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Every member of a interior pattern enhances a New Sports eXperience for a NSX driver. The next‑generation NSX respects a fundamental, driver‑centered interior judgment of a strange NSX with courtesy to extended visibility, motorist support and comfort, ergonomics and elementary motorist interfaces presented with superb materials and design.

“The interior of a new Acura NSX is highlighted by what we call ‘Interwoven Dynamic’ design,” pronounced Acura NSX Interior Design Project Leader Michael Cao. “It combines a best attributes of intuitive, easy-to-use functionality and aloft ergonomics with a purify and complicated pattern cultured estimable of a next-generation supercar. It’s a ultimate testimony to a appreciative morality of form following function.”


The steering wheel, compress scale cluster and low dashboard emanate a really low cover that, together with a slight A-pillars and homogeneous side mirrors, provides both brazen and parallel unrestricted views during cornering that support accurate writing of a driver’s elite apex.

The new NSX employs a new record to maximize motorist brazen visibility: three-dimensionally focussed and quenched (3DQ) ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS) A-pillars. These slim nonetheless clever A-pillars offer well-developed strength and roof-crush insurance while providing a breathtaking perspective of a highway ahead. The new NSX A-pillars are even narrower than those on a strange NSX.

Rendering of perspective from inside a NSX

Instrument Panel and Center Console Design

The instrument row combines authentic polished materials and aspect textures with an easy‑to‑use and ergonomically designed “simple sports interface” component for discerning and stress-free operation and functionality. Both a instrument row and core console underline hand-crafted materials, including genuine leather atop a instrument panel, faux-suede Alcantara opposite a tip of a driver’s sign cluster hood and additional Alcantara pleat for a core console and glovebox.

The vicious surfaces of a core console and doors that pouch a motorist and newcomer have been fortified with additional stuffing for optimal knee and bend comfort and support, that is quite useful for motorist fortitude in energetic driving. Many competitors implement CO fiber or other tough surfaces that can means discomfort. Interior doorway and core console surfaces work in and with a seat, to yield parallel support for a driver’s hips and legs.

Sport Seats

Attractive as good as structurally firm and lightweight, a seats in a new NSX are designed to offer aloft comfort and support levels than those in competing high-performance vehicles. Seat materials, such as leather and faux-suede Alcantara, were delicately comparison to assistance yield a NSX motorist with energetic pushing support and leisure of transformation for energetic driving.

The seats embody high bolsters with integrated support structures for softened parallel reason and leisure of shoulder movement. The Alcantara core panels in a chair bottom and chair behind revoke sliding, while a leather outdoor surfaces urge palliate of entering and exiting a vehicle. To serve promote accession and egress, a discretionary driver’s energy competition chair automatically moves rearward when a ignition is incited off.

The chair bottom structure is stoical of hammered aluminum for reduced automobile weight. Both a chair and seatback are of stout construction to reason a motorist and newcomer in place and for softened longevity and pile-up performance. The headrest is designed to accommodate a helmet for lane outings.

Steering Wheel

As a centerpiece of a driver’s appreciative and energetic pushing experience, a ergonomic, seamlessly‑wrapped steering circle of a NSX provides aloft grip, comfort and control. It has been designed to yield man-machine synergy between a motorist and a car.

  • The leather-wrapped steering circle has a stitchless pattern to maximize a NSX driver’s tie to a automobile and a road. The seamless, undeviating aspect of a circle helps to yield a motorist with predictable, linear feedback.
  • The figure of a steering circle optimally supports dual palm positions: 9 and 3 o’clock and 10 and dual o’clock. The steering circle figure is complemented by extended‑length paddle shifters.
  • The flattened tip territory of a steering circle offers softened brazen visibility, and a flattened bottom enhances motorist leg space.
  • The side surfaces of a steering circle were sculpted to limit ergonomic advantage by association between NSX pro drivers and interior designers.
  • The steering circle middle support is stoical of magnesium for low sluggishness and limit acerbity to support frail handling.

Steering-Wheel Mounted Controls

Controls mounted on a steering circle put vicious facilities and functions during a driver’s fingertips. The audio volume wheel, source preference symbol and phone controls are on a left of a steering wheel, and a Multi-Information Display (MID) controls and journey control functions are on a right.

Simple Sports Interface

The driver’s instrument cluster and core console have been designed to raise a pushing knowledge with discerning blueprint and elementary operation, formulating a “simple sports interface” for a driver.  

Audio and Connectivity

The new NSX creates it easy for a motorist to work a navigation and audio functions while focusing on driving. An advanced, user-friendly apartment of audio and connectivity technologies is tranquil by a single, 7-in. capacitive touchscreen. The Display Audio component is supplemented by steering wheel-mounted controls to put entrance to facilities and functions during a driver’s fingertips.

ELS Studio Audio System

An discretionary Technology Package includes a ELS Studio Audio System, that was designed, engineered and done in partnership with Grammy and Emmy award-winning recording operative and song writer Elliot Sheiner.

Dynamic Thin-Film Transistor Gauge Cluster

Front and core of a instrument row is an 8.0-in. Dynamic Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) sign cluster, that is overlaid with a digital analog tachometer dial that resembles a normal vast analog tachometer. Within a tachometer is a digital speedometer readout and full-color MID. The TFT core scale is flanked by digital gauges displaying a Sport Hybrid SH-AWD component motor’s state of charge/assist (left) and a battery’s state of assign (right), with an analog engine coolant feverishness sign on a left and a fuel sign on a right.

TFT instrument cluster shown in Sport+ mode

Multi-Information Display

The customizable MID displays a far-reaching accumulation of functions and information and is tranquil by a ride dial on a right side of a steering wheel. The MID also incorporates a Acura Maintenance Minder system, that alerts a motorist of arriving upkeep needs around a MID. Should a error occur, specific warning information will seem on a MID.

MID information categories include:

  • Integrated Dynamics System mode
  • Elapsed time
  • Average speed
  • Average fuel economy
  • Instant fuel economy
  • Estimated fuel range
  • Maintenance Minder
  • Tire vigour monitoring component (TPMS)
  • Engine oil life
  • Engine oil level
  • Turn-by-turn navigation (with Technology Package featuring embedded Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System)
  • Turn-by-turn navigation for integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Transmission Information Display

The TFT sign cluster relays critical information to a motorist relating to a stream state of delivery operation in a transparent and obvious graphical format, depending on a transmission’s mode of operation:

  • Auto – Signals a motorist that a automobile is now in Automatic mode
  • D-Paddle – Signals that nonetheless Auto is still selected, a automobile is in a proxy Manual mode, with a motorist manually selecting gears around a steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The arrangement earnings to Auto when authority change activity stops for a certain duration of time
  • Manual – The scale displays usually a rigging comparison (e.g. “3”) when a automobile is in entirely Manual mode

Integrated Dynamic System Meter Modes

The driver’s core scale is tied into a Integrated Dynamics System to yield a visible component to a customizable energetic and heard elements of a NSX pushing experience. When a motorist selects a new Integrated Dynamics System mode regulating a energetic mode dial, a MID displays a graphical illustration of a Integrated Dynamics System member systems, along with a tone to compare a mode.

  • In Quiet mode, a scale takes on a cold blue glow.
  • In Sport mode, a scale takes on a grey paint with red highlights.
  • In Sport+ and Track modes, a tachometer takes on a yellow paint with red highlights, and a tachometer “rotates” to place a revoke and tip rpm boundary during a 6 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions.

As engine speed increases during driving, a outdoor ring of a tachometer will peep red when a engine speed exceeds 7,000 rpm to warning a motorist that they are coming a 7,500 rpm redline.

Interior Illumination

The driver’s sign cluster and Display Audio touchscreen irradiate on automobile entrance and gradually lighten to full strength when a Sport Hybrid SH-AWD energy territory is started. The arrangement shade of a driver’s sign cluster presents a brightly colored typeface that is easy to review opposite a black background. Additional interior enlightenment includes twin LED map lights in a beyond console and blue-tinted LED lighting for a feet wells and core console.

Center Console

The core console contains a following elements:

  • Display Audio component interface with 7-in. capacitive touchscreen
  • Dual-Zone meridian control
  • Integrated Dynamics System control dial
  • Three-position exhilarated chair controls
  • Electronic rigging selector
  • Electric parking brake
  • Storage compartments

NSX core console

Display Audio System Interface

A 7-in., high-resolution capacitive touchscreen is enclosed as partial of a customary apparatus package.
When a motorist initial opens a door, a Display Audio component touchscreen illuminates. A tradition NSX animation displays when a automobile is started.

Climate Control System

Every Acura NSX includes a dual-zone involuntary meridian control component with steam control and atmosphere filtration. The component enables a motorist and newcomer to pre-select their elite feverishness settings, and it automatically adjusts volumetric airflow and feverishness to say a correct and appreciative meridian inside a vehicle. With a micron atmosphere filtration system, a dual-zone involuntary meridian control component can filter particulate matter as tiny as 0.3 microns.

Push-button defrost helps to transparent adult fogged or icy windows fast and conveniently for softened external visibility. A correct and gentle meridian can assistance a motorist keep their thoroughness and reactions pointy for softened reserve and pushing performance.

Humidity control improves a vehicle’s interior atmosphere peculiarity and newcomer comfort. It uses a sensor within a cabin to detect feverishness and dampness levels and regulates airflow to say a gentle spin of humidity.

Dynamic Mode Dial

Effortless transition between pushing modes is done by an superb rotary dial. The vast Dynamic Mode dial of a Integrated Dynamics System is located during a bottom of a instrument row and core console juncture. The motorist can simply strech a dial to change pushing modes (Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track) but holding their eyes off a road.

Electronic Gear Selector

The Electronic Gear Selector enables a motorist to name a automobile rigging environment with a elementary reason of a button.

  • Park (P) – Pressing a symbol places a automobile in Park (indicator light illuminates red).
  • Reverse (R) – Pulling behind engages a Reverse rigging (indicator light illuminates green) and rearview camera .
  • Neutral (N) – Pressing a symbol places a delivery in Neutral (indicator light illuminates red).
  • Drive (D/M) – Pressing a symbol puts a automobile in Drive; dire it again toggles a component to Manual; dire a symbol again puts a delivery in Manual mode (indicator light illuminates green).

Electric Parking Brake with Automatic Brake Hold

The NSX adds a preference of an electric parking brake, enabling a motorist to rivet a parking stop by simply pulling on a rocker switch located on a core console.
The parking stop also includes a preference of Automatic Brake Hold, which, once activated, can say a back stop reason even after a stop pedal has been released.

Multi-Function Center Console with Interior Storage

The new NSX offers accessible storage areas for both motorist and passenger.

  • Base of a core console – Inset front slot
  • Top of a core console between a seats – Additional storage slot designed to accommodate a intelligent phone
  • Rear of a core console – Roomy storage box containing a 1.5-amp USB interface pier that can sync a smartphone to a Display Audio touchscreen for operation of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
    • A phone cord government device is located underneath a rubber pad that lines a bottom of a back storage box
  • Glovebox – Includes a 1.0-amp USB interface pier that can be used for audio devices, such as MP3 players

Interior Features

Key interior facilities of a all-new Acura NSX include:

Seating and Trim

  • Perforated Milano Leather and Alcantara-trimmed exhilarated and 4-way tractable authority competition seats
  • Optional 4-way energy competition seats with power-adjustable lumbar; semi-aniline leather/Alcantara or semi-aniline full leather trim
  • Leather-trimmed instrument panel
  • Leather-trimmed doorway panels


  • Leather-wrapped competition steering circle (available CO fiber trim)
  • Illuminated steering wheel-mounted controls for Cruise, Audio, Phone, and Multi-Information Display
  • Tilt and telescopic steering column


  • Push-button start
  • Sound control
  • Active Sound Control
  • Intake sound control
  • Dynamic TFT sign cluster
  • 7-in. capacitive touchscreen Display Audio system
  • Electronic journey control
  • HomeLink remote system

Interior Illumination

  • LED interior ambient lighting
  • Rear load area light


  • Dual-zone involuntary meridian control
  • Rear engine cell window defroster

Power Features

  • Power windows
  • Power side mirrors
  • Power doorway locks
  • Power remote-operated fuel filler doorway
  • 12-volt energy outlet
  • 1.0-amp USB interface pier in glovebox
  • 1.5-amp USB interface pier in back console storage box of core console
  • Frameless involuntary dimming rearview mirror


  • Center console storage

Rear Cargo Area

The back load area of a new NSX is agreeably atmospheric and versatile for a mid-engine high‑performance supercar. With 4.4 cubic feet of space and 100 lb. of capacity, a NSX box can conveniently accommodate weekend luggage for dual or even a golf bag—all simply accessed by a back load area’s far-reaching opening. A set of 4 back load area tie-down anchors are enclosed to assistance secure items, and an appendage load net for a back area is also available.

The box can be non-stop regulating a remote pivotal fob, a symbol located on a driver’s interior doorway or by joyless a discretely located symbol underneath a trailing corner of a box lid. A cheuffer lock-out switch is located in a glovebox. The motorist can activate a cheuffer tighten out switch and tighten a glovebox manually to forestall entrance to a sealed back load area.

NSX Exterior Design

Staying loyal to a Precision Crafted Performance DNA, a “Interwoven Dynamic” extraneous pattern of a new NSX integrates supercar aesthetics with supercar performance.

The altogether neat nonetheless robust position conveys a clarity of purpose and power. Remarkably compress overhangs predict a pattern and engineering team’s model wrapping of automatic and electrical components.

“The thought that form follows duty is elemental to Acura design, and this truth is interwoven in a core of NSX, that is because a extraneous judgment is called ‘Interwoven Dynamic,” pronounced Acura NSX Exterior Design Project Leader Michelle Christensen. “The NSX is a visible countenance of appreciative pattern and opening operative together, conversion any preference we made—every surface, any millimeter, any pattern member of a new NSX is focused on enhancing performance.”

Floating C-Pillars

The floating C-pillars, brazen of a back fenders, integrated into a extraneous pattern are as eloquent as they are distinctive, ancillary fit body‑side airflow.

The C‑pillars extend external from a tilted back roofline so that, as atmosphere flows down a sides of a vehicle, it is well rerouted into a side-mounted engine atmosphere intakes.

The floating C-pillars also assist engine cooling by formulating a disastrous vigour territory around a back feverishness empty vents, along a external edges of a back windscreen, improving a potency of feverishness exhaustion. The apportionment of atmosphere that flows down a sides of a automobile toward a external sections of a strut is stabilized to revoke turmoil as it passes with minimal intrusion over a back fenders and spoiler.

Flush-Mounted Automatic Power Pop-out Door Handles

The flush-fitting extraneous doorway handles are both aesthetically appreciative and functional, providing a welcoming “handshake” with a motorist or newcomer as they extend external from a doorway on proceed while during a same time ancillary purify airflow along a physique side.

Smart Entry with keyless entrance is enabled by vicinity sensors tied to a remote pivotal fob and capacitive reason sensors in a extraneous doorway handles. The vicinity sensors induce a doorway handles on approach, fluctuating them external for easy operation. Grasping possibly doorway hoop activates a capacitive reason sensor, that unlocks a doors. Once a hoop is released, it earnings to a flush position. The doors can also be unbarred by dire a transparent symbol on a remote pivotal fob, that concurrently extends a driver’s doorway hoop and unlocks a driver’s door. A double pull of a symbol extends both doorway handles and unlocks both doors. From external a vehicle, a doors can be sealed regulating a symbol positioned only brazen of a doorway hoop or by dire a tighten symbol on a remote pivotal fob.

Even yet a extraneous doorway hoop resource relies on wiring to duty properly, it is not probable to be sealed out of a NSX due to an onboard energy failure. The doorway hoop can be operated manually but electrical assistance. Automatic doorway hoop prolongation can be infirm by a switch in a glovebox for shipping or long-term storage.

The box is accessed by means of a remote pivotal fob, by a symbol located on a driver’s interior doorway panel, or by a symbol discretely located underneath a trailing corner of a box lid. In a eventuality of a detriment of power, both a driver’s doorway and a box also underline a normal pivotal cylinder for authority locking and unlocking of a doors and trunk.

Supercar Wiper and Washer System

The wiper and washer system, engineered privately for a new NSX, has been designed to work effectively even during limit automobile speeds. Tested in a breeze hovel during airflow homogeneous of over 180 mph, a spoiler-shaped wipers have been designed to beget downforce on a wiper blade, while a speed-controlled wiper engine maintains a unchanging wiping speed, ensuring rarely effective wiper opening in all pushing conditions. Likewise, a windshield washer component utilizes a three‑nozzle component for aloft coverage in all conditions and pushing environments, including high‑speed travel.

In a serve curtsy to improving brazen prominence and providing an unrestricted perspective of a road, a windshield wiper arms are placed as low as probable during a bottom of a windshield and revoke cover territory so that they sojourn totally out of a driver’s perspective when not in operation. Placing a wipers next a hood also helps lessen breeze noise.

Body-Colored Aerodynamic Side Mirrors

Featuring a two-tone paint intrigue that accentuates a NSX’s low-slung demeanour and far-reaching stance, a powered side mirrors embody a skinny blade arm to minimize atmosphere disturbance. This blade pattern reduces internal airflow noise, prevents intrusion of atmosphere issuing to a side intakes and minimizes aerodynamic drag. Like a ultra-high-strength A-pillars, a skinny blade arm pattern improves prominence when parking and cornering. Each counterpart housing includes light‑emitting diode (LED) spin signal.

LED Lighting

The extraneous pattern of a all-new NSX includes a accumulation of LED lighting features, including Acura Jewel Eye LED headlights, LED daytime using lights (DRL) and LED taillights.

Acura Jewel Eye LED Headlights

Acura Jewel Eye LED headlights are a customary underline on any NSX. Designed to component a assertive low and far-reaching extraneous appearance, any headlight public contains 6 particular LEDs. The low lamp environment uses a 4 outdoor LEDs, and all 6 LEDs are used when a high beams are activated.

The wavelength of a LED is tighten to a tellurian eye’s resplendence curve. With their streamlined figure and revoke electrical energy consumption, a NSX Jewel Eye LED headlights also assist fuel potency and have a longer operational life compared to normal halogen or high‑intensity liberate lamps.

LED Daytime Running Lights

The NSX LED daytime using lights (DRL) use a tip half of any LED headlamp that creates adult a Acura Jewel Eye LED headlight assembly. LED position lights are located only underneath a LED headlamps. The LED position lights are stoical of a array of tiny and firmly packaged LEDs that run in a skinny continual line along a bottom of a headlight assembly. LED lighting is also used for a spin signals during both a front and back of a vehicle.

This integrated LED-based lighting component creates a pattern cultured that complements a smooth, issuing and streamlined impression lines of a vehicle, rather than job particular courtesy to a daytime using lights themselves. Most importantly, a DRL pattern featured on a new NSX provides transparent enlightenment that can be simply seen by pedestrians or other drivers during daytime hours.

LED Taillights

Similar in impression to a Acura Jewel Eye LED headlights during a front of a vehicle, a LED taillights have a compress and slight coming with a singly freeform shape. The LED taillight array starts off wider toward a core apportionment of a back of a vehicle, afterwards kindly tapers as it wraps around toward a external corners and back buffer arches.

NSX LED tailights

NSX Exterior Finish and Paint

The NSX paint group during a innovative new Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) targeted a top levels of paint peculiarity with reduced environmental impact, unchanging with their aim of “next‑generation peculiarity and craftsmanship.”

NSX Body Panel Paint Process

  • Body panels enter a paint routine trustworthy to a specifically designed tie that locates a panels in a position and angle identical to how they are oriented once commissioned on a vehicle.
  • To protection tone peace between mixed substrates, a specialty authority is practical to all physique panels. This provides a common bottom to start a tone focus process.
  • Depending on a final tone desired, a varying series of coats is applied.
  • Two layers of a high-quality/long-lasting transparent cloak are afterwards applied.
  • Body panels are afterwards palm finished before receiving an additional dual layers of transparent coat.
  • In a box of Andaro paint, several additional layers of nano-particle transparent cloak are practical during a portrayal process.
  • Once cured, a panels bear clever investigation in a newly designed investigation counter utilizing high-intensity LED lighting to assistance associates brand and residence even a smallest irregularities.

World-class NSX paint quality


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