Acura Automobiles: 2017 Acura NSX Press Kit

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As a initial build-to-order automobile for Acura, a new NSX facilities an endless array of bureau options and styles, permitting buyers to customize a interior and extraneous to make it their ideal NSX.

Factory Option Packages

NSX has 3 accessible packages:

  • Carbon Fiber Interior Sport Package
  • Carbon Fiber Exterior Sport Package
  • Technology Package

Carbon Fiber Interior Sport Package

The Carbon Fiber Interior Sport Package facilities a CO fiber-covered scale visor atop a driver’s sign cluster, CO fiber steering circle garnish, aluminum competition pedals and footrest.

Carbon fiber scale visor

Carbon Fiber Exterior Sport Package

The Carbon Fiber Exterior Sport Package competition-inspired extraneous enhancements with a serve of a CO fiber front spoiler, CO fiber side sills, CO fiber back diffuser and dim chrome empty finisher.

Technology Package

The discretionary Technology Package accessible for a new NSX includes a ELS Studio Audio System, that was designed, engineered and made in partnership with Grammy and Emmy award-winning recording operative and song writer Elliot Sheiner.
The Technology Package integrates a ELS Studio Audio System, next‑generation AcuraLink, Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and HD Digital Traffic and front and back parking sensors. Additionally, it is accessible with SiriusXM Radio.

ELS Studio Audio System

Including a 12-channel amplifier and 580 watts of power, a nine-speaker ELS Studio Audio System creates a energetic audio knowledge by maximizing a acoustic properties and opening of any audio member that has been purpose-built for a new Acura NSX.

Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and HD Digital Traffic

Developed in partnership with Garmin, a modernized Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and HD Digital Traffic utilizes GPS record to give a motorist rarely accurate and easy-to-follow turn-by-turn pushing directions to any residence in a U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

The HD Digital Traffic element alerts a motorist to stream trade conditions in their surrounding area and can arrangement swap pushing routes (including aspect streets in a U.S.) to detour heavily undiluted trade areas.

Next-Generation AcuraLink

AcuraLink enables a far-reaching array of connectivity, information and useful services for extended convenience, accessibility and assistance. This choice allows NSX business to bond with online, cloud-based calm and services both inside and outward of a automobile regulating a in-car audio and media element or by regulating a AcuraLink intelligent phone app.

AcuraLink facilities include:

  • Continuously updated trade information
  • Cloud-based navigation services
  • 24/7 concierge service
  • Messages and alerts
  • Access to a digital chronicle of a NSX owner’s primer
  • Mobile support services
  • Convenient scheduling of use appointments for a NSX

Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Front and back parking sensors occupy ultrasonic waves to detect obstacles and a stretch between them and a vehicle, and a sensors located during a corners of a automobile will audibly warning a driver.

SiriusXM Radio

With some-more than 175 channels of digital programming and nearby CD-quality sound, SiriusXM Satellite Radio programming includes:

  • A crowd of commercial-free song channels of probably each genre imaginable
  • Live play-by-play movement of vital sports
  • News and weather
  • Talk radio and party news
  • Current trade conditions in countless vital civil areas
  • Several Spanish-language stations

Individual Factory Options

Stand-alone factory-installed facilities include:

  • Carbon Fiber Roof
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Decklid Spoiler
  • Carbon-Ceramic Brake Rotors
  • Exclusive Interwoven Wheels
  • Alcantara Headliner
  • Semi-Aniline Leather and Alcantara Power Seats
  • Semi-Aniline Full Leather Power Seats
  • Upgraded Pearl and Metallic or Andaro paint

Carbon Fiber Roof

The accessible competition-inspired CO fiber roof is a element to a other accessible interior and extraneous CO fiber trim accessories.

Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

The hand-crafted CO fiber engine cover adds a particular pattern aesthetic—especially when noticed by a back window glass.

Carbon Fiber Rear Decklid Spoiler

Composed wholly of CO fiber, this pointed nonetheless stylish aerodynamic device adds a sip of opinion while providing additional downforce during a back of a vehicle.

Carbon-Ceramic Brake Rotors

A tie on racing cars competing in a top levels of motorsport events, carbon-ceramic stop rotors offer well-developed braking opening and unsprung weight reduction. These stop rotors are scarcely 52 lb. (23.5 kg) lighter than a customary stop rotor package, when adopted for use in a road‑going prolongation vehicle, such as a Acura NSX. The CO ceramic stop rotor package comes customary with black stop calipers though can also be systematic with red or china calipers.

Exclusive Interwoven Wheels

An discretionary factory-installed circle set utilizes a thin, disdainful Interwoven circle spoke pattern featuring 3 options of finish: 3D-machined, discriminating and painted.

High-Performance Tires

  • Front – Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 245/35ZR 19
  • Rear – Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 305/30ZR 20XL
  • Front – Pirelli Race TROFEO 245/35ZR 19XL
  • Rear – Pirelli Race TROFEO 305/30ZR 20XL

Alcantara Headliner

The accessible black Alcantara superstar is a rarely durable suede-like element to element a other customary Alcantara parts.

Semi-Aniline Leather and Alcantara Power Seats

The NSX is accessible with semi-aniline leather seating surfaces with black Alcantara inserts and four-way (fore-aft and recumbent adjustable) energy seats. Available tone schemes embody Ebony, Red, Saddle or Orchid. Seat heaters and chair memory systems are also included.

Semi-Aniline Full Leather Power Seats

The energy seats can also be tradition dressed in full, reward semi-aniline leather (eliminating a Alcantara inserts). This choice is accessible with a Ebony and Orchid interior color. Seat heaters and chair memory systems are also included.

Exterior Colors

Eight graphic extraneous colors are accessible for a new NSX. As a wise reverence to a NSX greatest opening capabilities, developed in partial from Acura’s sports automobile racing heritage, many of a names for a colors compensate reverence to some of a many famous corners of obvious racetracks around a world. These names will be simply famous for anyone with a passion for top-level motorsports.

Standard Colors

  • Berlina Black – This dim and sporting tone is carried over from a strange Acura NSX
  • Curva Red
  • 130R White – Named for a formidable 130R dilemma on a Suzuka International Racing Course in Japan

Optional Pearl and Metallic Colors

These paint schemes supplement a scintillating glaze by incorporating little mica (pearl) or lead particulate within a paint. Pearl and lead tone schemes for a all new Acura NSX are:

  • Source Silver Metallic
  • Casino White Pearl
  • Nord Gray Metallic

Optional Andaro Colors

Pittsburgh Paint and Glass (PPG)’s Andaro paint chemistry utilizes a reward tone colouring mid-coat record that provides an unusually high turn of tone superfluity (chroma) typically used on high finish judgment cars. The outcome serve accentuates a NSX extraneous pattern by augmenting a contrariety between a surfaces and changing a tone value somewhat when noticed during opposite angles. Andaro tone schemes for a all-new Acura NSX are:

  • Nouvelle Blue Pearl
  • Valencia Red Pearl

Interior Colors

The NSX can be versed in one of 4 accessible interior colors:

  • Ebony
  • Red
  • Saddle
  • Orchid

Color-matched leather surfaces embody a motorist and newcomer seats, outboard arm rests, reduce doorway panels and core console. The black Alcantara chair inserts underline stitching that is color-matched to a leather.


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