Acura Automobiles: 2017 Acura MDX Press Kit

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Designed during a Acura Design Studio in Torrance, Calif., a restyled and rested 2017 MDX offers absolute new styling highlighted by a confidant and particular new solid pentagon grille, that represents a new face of Acura. The new grille is integrated with a some-more neatly sculpted hood, front fascia and front fenders joined with new LED haze lights and restyled Jewel Eye™ headlights, that raise a MDX’s “executive athletic” demeanor. Adding contrariety to a MDX’s windswept form is a new chrome rocker row design, while in back, a revised bumper, body-colored transformation ornament and new twin exhausts with splendid finishers serve stress a MDX’s opening character.

A full element of bright, fit LED lighting graces a rested physique design, including a headlights and spin signals, taillights, outward mirror-mounted reservoir lights, and LED haze lights on Advance models. For a initial time, a choice of sporty 18-inch and assertive 20-inch aluminum amalgamate wheels are offering on a Technology and Advance Packages — adult from 19-inch distance on a 2014 to 2016 MDX models — as good as a Surround-View Camera System with 6 selectable observation angles, including a rarely useful bird’s eye view. Numerous other extraneous facilities supplement oppulance and usability to a MDX, including a one-touch appetite moonroof, appetite folding outward mirrors, high-performance all-season tires, permitted roof rails, and remote keyless entry.

Key Exterior Features

  • NEW: Revised aerodynamic styling
  • NEW: Dual empty outlets
  • NEW: 20-inch aluminum amalgamate wheels
  • NEW: Auto high beams
  • NEW: Capless Fueling System
  • NEW: Two new extraneous colors – Modern Steel Metallic and Black Copper Pearl
  • REDESIGNED: LED Jewel Eye™ headlights with Auto On/Off*
  • One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
  • LED daytime regulating lights (DRL)*
  • Available LED haze lights
  • Outside Mirrors with Reverse Gear Tilt-Down
  • Windshield wipers with sleet intuiting feature
  • One-Touch Turn Signals
  • Low-Profile Roof Rails
  • Smart Entry with Push Button Start
  • Walk Away Auto Lock

Aggressive, Aerodynamic Styling
The revised bodylines and a further of resisting brightwork inject a new spin of sporty opinion and magnificence into a MDX equation, enhancing a participation of Acura’s flagship SUV in a oppulance ranks. The new grille and some-more fashionable buffer lines, hood lines and headlights elicit larger strength, while a hood incorporates shapes and vanquish areas for softened walking safety. Below a front fascia are assertive atmosphere intakes together with recessed mounts for a permitted LED haze lights.

Bright detailing on a revoke sills contrariety with a tip body, adding new strength and change to a MDX profile. While a new back buffer fascia pattern facilities a black revoke and body-color tip areas, lightening a altogether look, while a new through-bumper twin exhausts and a new transformation ornament stress performance.

Dual Exhaust Outlets
In another ascent for a 2017 MDX, stylized twin empty outlets with splendid finishers exit by a black back revoke fascia for a premium, sporty appearance.

One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
The MDX has a one-touch appetite moonroof with lean underline that will entirely open or tighten with a singular reason of a switch. The moonroof resource was intentionally designed to yield plenty headroom. The moonroof has a changeable sunshade that opens with a roof and can be sealed to retard sunlight. To lean or slip a moonroof, a motorist or front newcomer needs usually to entirely press a ceiling-mounted switch once (instead of dire and holding it for several seconds). The moonroof entirely opens or closes automatically. However, if a user wishes to usually partially open or tighten a moonroof (such as to grasp prejudiced ventilation), a lighter reason yields entirely primer control. The moonroof can also lean to yield ventilation. An auto-reverse underline is built in, assisting to safeguard that a moonroof will not forcefully tighten if someone’s palm or arm is positioned in a trail of a glass. If an deterrent is detected, a resource will free a moonroof. See Interior territory for some-more information.

LED Lighting
The 2017 MDX incorporates a far-reaching operation of permitted light-emitting diode (LED) extraneous lighting features, including LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), LED Jewel Eye™ headlights, LED side pen lights and LED taillights. LED side mirror-mounted spin signals are customary on all models, and LED haze lights are offering on Advance grades.

LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
The MDX has bright, particular LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL). A signature pattern underline of a new MDX, a DRLs implement a wing figure positioned above and beside a LED headlights. Shaped to compare a rugged, eloquent position of a new MDX, a LED DRL array is wider during a side and thinner on top, gradually tapering as it moves toward a inside of a headlight lens. Stylistically, a DRLs strongly and clearly conclude a front corners of a MDX.

LED Jewel Eye™ Headlights with Auto On/Off
The 2017 MDX’s LED Jewel Eye™ headlights yield softened night enlightenment and prominence compared to contemporary high-intensity liberate (HID) headlights. The low beams strech approximately 460 feet compared to approximately 360 feet for normal halogen low beams, and a lamp breadth is approximately 100 feet compared to approximately 65 feet for halogen low beams.

Besides improving motorist certainty and active safety, a LED headlights use rebate energy, assisting to raise fuel potency by shortening engine loads. In addition, a LED headlights final adult to 3 times longer than HID headlights and adult to 6 times longer than halogen headlights — contributing to rebate visit deputy and a compared cost savings. An automobile on/off duty is included, and a low-beams are also keyed to a remote pivotal fob operation.

Auto High Beams
The 2017 MDX new automobile high lamp (HSS) underline uses a camera located on a rearview counterpart mountain to ceaselessly indicate for approaching traffic. Included on a MDX Technology Package and Advance Package, a complement illuminates a high beams solely when approaching or move trade is rescued and afterwards automatically switches to a LED low-beams. Requiring no involvement or transformation from a driver, a automobile high lamp underline significantly improves night enlightenment for extended active safety.

There are countless advantages to a automobile high lamp system, including progressing motorist showing of objects in a alley during night driving. Earlier showing of objects can lead to and a rebate in interlude distances that in spin formula in a aloft spin of motorist confidence.

The complement functions when a headlight switch is in a Auto position, and might be infirm and reactivated by a discerning lift on a high-beam stalk. An HSS idol appears on a instrument row when a complement is functioning. The automobile high lamp underline automatically disengages during stormy conditions, when low lamp lighting is preferable. Four uninterrupted wipes of a windshield wiper deactivate a system. Auto high lamp afterwards automatically reactivates when a sleet ceases.

Fog Lights
The MDX Advance Package is versed with LED haze lights to raise prominence in severe weather. Inspired by a Acura NSX, a special filigree underline surrounds a haze lights for a reward and sporty appearance.

LED Taillights
All 2017 MDX trims underline vast LED taillights, bolstering a vehicle’s restyled appearance.

Lighting Technologies

*New for 2017 MDX

Outside Mirrors with Reverse Gear Tilt-Down
To urge welfare while together parking, a MDX’s aerodynamically sculpted outward mirrors have a reverse-gear tilt-down underline that allows a motorist to see a quell or curbside objects. Either a left- or right-hand counterpart can be comparison to automatically lean down when reversing. After changeable into reverse, a motorist simply moves a mirror-adjustment selector switch position to possibly a right or left. The analogous counterpart afterwards tilts down to yield a transparent perspective of a quell or curbside on that side of a vehicle. The counterpart automatically earnings to a prior position when a gear-selector push is changed out of Reverse.

A power-folding underline on a Technology and Advance Packages allows a outward mirrors to be folded opposite a physique sides when a automobile is parked, shortening a probability of repairs to a counterpart housing in parsimonious parking areas. The power-folding underline can be activated by dire a switch on a driver’s doorway armrest when a delivery is in Park or Neutral and a ignition switch is in a Accessory or On mode.

Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors
Included in a Advance and Entertainment Packages, auto-dimming side mirrors use a same activation sensor as a MDX’s auto-dimming inside rearview mirror. The auto-dimming duty of all 3 mirrors helps revoke glisten during night driving, generally from a headlights of following vehicles.

Included in a Technology and Advance Packages, LED reservoir lights, mounted on a bottom of a outward counterpart housings, supplement welfare for a motorist and front newcomer during night. These LEDs automatically irradiate when a motorist approaches and a automobile detects a remote.

Rain-Sensing Wipers
MDX models with a Technology and Advance Packages embody rain-sensing wipers that automatically activate if H2O is rescued on a windshield. Designed to cover a limit probable windshield area on all trims, a left (driver) and right (front passenger) windshield wipers are 26 and 20 inches long, respectively. The back wiper is 14 inches long.

One-Touch Turn Signals
The MDX’s one-touch spin signals urge welfare for a motorist when creation slight line changes. With this system, a discerning transformation of a turn-signal push (between 0.4 sec. and 1 sec.) provides 3 blinks of a spin signals — an ideal plan for changing lanes.

Low-Profile Roof Rails
Included with a Advance Package, aerodynamically made roof rails supplement flexibility but detracting from a MDX’s streamlined package. Chrome-plated for an upscale appearance, a rails accept permitted cranky bars that can reason a accumulation of accessories including a storage box or racks for bikes, play or skis.

Smart Entry with Push Button Start
The MDX facilities Acura’s Smart Entry with Push Button Start. The Smart Entry complement permits entrance to a vehicle’s front doors but carrying to work a pivotal fob or a required pivotal (all 4 doors are permitted with a Technology Package and up). The Smart Entry remote has a singular digital temperament and a MDX can be unbarred when a motorist grabs one of a doorway handles while a remote is in his/her possession. When carrying a fob (or if all doors are unlocked), a tailgate can be non-stop regulating a hoop located on a MDX’s back tailgate.

Once a motorist has non-stop a doorway and is seated, a Smart Entry complement allows a MDX to be started by pulling a Engine Start/Stop symbol positioned on a instrument row (so prolonged as a driver’s feet is on a brake); to spin off a MDX, a motorist simply pushes a symbol again with a automobile in Park. When withdrawal a vehicle, a press of a soft-touch symbol on a extraneous front doorway handles or tailgate thatch all a doors. Alternatively, dire a Lock symbol on a Smart Entry remote will also concurrently close all doors.

Smart Entry also facilities a singular “quick vent” feature. When a user vexed a “unlock” symbol on a keyless remote for dual seconds after unlocking a doors, a complement lowers all 4 side windows and opens a appetite moonroof to fast opening interior heat. In addition, by inserting a built-in pivotal into a driver’s doorway close and holding a pivotal in a “lock” position, all open windows can be concurrently raised. See Comfort and Convenience territory for some-more information.

Remote Preferences
The Acura MDX comes with dual keyless remotes that can be set with a singular welfare to accommodate a preferences of dual opposite drivers. The permitted preferences embody motorist seat, steering circle and counterpart positions, along with name HVAC functions. Other preferences embody branch entrance lights on or off, audio complement pre-sets, atmosphere conditioning preferences, and navigation complement settings. In a eventuality both owners use a automobile during a same time, a MDX will commend a keyless remote that approaches a motorist doorway first.

Tailgate Functions
Like prior MDX models, a 2017 MDX’s back tailgate can be tranquil from a remote pivotal fob — including unlocking, opening and shutting a tailgate. In addition, a back tailgate is partial of a Smart Entry system. When a MDX is locked, and a motorist approaches a back tailgate, a tailgate will automatically clear (as prolonged as a fob comes within about 32 inches of a vehicle). The tailgate can afterwards be non-stop simply by easily touching a switch surface underneath a Acura badge.

Capless Fueling System
A initial for MDX, capless fueling eliminates a fuel cap, definition that fueling a automobile simply requires opening a fuel lid, refueling, and afterwards shutting a lid. This intelligent and easy-to-use pattern eliminates a need to reason a unwashed fuel cap, reduces a probability of deleterious a vehicle’s paint with a fuel top or tether, or forgetful a fuel top during a gas station. It also eliminates a probability of activating an emissions warning by unwell to scrupulously re-install a fuel cap. The fuel doorway unlocks with a remote symbol recover inside a vehicle.

Exterior Colors
The MDX is permitted in 7 extraneous colors, including dual lead and 5 pearl colors. New colors for a 2017 indication year are Modern Steel Metallic and a Acura disdainful Black Copper Pearl.

All colors are fluent and lush to enrich a redesigned MDX’s worldly and energetic physique shape. The acid-resistant glue clear-coat paint is higher to standard clear-coat paints for increasing insurgency to civic pollutants.

The 2017 MDX extraneous colors include:

  • Lunar Silver Metallic
  • Modern Steel Metallic*
  • Black Copper Pearl*
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Dark Cherry Red Pearl
  • Obsidian Blue Pearl
  • White Diamond Pearl

*New for 2017

Exterior Specifications and Features


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