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High-speed unconditional turns, rain-soaked city streets or snowy towering roads – no matter what a conditions, a MDX’s surefooted 4-wheel eccentric suspension, Motion-Adaptive Electric Power Steering, Agile Handling Assist, Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) and 4-wheel front brakes with ABS are prepared to master them.

The glorious change between a lush float and jaunty doing is calibrated by a MDX’s specifically tuned cessation bushings, Amplitude Reactive Dampers and a Electric Power Steering tuning, that optimizes both low-speed steering bid and high-speed steering feel. As a result, in all trim levels, from a bottom FWD indication to a range-topping SH-AWD with Advance Package, a 2017 MDX is magnificently easy to expostulate while instilling a high class of motorist confidence. (See Safety and Driver Assistive sections for some-more information.)

Key Chassis Features


  • 4-wheel eccentric suspension
  • Amplitude Reactive Dampers
  • Vibration-Damping Subframes
  • Motion-Adaptive Electric Power Steering
  • Agile Handling Assist
  • 4-wheel front brakes with ABS and Brake Assist
  • Electric Parking Brake
  • Trailer Stability Assist (with SH-AWD)
  • Aluminum amalgamate wheels
  • High-performance all-season tires
  • 5,000-lb towing capability (with SH-AWD and discretionary pull package)

MDX with Technology and Advance Packages

  • 20-inch high-performance all-season tires

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension
The MDX’s eccentric front and back cessation systems are engineered to yield prolonged circle transport and glorious correspondence for a lush ride, together with a accurate damping and open rates indispensable for glorious doing and a sporty pulling feel.

Front Suspension
In front is a strut-type complement with forged-aluminum revoke control arms with hydraulic bushings, curl springs and a plain stabilizer bar. This setup uses assuage open rates, comparatively organisation damping and specifically tuned bushings for a smooth, tranquil float with well-developed cornering abilities. The top front check mounts yield a “triple path” load-bearing complement that helps catch highway quivering and harshness.

Rear Suspension
At a back is a compress multi-link pattern with a tubular stabilizer bar. This multi-link complement allows a inexhaustible volume of circle transport and glorious correspondence for a movable ride, together with assured cornering and handling. All back cessation control arms are steel — including high-strength steel top and revoke control arms. The MDX’s back cessation pattern allows for a low floor, providing easier third-row accession and egress.

Amplitude Reactive Dampers
Amplitude Reactive Dampers yield aloft float comfort and doing in all pulling conditions. The dampers have dual apart hydraulic circuits — one tuned to optimize a float peculiarity on well-spoken roads with comparatively tiny irregularities, and a other tuned to hoop vast inputs ensuing from severe roads or vast steering and braking inputs. As a result, a MDX stays well-spoken and movable when cruising, and secure and parsimonious feeling in corners with reduced physique roll.

The pivotal Amplitude Reactive Damper record consists of dual apart damping pistons: a categorical piston and a second piston. To urge altogether float comfort, when smaller inputs start during normal pulling conditions, usually a categorical piston works to yield a ideal damping characteristics. To urge a MDX’s float and doing on rougher surfaces and during some-more assertive driving, a second piston operates to yield additional damping force.

The Amplitude Reactive Dampers are a quite automatic complement that does not need electronic controls. Altogether, they yield a most wider operation of effective damping opening than offering by a prior bottom MDX.

Vibration-Damping Subframes
The MDX’s engine, delivery and cessation components are mounted on firm steel subframes. These subframes insert to a territory physique during rubber-isolated ascent points that assistance keep powertrain and highway noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) out of a newcomer cabin. The subframe back mounts are filled with specifically tuned hydraulic liquid for limit effectiveness. Permanently sealed, they need no scheduled maintenance. The back subframe is quite sophisticated, with hydroformed side elements for limit strength and minimal weight. See Body territory for some-more information.

Motion-Adaptive Electric Power Steering
The MDX’s Motion-Adaptive Electric Power Steering (EPS) complement helps raise fuel potency by putting reduction direct on a engine, compared to engine-driven hydraulic-boost systems. At low speeds, EPS lowers steering effort, improving motorist comfort and preference in city pulling and while maneuvering. The complement also provides a pointing highway feel while cornering, along with a firmer and sportier feel on a highway.

The MDX’s customary Integrated Dynamics System (IDS) adjusts steering bid depending on a comparison mode — Normal, Comfort or Sport. In Normal mode, a steering bid is offset between gentle and sporty. Selecting a Comfort mode eases steering bid for a some-more loose pulling experience, generally during low speeds. The Sport mode provides a firmer steering feel with aloft bid that complements some-more assertive driving.

Motion-Adaptive EPS works with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®) and Electric Power Steering to detect instability in low traction conditions (both during cornering and underneath braking) and automatically triggers steering inputs directed during call a motorist to drive in a scold direction. This record supports a driver’s movement in doing a automobile some-more safely and comfortably.

The Motion-Adaptive EPS complement consists of a rack-and-pinion steering rigging with an electric engine located subsequent to a sail axle. To control a turn of support a Powertrain Control Module receives signals from a speed sensor and, joined with a steering sensor for torque and rotation, calculates a optimal volume of support and sends a vigilance to a electric motor.

When compared to a operation of a required hydraulic-pump energy steering system, Motion-Adaptive EPS increases potency since it does not pull a continual volume of energy directly from a engine. Other advantages of electric power-assisted steering embody a simplicity, a revoke energy expenditure (which helps urge fuel efficiency), and a condensation (and ensuing revoke altogether weight).

Agile Handling Assist
Standard on all MDX trims, Agile Handling Assist selectively uses a vehicle’s brakes to urge initial branch response and altogether cornering ability. Agile Handling Assist utilizes stop vectoring to urge dilemma traceability and assured doing feel. By requesting braking force to a inside wheels during cornering during high parallel G, a complement creates a bend moment, so generating some-more branch force and shortening understeer.

Four-Wheel Disc Braking System with Electronic Brake Distribution
The MDX has 4-wheel front brakes with a 4-channel anti-lock braking complement (ABS) for a absolute and linear stop feel, and assured stops in a far-reaching operation of pulling conditions. The ventilated front discs are 12.6 inches in hole and use two-piston calipers, while a plain back discs are 13.0 inches in hole and have single-piston calipers. The calipers are designed to revoke stop drag when not in use, shortening rolling insurgency and improving fuel potency in a process.

ABS with Brake Assist
An Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) exclusively modulates braking energy during any circle to assistance a motorist keep steering control during complicated braking, while Brake Assist recognizes tough or puncture braking situations and roughly now relates full braking force when appropriate. (See Safety and Driver Assistive territory for some-more information.)

Electric Parking Brake
Included in all MDX trims for 2017, a Electric Parking Brake (EPB) creates regulating a parking stop easier and some-more comfortable, compelling a use by drivers. Actuating a parking stop is now as elementary as pulling a switch on a core console. To recover a parking brake, a motorist simply puts a automobile in rigging and presses on a accelerator pedal. In serve to being easier and some-more accessible to use than a normal parking brake, a new Electric Parking Brake creates mountain starts easier when a MDX is parked on a grade. As with a normal manually activated parking brake, EPB functions on a back wheels only.

Trailer Stability Assist
Standard on SH-AWD models, Trailer Stability Assist helps raise automobile fortitude while a trailer is being towed. An constituent partial of Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Trailer Stability Assist detects trailer oscillations that can outcome from crude loading, extreme speed, inauspicious highway conditions, crosswinds or emergency-avoidance maneuvers.

When such oscillations are detected, Trailer Stability Assist provides a warning and gives a motorist a event to revoke speed. If a motorist does not revoke speed — or does not revoke speed amply to stabilise a automobile — afterwards VSA automatically activates to assistance damp a oscillations before they can boost and serve dissapoint a fortitude of a automobile and trailer.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels
The operation of accessible wheels on a 2017 MDX has been softened to embody customary 18- and accessible 20-inch sizes, an ascent from a 2016 MDX’s customary 18- and accessible 19-inch circle sizes.

Advance 20-inch circle design

Base 18-inch circle design

Base MDX models (FWD and SH-AWD) have stylish 5-spoke 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, with a appurtenance finish. Included with a Technology Package is 10-spoke, 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with a appurtenance finish, while a Advance and Entertainment Package 20-inch wheels have a 5-spoke pattern and appurtenance finish. In addition, 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels are accessible as an appendage for a bottom MDX.

High-Performance All-Season Tires
Base MDX models (FWD and SH-AWD) have 245/60 R18 105H high-performance all-season tires, while a MDX with Technology and Advance Packages have lower-profile 245/50 R20 102H high-performance all-season tires for extended pulling performance. All tires offer accurate steering feel, high levels of hold in all-season pulling conditions, and low rolling insurgency for larger fuel efficiency.

For MDX SH-AWD models only, a T165/80D17 proxy gangling tire on a 17×4.0-inch steel circle is mounted next a trunk, where it does not land on interior storage space. All MDX FWD models accept a tire sealant and inflator pack in lieu of a gangling circle and tire.

Off-Road Capability
Engineers took consummate measures to rise a 2017 MDX with useful off-road capabilities, including contrast in snow, silt and sand. The accessible computer-controlled SH-AWD complement helps a MDX accommodate standard off-road hurdles but a need for low-range gears. The complement is designed for “decision free” operation, definition that a motorist does not need to actively select when to rivet all-wheel-drive. The complement is always active and prepared to discharge torque as needed. See a Powertrain territory for some-more information.

Ground clearway and approach, breakover and depart angles are configured for standard SUV pulling conditions including sand and sand roads, silt and snow. These specifications counterpart those on a 2014 to 2016 MDX.

Trailer Hitch and Trailer Hitch ATF Cooler Kit
The MDX’s discretionary receiver-style trailer join accommodates a accumulation of trailer coupler designs, and includes a pull bar, maintaining pin, clip, and wiring strap with 7-pin round-style connector. Hitch balls are accessible alone in 1-7/8 -inch or 2-inch diameters. The discretionary Trailer Hitch ATF Cooler Kit will concede towing of adult to 5,000 lbs. (SH-AWD).

Key Chassis Features

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