Acura Automobiles: 2017 Acura MDX Press Kit

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The 2017 MDX offers a high turn of luxury, welfare and record in a atmospheric cabin that’s ideal for kids or clients. High-end appointments including new permitted genuine timber accent trim elevates a MDX’s oppulance ambience. With a MDX’s prolonged wheelbase and compress back cessation design, intelligent interior wrapping provides serviceable and versatile newcomer and load space, and unusually easy third-row access. Available with seating for seven, or with an all-new 6-passenger pattern with lush second-row captain’s chairs, a MDX interior offers welcoming comfort in any seating position.

The One-Touch Walk-In underline for a third-row seats, along with a far-reaching feet entrance indicate and low step-in height, creates third-row accession and opening simple. The Extended Slide underline for a second-row seats provides 5.9 inches of sum fore-aft chair travel, providing good coherence in easy a needs of both second- and third-row passengers. Up front, a core console facilities a vast storage area that can accommodate a middle sized purse and even a integrate of inscription computers — something few competitors can match.

Key Interior sum and features:

  • NEW: Available genuine timber interior accents
  • NEW: Available 2nd quarrel captain’s chairs
  • Clean, worldly interior styling
  • Driver-oriented control layout
  • Advanced and discerning orchestration and controls
  • Dual shade core smoke-stack
  • Standard leather seating surfaces
  • Perforated Milano reward leather seating surfaces (Advance Package)

Interior Styling
The MDX interior builds on Acura’s reward oppulance pattern themes, with purify high-end detailing, discerning functionality and superb lines. An Acura pattern judgment called “dual personal structure” guided growth of a MDX. It divides a front cabin space into areas centered on a motorist and front passenger, with a core smoke-stack and console that is simply permitted to any person. Fit and finish have perceived tighten courtesy around a interior, with high-quality, soft-touch materials and permitted seperated Milano leather with mark resistant technology. For a initial time ever, a MDX with a Advance Package offers a comfortable oppulance of genuine timber interior accents.

Interior Colors
The MDX ‘s interior palette is worldly and concurrent and is offering in Ebony, Parchment, Graystone and Espresso. Leather seating is customary in a MDX, with seperated Milano leather seating and resisting piping and stitching enclosed in a Advance package.

See a Exterior section for some-more information about extraneous colors.

Versatile, Spacious Cabin
The MDX has always been appreciated for a ample and versatile cabin and user-friendly design. With 3 rows of seating, a MDX can accommodate adult to 7 passengers (six passengers for Advance grades with second-row captain’s chairs). Usability is a pivotal component of a MDX’s interior design, as evidenced by a crafty One-Touch Walk-In underline that creates third quarrel entrance easy, even for many children. When it comes to load carrying utility, a MDX seating can be fast reconfigured to accommodate a mix of passengers and cargo. With a second and third quarrel seating folded flat, a MDX can offer adult to 90.9 cubic feet of load space.

Driver-Oriented Cockpit
The plan behind a MDX’s interior design, formed on Acura’s “the Synergy between Man and Machine” product direction, is to put a driver’s needs initial and foremost, to assistance a motorist concentration on handling a car in an discerning and healthy way. All critical systems and controls are within easy reach, and a systems used many frequently — audio, journey control, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, permitted satellite-linked Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ and Multi-Information Display — have controls conveniently positioned on a steering wheel. Typical of Acura interior design, a soft-touch switchgear of a MDX is engineered to broach a high-quality feel and certain action. The categorical orchestration is an easy-to-read analog design, supplemented with digital and striking displays.

Standard Leather Seating Surfaces
The MDX seats underline lush leather seating surfaces, with upgraded seperated Milano leather with resisting piping and stitching in a MDX with Advance and Entertainment Packages.

Transmission Controls
All MDX models underline an modernized Electronic Gear Selector that replaces a normal rigging push with an discerning and easy-to-operate push-button array. The interface frees adult center-console space while presenting an modernized and unconventional appearance.

Advanced and Intuitive Instrumentation and Controls
The MDX has worldly analog orchestration with vast tachometer and speedometer flanking a tinge Multi-Information Display (MID) that provides a operation of information and outing mechanism functions. The tachometer and speedometer are flanked by analog coolant heat and fuel turn gauges.

Multi-Information Display
A Multi-Information Display (MID) positioned between a tachometer and speedometer gives a motorist entrance to a operation of useful information. Controls positioned on a right side of a steering circle concede a motorist to cycle a MID arrangement by mixed screens of information from sources including Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and more. The Maintenance Minder™ element alerts a MDX motorist of arriving upkeep needs around a MID and should a error start with a vehicle, specific warning information appears. On models with Navigation, a MID also provides turn-by-turn track guidance.

Audio/Information Screen
All MDX models underline a bright, full-color 8-inch audio/information shade positioned high in a core smoke-stack of a instrument panel. Its high chain puts it tighten to a driver’s line of steer where it’s easy to see. Besides audio element information, a shade also offers backup camera views and entrance to a operation of customizable features.

On-Demand Multi-Use Display™
The considerable operation of record offering in a MDX presented designers with a plea of balancing capability with simplicity. The resolution was a 7-inch On Demand Multi-Use Display™ (ODMD) reason shade positioned within easy strech of a motorist and front passenger. The touchscreen controls a far-reaching operation of features, and with a contextual menus, it displays applicable apparatus while minimizing clutter. To make it easy to use, a shade offers heard and vibratory reason feedback — both can be practiced or close off formed on a owner’s preference. Customizable shortcuts concede a MDX motorist to set easy-to-access presets for Places, Phone, Climate and Audio organic categories.

Genuine Wood Interior Accents
For a initial time, a MDX offers genuine timber interior accents as customary apparatus with a Advance Package. Two forms of timber are used, formed on a interior color. Olive Ash Burl timber is sourced from Europe and has a rich, dim tone. Black Limba timber from West Africa has a lighter, warmer tone. Both varieties have a low-gloss satin finish to improved arrangement a impression of a wood. The timber accents are positioned on a instrument panel, front doors and core console.

Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors
Power windows are customary apparatus on all MDX models and embody auto-up and -down operation on a driver’s and front passenger’s windows. Power doorway locks, Smart Entry and exhilarated energy extraneous mirrors are also customary equipment. Power folding extraneous mirrors are customary in a Technology and Advance packages.

Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
All MDX models underline an electro chromatic interior rearview counterpart that automatically dims during night pushing to revoke glisten from a headlights of following vehicles.

Versatile Cargo Area
Dual vast brushed aluminum plates measuring 16.2 inches prolonged by 4 inches far-reaching assistance strengthen a carpeted cargo-area building during loading and unloading. With both second- and third-row seats folded, a load building is circuitously entirely prosaic with usually a slight, 4.5-degree pitch.

Even with a third-row chair in a honest position, a storage area is designed to accommodate massive items, including a golf bag, stroller, dual suitcases or a 56-quart cooler. Four rectilinear satin-finished tie-down anchors concede securing load when a third-row chair is folded.

Lifting a load building quarrel reveals an additional dark storage area with a load volume of 1.8 cu. ft. — adequate to reason folding chairs (bag type) or dual laptop mechanism cases. In addition, a accessible storage bin is positioned during a left side of a load area behind a back seat, with a 12-volt energy opening nearby. Two bright bulbs uniformly irradiate a storage area.

The third-row seats are separate 50/50, and any side can be folded prosaic with one lift of a handle. The conduct restraints overlay brazen first, and afterwards a seatback is unbarred so it can be folded brazen easily.

Interior Lighting
The MDX’s analog instruments are backlit with LED lighting and underline high-contrast markings, and a demeanour of a reward chronograph. The sign package gradually illuminates to give a motorist a welcoming feel on entry. When a doorway is initial opened, a instrument lighting comes to life and afterwards brightens gradually to 100-percent enlightenment when a ignition is switched on. The bright instrument panels afterwards come alive, indicating that a MDX is prepared to go. At a finish of a drive, a instrument lighting dims progressively.

The interior switches are bright to make them easy to locate during night, including a switches on all 4 doors and a steering wheel. In further to front and back beyond interior lights and map lights, a MDX also has a element of low-level LED interior cabin lights. Ambient lighting in a roof illuminates a front core console, and a front feet wells and doorway handles. Entry front feet good lighting welcomes a newcomer as they open a doors. The MDX interior lights underline “theater dimming,” that can be set by a motorist to one of several dimming rates around a Multi-Information Display.

Storage Features
The MDX interior offers a operation of available storage facilities for a motorist and passengers. All 4 doors offer storage bins and bottle holders, and there are cupholders on any side of a third quarrel of seating.

An integrated HVAC public frees adult space for an unusually vast core console storage space. It’s vast adequate to accommodate a tolerably sized purse, a inscription mechanism and more. The console also facilities dual libation holders, a front slot with a 12-volt outlet, a dungeon phone/iPod® slot subsequent to another 12-volt energy opening and USB Audio Interface, a shifting tray over a categorical storage space and another tray underneath a sliding, padded armrest.

Engine Immobilizer
Complementing a remote entrance element is a customary engine-immobilizer system. A special electronically coded pivotal prevents a car from being started — even if a automatic transcribe of a pivotal is used. A transponder, built into a key, signals a immobilizer control section that a pivotal is genuine. If a car is hotwired, or an unapproved pivotal is used, a engine will not start.


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