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Enhanced connectivity is done probable by a MDX’s next-generation AcuraLink® system, with thousands of media channels permitted with Pandora® and Aha™ mobile, all delivered around a owner’s internet-linked smartphone and information plan. There is also a horde of permitted confidence and preference features, including collision notification, remote unlocking, stolen automobile tracking and more, all delivered around built-in dungeon technology. New for 2017, HD Traffic digital aspect travel and highway trade information can be displayed on shade in MDX models versed with a Acura Navigation System.  HD Traffic requires no subscription and is offering during no combined cost to MDX owners.

With a stretched operation of customary and permitted record features, estimable engineering bid was put into creation any underline in a MDX discerning and easy to use. The focal indicate of a instrument quarrel is a customary 8-inch tone audio/information shade that provides a operation of useful information and entrance to an array of customizable features.

A 7-inch On-Demand Multi-Use Display positioned within easy strech of a motorist and front newcomer controls a audio complement and many other features. Dynamic menus clearly arrangement controls for any organic mode, revoke shade clutter, and assistance make operation simple. Audible and haptic feedback improves usability and control, and helps a motorist keep their eyes on a road. Customizable shortcuts concede a MDX motorist to set easy-to-access pre-sets for Places, Phone, Climate, and Audio organic categories.

Key connectivity and party features:

  • AcuraLink with Aha™ mobile interface
  • Standard Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, Pandora interface, and SMS calm messaging
  • Siri® Eyes Free
  • Standard 7-inch On Demand Multi-Use Display (ODMD)
  • Available Acura/ELS® Studio reward sound systems
  • Available 9-inch DVD Rear Entertainment System
  • Available ultra-wide 16.2-inch WVGA DVD Rear Entertainment System
  • Acura Navigation System with voice authority capabilities

Acura 8-Speaker Audio System

The MDX comes customary with an 8-speaker, 432-watt Acura audio complement with a single-disc CD actor and AM/FM/SiriusXM radio bands. Along with a earthy doorknob for energy and volume, a full operation of audio complement controls can be accessed regulating a 7-inch On-Demand Multi-Use Display™ positioned within easy strech of a motorist and front-seat passenger. Controls for pivotal audio complement functions are also positioned within fingertip strech on a MDX steering wheel.

The 8 speakers are strategically located around a MDX cabin. Each front and back doorway has a 17-cm full-range speaker. Separate 4-cm tweeters are positioned nearby a A-pillars, with an 8-cm orator centered on a tip of a instrument panel. A 20-cm subwoofer is mounted in a tuned 19-liter enclosing in a right sidewall of a load area.

Acura/ELS® Studio 10-Speaker Audio System (Technology Package)

The MDX with Technology Package facilities a 10-speaker, 501-watt Acura/ELS® Studio complement that is engineered to offer considerable sound peculiarity from a far-reaching operation of media formats. Taking a 8 speakers found in a bottom MDX, dual additional 8-cm speakers are combined to a back entertain pillar. Since this audio complement is integrated with a Acura Navigation System, it facilities tough expostulate strain storage and Song By Voice. The Acura/ELS Studio audio complement offers a same discerning touchscreen and steering-wheel mounted controls as a bottom MDX audio system, and name audio complement functions can also be achieved around voice command.

Engineered privately for a MDX, a complement has a single-disc CD player, AM/FM/HD Radio/SiriusXM/HDD audio source options, and delivers detailed, well-balanced sound to all seating positions. The complement gets a name from multi-Grammy® Award winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner’s recording industry-recognized moniker “ELS.” Scheiner’s idea in a growth of this audio complement was to imitate strain a approach it is listened in a recording studio.

Acura/ELS Studio 11-Speaker Audio System (Technology and Entertainment Packages)
The MDX with Technology and Entertainment Packages facilities an upgraded 529-watt 11-speaker Acura/ELS Studio Audio System. An 8-cm roof orator is combined above a second-row seating.

The MDX with Technology and Entertainment Package includes a factory-installed Acura DVD Rear Entertainment System (RES) for back passengers with a 9-inch wide-screen LCD arrangement that flips down from a roof for easy viewing. The WVGA arrangement natively provides 800 pixels horizontally and 480 pixels vertically. User-selectable aspect ratios embody normal, far-reaching and zoom. The extended capabilities of a complement concede for possibly DVD, CD, radio, SiriusXM® Radio and auxiliary accessories (such as certain video diversion consoles, DVD players or cameras) to be played in a back seating areas by headphones while a front passengers listen to a opposite audio source.

The DVD actor can be conveniently tranquil from 3 sources — a front audio-system controls, a integrated wireless remote control (that is stored in a roof nearby a LCD screen), or by voice activation from a driver. Additional audio and video submit jacks concede for a far-reaching accumulation of additional apparatus to be trustworthy to a system. The complement comes finish with dual infrared (IR) wireless headphones and a wireless remote control as customary equipment. For permitted night use, a remote control is illuminated.

Two wireless headphones are included, any with a volume knob. A reserve underline on a wireless headphone complement prevents front-row passengers from regulating a headphones. The wireless headphones are automatically activated when a ear pieces are incited approximately 90 degrees (to be put on) and deactivated when a headphones are incited 90 degrees (when taken off). The involuntary on/off complement reduces a probability that a AAA battery-powered headphones could be incidentally left on. A 110-volt energy opening rated for inclination adult to 150 watts, such as a gaming console or laptop, is included.

Acura/ELS Studio 12-Speaker Audio System
The MDX with Advance and Entertainment Packages facilities a 546-watt Acura/ELS® Studio Audio System with 12-speakers. This Elliot Scheiner-engineered complement is designed to reconstruct a romantic knowledge we feel when we suffer a live performance, regardless of where we are seated in a MDX’s atmospheric interior.

The complement has a sum of 12 speakers. Each front and back doorway has a 17cm full-range speaker. Separate 4 cm tweeters are positioned nearby a A-pillars, with an 8-cm orator centered on a tip of a instrument panel. At a back of a MDX, there are dual 8-cm speakers on a back pillars and a 20-cm subwoofer mounted in a tuned enclosing in a right sidewall of a load area. For softened approximate sound imaging, there are dual additional 8-cm speakers mounted in a headliner, over a second quarrel of seating as a partial of a RES System.

Acura Ultra-Wide DVD Rear Entertainment System (MDX with Advance and Entertainment Packages)
The state-of-the-art, factory-integrated Rear Entertainment System (RES) facilities a 16.2-inch far-reaching display, a largest ever offering in an Acura. The WVGA arrangement natively provides 1,600 pixels horizontally and 480 pixels vertically. User-selectable aspect ratios embody normal (640×480), full (850×480), super full (1,300×480), ultra full (1,600×480), super wizz (1,300×640) and ultra wizz (1600×640). The complement can concurrently uncover dual opposite sources of programming side-by-side, such as a video diversion and a movie. The dual programs being played can be simply switched from side to side regulating a symbol nearby a screen.

The 605-watt audio complement provides 5.1 channel approximate sound capability. The dual-source wireless headphones granted with this complement can be tuned to possibly submit source as preferred regulating a symbol on any set of headphones. The complement includes a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) pier for attaching high-definition players and certain gaming consoles, along with customary combination and audio inputs. A 110-volt energy opening rated for inclination adult to 150 watts is positioned in a front core console.

SiriusXM Radio
A new era 2.0/3.0 chronicle of SiriusXM Radio is a customary underline in all MDX models, and it provides some-more than 165 channels of digital programming with nearby CD-quality sound. The SiriusXM vigilance is beamed from dual promote satellites positioned in geostationary circuit above Earth. The beams from these dual promote satellites mix to camber a whole continental United States and some of Canada.

SiriusXM® Radio programming includes channels clinging to music, sports, talk, traffic, weather, children’s programming and entertainment. When a audio complement plays SiriusXM Radio, a audio complement displays a stream category, station, strain pretension or artist’s name.

This latest era of SiriusXM includes many all-new features, including pause, quick brazen and rewind. There is also an present replay underline and a ability to hear all songs from a commencement on preset channels. The Sports Flash underline lets we listen to your favorite (non-sports) programming, and if your favorite group creates a large play in a live diversion that is being promote on SiriusXM, we will accept an on-screen alert. With a hold of a soft-key we can hear adult to 30 seconds of audio before and including a large play.

HD Radio™ (Technology Package and Advance Package) 
MDX models with a Technology Package and above underline customary HD Radio. HD Radio provides modernized audio and information facilities that raise a listening experience. Sound peculiarity is softened with HD Radio and there is no subscription fee.

Instead of promulgation out one analog signal, HD Radio stations send out a bundled vigilance — both analog and digital. Because it is digital, textual information such as strain titles can be sent out as well. Unlike compulsory radio, HD Radio stations promote additional channels, that are called HD2/HD3. These combined channels offer MDX owners a star of additional choices.

Song By Voice®
MDX models with a Technology and Advance Packages are also versed with a Song by Voice® feature. With so most audio calm potentially permitted on a HDD or from an iPod or concordant smartphone, MDX engineers set out to make it easy to find content. The motorist can simply press a TALK symbol on a steering circle and regulating voice commands, can hunt all permitted calm on a HDD and connected iPod and concordant smartphone, and automatically start playback. Song by Voice also lets a motorist name strain by artist, album, line name, genre, playlist and even composer.
Pandora Compatibility
The MDX incorporates a far-reaching operation of media facilities to accommodate a ever-changing preferences of customers. All MDX models are designed to yield a permitted interface for Pandora. Pandora is a giveaway strain use that allows users to open an comment online and emanate adult to 100 personalized Internet “radio stations” that are formed on favorite songs or artists. Users can name among their stations and listen around computer, and can also download a giveaway smartphone Pandora® app, that allows users listen to a same list of personalized stations around their concordant phone. Although Pandora is free, phone information charges apply.

An iPhone or concordant Android phones can be connected to a MDX wirelessly, regulating Bluetooth HandsFreeLink (iPhone is also upheld around a Pandora Audio USB interface). To use Pandora, a concordant phone is connected (via USB or wirelessly, as appropriate) and a vehicle’s audio source is set to Pandora to launch a app. The audio/information shade (or navigation arrangement in vehicles with navigation) and On-Demand Multi-Use Display uncover Pandora information and manuscript art, and a audio controls concede listeners to name from among existent stations, pause, resume, skip forward, and symbol a line with “Like” or “Dislike” ratings. To facilitate motorist use, some functionality of a Pandora® app is sealed out when regulating a MDX’s Pandora interface.

AcuraLink Connectivity System
The MDX offers a subsequent era of AcuraLink, Acura’s cloud-based connected automobile system. AcuraLink is a core indicate for owners for hands-free entrance to cloud-based services, audio and information, and is designed to keep MDX drivers sensitive and connected while on a go.

The connectivity compulsory for AcuraLink’s several facilities is distributed between a MDX’s embedded complement (for some of a fee-based features, with Technology Package and above) and a owner’s concordant smartphone and information package (for giveaway features, in all MDX models). AcuraLink works with a owner’s concordant smartphone and information package to bond a MDX with strain and information resources, internet apps, and more. Aha by Harman is a pivotal AcuraLink resource.

Aha organizes a MDX owner’s favorite calm from a web into personalized on-demand radio stations in a vehicle. Aha is a comprehensive, cloud-based height optimized for a automotive sourroundings that provides a elementary formation indicate for AcuraLink versed vehicles to move a far-reaching operation of stream and destiny applications into a audio complement conduct unit. This capability allows users to entrance their favorite podcasts, internet and human radio, on-demand music, grill recommendations around Yelp, and even audio updates from Facebook and Twitter. Owners can use a AcuraLink website and smartphone apps to entrance information or change preferences.

AcuraLink Service Levels
AcuraLink has 3 permitted levels of services for Technology Package MDX and up. The Standard Package comes enabled on all MDX with navigation, and includes services such as surface-street and turnpike trade (free for a initial 3 years of ownership). The subscription formed Connect Package adds a far-reaching operation of capabilities, including programmed pile-up presentation and an in-vehicle Assist System that connects we with a live Operator with a pull of an beyond button. The Premium Package, that also requires a subscription, adds Live Concierge user assistance around a MDX’s embedded dungeon phone. The Concierge use can send end information directly to a MDX navigation system, make reservations on their behalf, refurbish a user on weather, bonds and most more.

Standard (free service)

  • AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™ with HD digital turnpike trade and aspect travel trade (complimentary)
  • Acura automobile underline guide
  • Bluetooth HandsFreeLink mobile phone connectivity
  • SMS calm summary function
  • Email function
  • Pandora interface
  • Aha: Internet radio, personalized music, news, podcasts, audio books, Facebook and Twitter
  • SiriusXM Radio (standard in all MDX trims)
  • Automated use appointments

Connect Package (subscription fee)
Includes Standard services and adds:

  • Automated pile-up presentation and location
  • Assist Call
  • Enhanced roadside assistance
  • Alarm notification
  • Car finder
  • Remote doorway lock/unlock
  • Stolen automobile tracking
  • Link call information
  • Local search
  • Destination hunt regulating Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Send to car
  • Virtual dashboard
  • Remote diagnostics

Premium Package (subscription fee)
Includes Connect Package services and adds:

  • Live Concierge user assistance (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

AcuraLink Smartphone App/Website
With an active Connect or Premium Package, a AcuraLink complement gives a owners a operation of facilities they can control or guard remotely, around a AcuraLink Connect smartphone app or AcuraLink website.

AcuraLink remote features:

  • Door lock/unlock
  • Stolen automobile tracking
  • Vehicle finder (sounds horn and flashes lights)
  • Security alarm notification
  • Send end to MDX
  • Virtual dashboard
    • Odometer
    • Fuel level
    • Fuel range
    • Door close status
    • Hood status
    • Tire pressure

Aha by Harman
A underline called Aha is accessed around AcuraLink by utilizing a owner’s concordant intelligent phone. Aha organizes a MDX owner’s favorite calm from a web into personalized on-demand radio stations in a vehicle. Aha is a comprehensive, cloud-based height optimized for a automotive sourroundings that provides a elementary formation indicate for AcuraLink versed vehicles to move a far-reaching operation of stream and destiny applications into a audio complement conduct unit. This new capability allows users to entrance their favorite podcasts, internet radio, on-demand music, grill recommendations, and even audio updates from Facebook and Twitter.

Aha pivotal features:

  • Voice-based interface
  • Free use with far-reaching calm choice
  • Enables stretchable personalization and hire management
  • Content updated automatically around automobile life

Aha calm categories:

  • On-demand news and continue
  • Personalized strain including Slacker
  • Internet Radio
  • On-demand podcasts
  • Audio Books
  • Local Search: Restaurants, fuel, ATM, parking, etc.
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, etc. around audio

•    Custom Interactive OEM Channels: Direct communication to and from automobile owners

Siri Eyes Free
All MDX models confederate Apple’s Siri Eyes Free mode. Compatible iPhone® users will be means to work Siri by informed voice commands by dire and holding a TALK symbol on a steering circle when their iPhone is interconnected around Bluetooth. Using Eyes Free mode, Siri takes hands-free functionality even serve and helps to minimize intensity distractions by gripping a iOS device’s shade from lighting up.

Owners can approach Siri to perform a series of specific tasks while they keep their eyes on a highway and their hands on a wheel. Capabilities include:

  • Send calm messages and e-mails
  • Read incoming calm messages and emails
  • Set adult calendar entries, reminders, and alarms
  • Check a weather
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation (when a audio complement is set to Bluetooth® Audio or iPod mode)
  • Sports scores and batch quotes

SMS Text Messaging
All MDX models have a customary SMS calm summary duty that can review incoming texts aloud over a audio system, and concede a motorist to respond with any of 6 bureau preset messages. The complement works with SMS-capable dungeon phones that have an active information devise and a Message Access Profile (MAP), such as a Blackberry, Droid X and others. Apple iPhone models do not support this feature, though Siri Eyes Free Mode (iPhone 5 and 6 during time of launch) offers a ability to initiate, hear and respond to calm messages around voice commands.
Once a concordant phone is interconnected with a MDX ‘s Bluetooth HandsFreeLink system, a calm messaging duty is enabled. When a phone receives a calm message, an warning appears on a audio touchscreen. Using a touchscreen, a motorist can name to have a summary review aloud, can name among a preset respond choices, or can call a sender — all but touching a phone.
To minimize a intensity for motorist distraction, a calm of a incoming summary is not displayed on shade unless a delivery is in Park.
Available bureau preset calm replies:

  • Talk to we later, I’m driving.
  • I’m on my way.
  • I’m regulating late.
  • OK
  • Yes
  • No

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink
The Bluetooth HandsFreeLink interface is designed to offer hands-free operation for many Bluetooth-enabled mobile telephones. Standard on all MDX models, a complement wirelessly connects a driver’s dungeon phone to a vehicle’s audio system. This allows a motorist to make or answer dungeon phone calls but stealing hands from a steering wheel. The complement is concordant with Bluetooth-enabled dungeon phones that have a Hands Free Profile (HFP). A list of concordant phones can be found during or Acura .com. 

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink enables audio files to be played by a vehicle’s audio complement wirelessly with a underline called Bluetooth Audio. If an audio concordant device is interconnected it will be combined as an auxiliary source on a audio screen. This allows a Bluetooth device’s media to be played wirelessly by a audio system. Cell phone inclination that support a Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.3 concede a arrangement of metadata for artist, manuscript and line name on a audio screen. The vehicle’s audio controls for “skip forward” and “skip backward” concede for navigation from line to track.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink is designed for easy use. After a motorist completes a elementary one-time “pairing” routine to couple a dungeon phone with a vehicle, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink can promulgate wirelessly and firmly with a driver’s dungeon phone when a phone is within about 33 feet of a vehicle. Once a motorist enters a vehicle, a phone can be stored in a pocket, briefcase, purse or a storage bin inside a vehicle’s cabin as a call transfers information by a wireless write interface. Certain concordant dungeon phones can also send a mobile phonebook into a automobile by a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink system. After a mobile phonebook is transferred, calls can be done by creation selections from a purebred phonebook on a MDX ‘s arrangement screen.

  • Pressing a steering wheel-mounted “Pick up” symbol answers a call and mutes a audio system
  • The tourist is listened by a audio-system speakers
  • An beyond microphone picks adult a driver’s voice while minimizing credentials sound and echoing
  • Numbers with voice tags might be stored in a system’s memory
  • To make a hands-free call, a motorist initial activates a complement regulating a steering wheel-mounted fingertip controls, afterwards speaks a preset voice tag
  • Numbers can also be dialed by vocalization a write number
  • Automatic import of phone book and call story with concordant phones
  • Up to 6 opposite concordant mobile phones can be interconnected with a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink system

Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition
MDX models with a Technology Package and above underline a Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition (available in all 50 United States as good as Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico).

Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition facilities summary:

  • WVGA 8-inch tone shade for permitted viewing
  • 100 gigabytes tough hoop expostulate (HDD)
  • Navigation coverage includes a United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico
  • Fast track calculation time
  • Fast Point Of Interest (POI) hunt time
  • HD digital aspect travel and highway trade (complimentary)
  • Voice approval duty with over minimizes a need for primer impression entry
  • Voice approval complement recognizes city and travel names as oral words
  • Voice approval operates common audio and meridian control functions
  • Highly directional array microphone
  • Selectable 3D map view
  • Simple complement operation with transparent visible prompts to beam voice navigation
  • Interface Dial simplifies control of a complement and is permitted to motorist and front chair passenger
  • Audio complement automatically fades down for turn-by-turn voice superintendence (voice superintendence can be incited off during any time)
  • On-screen design of highway interchanges indicates that lane(s) to use to stay on route
  • Three languages for North American markets (English, French and Spanish)
  • Destination memory recalls stream outing addresses, prior destinations and user residence books
  • Split-screen mode facilities coexisting “map view” and resourceful track visualization
  • Trip routing can equivocate user-selected areas
  • Telephone calls to on-screen points of seductiveness with Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
  • Destinations can be sent directly to a automobile by a AcuraLink Concierge user (Premium Package price applies) or around a AcuraLink App or website (Connect Package price applies)
  • Auto shade brightness
  • Navigation complement database is updateable

Enhanced database:

  • Point Of Interest (POI) database includes over 10 million locations
  • Fuzzy proof POI and residence acid simplifies and speeds searches
  • Business and distraction office of probably all of a continental United States finish with write numbers
  • ZIP formula entrance speeds residence input
  • Directory categories embody restaurants (searchable by form of cuisine), lodging, shopping, airports, hospitals, distraction areas and most more
  • Zagat Survey™ grill beam provides information and reviews on restaurants in database, that can be review on-screen or listened over a audio system
  • Scenic Route expostulate track listings categorized by particular state
  • Exact addressing locates approximately 80-percent of addresses during their tangible GPS coordinates (instead of estimating plcae formed on linear travel number)

System Operation
The MDX’s permitted Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System uses GPS record and a 100 GB tough hoop drive-based (HDD) complement to yield drivers with turn-by-turn superintendence to their comparison destination. New for 2017, a complement includes HD Traffic information and provides coverage in many areas within a U.S., permitting a motorist to name faster, reduction undiluted routes. HD Traffic info requires no subscription and is offering during no combined cost. The complement offers a high turn of preference with a new era of AcuraLink. Owners can send a end to a automobile in allege of a outing regulating AcuraLink (with a permitted Connect Package), or while on a highway around a AcuraLink Concierge user (with a discretionary Premium Package) or a interactive voice response complement (with a AcuraLink Connect Package).

The MDX navigation complement utilizes a 8-inch high-resolution WVGA (800×480 pixel) backlit tone display. The complement can be tranquil by voice, or with a permitted interface dial. The voice-activated complement responds to infrequent authority phrases that need reduction user familiarization, in further to a capability of being means to know oral city and travel names.

The audio complement is automatically pale when a “Talk” symbol is pressed. The voice-recognition record allows a motorist to simply pronounce city and travel names aloud, and a complement responds by displaying a matches permitted in a database. Points of seductiveness on a map (such as restaurants or grocery stores) can be displayed with code trademark icons, or a complement can yield turn-by-turn navigation — all by voice command. The point-of-interest (POI) database, with some-more than 10 million points, includes write numbers that can be dialed by regulating a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink complement when a driver’s mobile write is connected to a system.

The MDX’s navigation shade can arrangement frequently updated HD Traffic information including trade flow, incidents and construction on freeways, and on aspect streets. When trade overload or highway incidents are rescued along a comparison expostulate route, a complement will automatically recalculate a “detour” track and arrangement a pop-up box signifying a track change. Alternately, a motorist can recalculate a track in primer mode simply by selecting “TRAFFIC INCIDENTS” from a Map Info menu followed by selecting a “AVOID” authority applicable to an incident.

The navigation complement can also advise scenic routes formed on a National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads guide.

USB Ports and Power Outlets

All MDX models have dual 12-volt energy outlets, one positioned in a core console and another positioned nearby a core armrest. In further to normal source inputs, a MDX is propitious with 3 USB ports in a front core console that concede for easy connectivity to equipment such as an iPod® or iPhone®, or a removable peep expostulate storage device containing WMA, MP3 or AAC format music. Two of a core console USB ports are 2.5 amp for information and charging. The third USB pier is 1.0-amp information port. Two some-more 2.5-amp USB ports are positioned in a back of a front core console for use by a second quarrel passengers. In Advance Package models, dual additional USB ports are positioned in a back of a second-row console for use by a third-row passengers.

Audio/Connectivity/Video Feature Summary


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