road Noise Reduction
To assistance besiege highway sound and revoke a penetration into a cabin, a revoke cessation components insert to entirely removed steel subframes that float on specifically tuned bushings. In addition, softened doorway sealing and warp piece (an asphalt-based sound-damping material) is connected to a building and circle arches of all Acura vehicles during a time of assembly.

Wind Noise Reduction
Smoothing airflow over a formidable figure of a car physique can assistance revoke not usually aerodynamic drag, though also a breeze sound that is transmitted to a cabin. The MDX was tested extensively in a full-sized breeze tunnel. Wind-tunnel contrast total with worldly mechanism displaying authorised engineers to brand areas of a physique that are disposed to breeze sound — and afterwards investigate excellent fact changes with a high grade of accuracy.

One outcome of this contrast is a MDX’s body-panel fit, that helps minimize gaps that emanate turmoil and breeze sound when a car is roving during speed. Other sum embody delicately styled A-pillars and side mirrors, a flush-fitting windshield, moonroof and side glass, and countless other pattern sum that all minister to a low wind-noise characteristics of a 2017 MDX.

Wind-noise attenuation sum also embody components that are not visible. For instance, a MDX’s physique sections are removed regulating 22 clip-in froth inserts that enhance during a baking cycles of a physique portrayal process. This element reduces breeze sound transmitted into a vehicle. The fin-type 2.7-inch high receiver used for AM/FM and SiriusXM® radio, AcuraLink and engine remote start, is positioned during a back of a roof row and is designed for low breeze sound during speed.

Active Control Engine Mounts
The MDX has an Active Control Engine Mount complement (ACM) that minimizes a effects of engine quivering as a Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) complement switches between 3- and 6-cylinder modes. Special quivering sensors warning a Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to approach ACM actuators — that are positioned during a front and back of a engine — to cancel vibration. Additionally, an Active Sound Control system, handling by a vehicle’s stereo speakers, serve reduces low-frequencies compared with 3-cylinder operation by producing a reverse-phase sound profile. See Powertrain and Interior sections for some-more information.

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