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The 2019 RDX’s bespoke physique structure is significantly some-more rigid, lightweight and acoustically sealed, providing a substructure for a all-new RDX’s well-developed doing response, movable float quality, dramatically quieter cabin and top-level collision reserve performance.

The RDX also delivers a some-more reward and romantic extraneous participation to go with a modernized physique design. While now tangible as an RDX, a new RDX strikes a some-more assertive and jaunty poise with a prolonged and far-reaching stance, wheels pushed to a corners and neatly sculpted pattern details. Premium extraneous sum embody all-LED lighting featuring a subsequent era of Acura’s Jewel Eye™ LED headlights and an ultra-wide appetite lean and slip breathtaking moonroof, prevalent on all grades.

The new RDX is 2.4 inches longer than before, with a combined length assisting both behind legroom and bucket capacity. Its some-more jaunty position comes pleasantness of a 1.1-inch wider physique with an equally wider lane and a 2.6-inch longer wheelbase that also creates a RDX some-more skilful during interesting highway irregularities.

Advanced Body Architecture
The RDX’s new physique pattern employs modernized engineering and public techniques to concurrently boost acerbity and revoke weight. These embody a new double-ring behind body/frame structure, a world’s-first ultra-high strength steel, center and outdoor front doorway ring design, and Acura’s initial use of high-performance constructional glue and RDX’s initial use of sound-absorbing acoustic mist foam. These enhancements significantly urge float and handling, cabin quietness, and collision reserve performance.

What’s New
The following Body and Exterior facilities are new for a 2019 RDX:

  • Surround View Camera System (Advance Package)
  • 4-Door Smart Entry (Technology Package and above)
  • Walk Away Door Lock (Technology Package and above)
  • Ultra-wide lean and slip breathtaking moonroof with appetite sunshade
  • Hands Free Access appetite tailgate with programmable opening tallness (Advance Package)
  • Auto high lamp headlamps
  • Acura reward colors
  • Rear camera washer (Advance Package)
  • Satin brushed immaculate steel tailgate interior ornament (Advance Package)
  • Exposed twin empty outlets with splendid finishers (larger hole on A-Spec)
  • Acoustic windshield
  • Acoustic front doorway potion (Advance Package)
  • High-strength creosote tailgate
  • Double ring behind body/frame structure
  • Ultra-high-strength (hot-stamped) steel center and outdoor front doorway rings
  • Large underneath building storage area and side bin
  • Acoustic mist froth for softened cabin quietness
  • High-performance constructional glue for physique acerbity and weight reduction
  • Front intelligent wiper system

2018 vs. 2019 RDX Exterior Dimensions and Weight

Key Body Specifications

Body and Exterior Features

RDX (standard)

  • 19-inch Glitter Sliver embellished aluminum amalgamate wheels
  • Acoustic windshield
  • Body-colored and exhilarated appetite side mirrors with memory and integrated LED spin indicators
  • Capless fueling system
  • Dual empty outlets with splendid finishers
  • LED core high mountain stop light
  • LED daytime regulating lights (DRL)
  • LED Jewel Eye® headlights with Auto-off
  • LED side spin lights
  • LED tail lights (except spin signals)
  • One-touch breathtaking lean slip moonroof with appetite sunshade
  • One-touch spin signals
  • Height-programmable appetite tailgate
  • Push Button Start/Stop
  • Remote Smart Entry
  • Wipers on/headlights on

RDX – Technology

  • 19-inch Pewter Gray embellished and machined face aluminum amalgamate wheels
  • 4-Door Smart Entry
  • Front and behind parking sensors
  • Blind mark information complement (BSI) and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

RDX – A-Spec

  • 20-inch Shark Grey embellished aluminum amalgamate wheels  
  • A-Spec badges
  • Matte black grille with shimmer black approximate
  • Dark-tinted LED daytime regulating lights (DRL)
  • LED haze lights
  • Dark-tinted LED headlights
  • Optional disdainful Signature Blue Pearl paint
  • Large-diameter empty finishers
  • Sport Black trim
  • Unique front revoke garnish
  • Unique behind revoke garnish
  • Gloss black side garnish

RDX – Advance

  • 19-inch Medium Alloy Silver embellished aluminum amalgamate wheels
  • 4-Door Smart Entry
  • 4.7 mm acoustic front doorway glass
  • LED haze lights
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Rear camera washer
  • Satin brushed immaculate steel tailgate garnish
  • Surround View Camera System

Emotional and Evocative New Design
Developed during a Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles, California, and desirous by a Acura Precision Concept, a all-new RDX presents a some-more emotional, jaunty and assertive form to compare a reward performance-luxury SUV image.  It is a initial all-new Acura indication to be designed around a confidant new face of Acura and a signature pattern element, Acura’s solid pentagon grille, from that a pattern intentionally flows outward.   

Acura Precision Concept

2019 Acura RDX

All-new Acura Jewel Eye® LED headlights brush outmost and back, boldly fasten a aerodynamic front finish with a physique sides. Due to a longer wheelbase and subtly shorter front and behind overhangs, a RDX appears lower, faster and sleeker in profile.

Below a grille and edgy, aggressively styled fascia is a contingent of openings: during center, a extended cooling channel for a engine’s turbocharger intercooler, and during any corner, wing-shaped organic air-curtain openings, desirous by those on a NSX supercar. At a bottom, a racing-inspired atmosphere splitter and bright, wing-shaped dilemma trim lend both form and function.

The side form says “RDX” during a glance, though like a front, evolves a indication into a some-more passionate, assertive form. Larger and wider circle arches support a prevalent 19-in. amalgamate wheels, while body-colored doorway handles and splendid accents along a revoke physique sides gives a new RDX a some-more upscale appearance. The physique sides are serve developed with a stronger, some-more fatiguing impression line stretching from a front circle arches adult by a doorway handles and above a behind fenders. The brightly-trimmed side window form – suggestive of a competition sedan – is serve some-more decisive, and a behind entertain window figure kicks adult during a D-pillar, assembly a issuing roof row in a sporty, robust form.

In back, a new RDX continues a robust new design. While progressing a clever steel center panel, a programmable appetite tailgate’s creosote outdoor skin allows some-more leisure of expression, as evidenced by a concave pattern that gives a row a confidant 3D figure that reflects light uniquely, enhancing visible appeal. C-shaped LED taillights with a particular “dragon tail” give a energetic and singular light signature to a new model. Rear parking sensors confederate with a fascia on Technology Package and above grades. While next a behind fascia, a dark-finished diffuser-style row and unprotected twin empty outlets with splendid finishers give a opening flair, while A-Spec takes things a bit serve with incomparable hole finishers and disdainful airflow strakes between them. 

Aerodynamic Tailoring
A extensive aerodynamics package helps a new RDX grasp top-class fuel potency and interior quietness. Specially-shaped components during a front of a car lamp airflow by a engine’s radiator and into a turbocharger’s lower-mounted intercooler, while channeling a remaining airflow over, around and underneath a vehicle. A cold-air intake is also supposing for a engine.

Additional aerodynamic sum include:

  • Minimizing a estuary opening area during a front of a car
  • Small vents built into a front fenders emanate “air curtains” that assistance say smooth, trustworthy airflow opposite a circle openings to revoke drag.
  • Molded under-panel located directly underneath a front atmosphere dam uniformly triggers a rearward upsurge of atmosphere underneath a vehicle
  • Aluminum under-tray positioned underneath a engine and delivery smooths underbody airflow
  • Lateral strakes inhibit airflow around a front tires to revoke drag
  • Dual molded side under-panels urge airflow between a front and behind wheels
  • Rear spoiler positioned above a behind window helps atmosphere apart clean from a car

Rigid and Lightweight New Body Structure
The new RDX physique structure provides a foundations for a difference float and doing capabilities, still cabin and top-class collision reserve performance.  The new physique was designed from a belligerent adult to be lighter, some-more firm and firmly hermetic and incorporates countless new engineering features, including:

  • A double-ring behind body/frame structure for dramatically softened behind physique acerbity in a five-door SUV pattern (an Acura first)
  • A two-piece ultra-high strength steel front doorway ring pattern for reduced weight and softened collision reserve opening (a world’s first)
  • The focus of sound-absorbing acoustic mist froth to 12 physique cavities, that mix with triple hermetic doors and other sound-deadening measures to broach well-developed cabin serenity (an RDX first)
  • The use of high-performance constructional adhesives in a physique construction to revoke weight and urge acerbity (an Acura first)

Despite being 41 pounds lighter than a previous-generation unibody, tellurian acerbity of a new 2019 RDX physique structure is adult 38.3 percent that supports softened fine-tuning of a cessation systems for aloft float and doing performance. The unbending physique structure allows a framework to work some-more effectively and reduces a cessation movement indispensable to control physique motion. Another advantage of a firm physique structure is a quieter and some-more gentle float for passengers, with rebate noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) felt over a far-reaching operation of pushing conditions.

Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) Body Structure
The new RDX’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) physique structure is an disdainful physique pattern that enhances newcomer insurance and pile-up harmony in frontal collisions. It uses a network of connected constructional elements to liberate pile-up appetite some-more uniformly around a front of a vehicle, assisting to revoke a army eliminated to a newcomer compartment. ACE channels frontal pile-up appetite to both tip and revoke constructional elements, including a building support rails, side sills and A-pillars. It can assistance to some-more uniformly sunder a army eliminated to other vehicles in a pile-up as well.

ACE also helps revoke a chances that one car will overrule another, improving pile-up harmony of vehicles that differ in size. ACE goes serve by charity additional strength and insurance in tiny overlie frontal collisions, that are among a many severe. (See a Safety and Driver Assistance territory for some-more information.)

Crash Stroke
The RDX’s ACE™ physique structure facilities pile-up cadence technology. In a frontal collision, a revoke territory of a front car support hinges in a demeanour that helps approach a engine down and rearward to minimize cabin intrusion.

Ultra-High Strength Door Rings
The new 2019 RDX facilities ultra-high-strength steel doorway bolster beams and a new world’s initial record – two-piece (inner and outer) ultra-high-strength front doorway stiffener rings done of 1500-MPa hot-stamped steel. Laser welded and significantly stronger than compulsory steel, a ultra-high-strength steel reinforcements are designed to assistance softened strengthen occupants in a frontal or side impact. Their augmenting strength allows member weight to be reduced 28 pounds compared to a prior design, that also helps revoke altogether car mass for softened doing and fuel efficiency.

Double Ring Rear Frame Structure
The behind apportionment of a RDX’s unibody facilities a new “double ring” constructional pattern that incorporates twin companion steel structures into a unibody: One utilizing a C-pillars, behind circle arches and building area; and a other utilizing a singular post structure above a behind cessation dampers, roof and building area. This worldly pattern almost improves torsional acerbity in a five-door “two-box” SUV physique structure that includes a prevalent breathtaking moonroof, while also formulating mixed bucket paths for army introduced by a behind suspension, ensuing in significantly softened float and handling.

Roll-Hemmed Roof Structure
The focus of a breathtaking moonroof to all 2019 RDX grades compulsory an all-new roof pattern and engineering in sequence to keep a required acerbity and reserve performance. A pivotal partial of this new pattern is a roll-hemmed roof structure. A initial for Acura, a roll-hemmed roof structure stiffens a extraneous roof panel, enabling a vast breathtaking moonroof to be combined but sacrificing roof strength or altogether unibody stiffness. (See a Safety and Driver Assistance territory for some-more information.)

Ultra-Wide Panoramic Tilt Slide Moonroof
Standard on all 2019 RDX grades, an ultra-wide breathtaking lean and slip moonroof offers top-in-class opening dimensions. Its top-slide, bottom-load pattern also minimizes penetration on interior headroom.

Utilizing twin panes of 4.0 mm gradual glass, a breathtaking moonroof opening measures about 3.1 feet far-reaching and 4.4 feet long. The sloping and shifting front row is 37 inches far-reaching and 27 inches long, and a bound behind row is 36 in. far-reaching and 26 in. long. Particularly for a rear-seat passengers, a breathtaking roof provides an huge “look up” angle of 109 degrees, leading all competitors in a RDX’s segment. A appetite sunshade can be extended or retracted opposite both breathtaking roof sections to yield possibly an unrestricted sky view, or else full shade – or some acceptable multiple thereof – for all passengers. (See a Interior territory for some-more information.)

High-Performance Structural Adhesive
The 2019 RDX creates widespread use of constructional adhesives around a unibody, supplementing a constructional welds and significantly augmenting acerbity but a augmenting mass of additional steel components. The high-performance glue element is used along a roof edges, in a roof pillars, side sills and behind wheelhouse, and extensively in a vehicle’s building pan.

Structural glue application

Applied before a physique panels are welded together, some 112 feet of constructional glue directly minister 6 percent to RDX’s alleviation physique acerbity – including gains in torsional, tortuous and parallel stiffness. It helps revoke a new RDX’s unibody weight by 19.8 pounds compared to a prior generation.

Body Rigidity
The new RDX serve almost outperforms a prior era in torsional, tortuous and parallel rigidity. Global physique acerbity is augmenting 38.3 percent, directly benefiting a RDX’s doing response and precision.

Fitting Point Stiffness
The RDX has 8 wise points where cessation components insert to a unibody – twin for a MacPherson strut front cessation and 6 for a multi-link behind suspension. In all cases, a new RDX outperforms a prior era unibody by a poignant margin, with an normal boost of 52.5 percent. Dividends embody softened steering precision, highway holding and float quality, and reduced highway sound imparted to a cabin.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Countermeasures
Extensive noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) countermeasures incorporated into a RDX embody strategically placed physique sealants, constructional adhesives and other measures to revoke quivering and a delivery of noise.

Wind and Exterior Ambient Noise Reduction

  • Dual 360-degree molded doorway seals revoke breeze sound and urge isolation.
  • Door opening seals during all doorway edges serve keep breeze sound from entering a cabin.

Acoustic Spray Foam
New to a RDX, a focus of acoustic mist froth provides additional sound insulation by restraint off vale pillars, that reduces a delivery of breeze and highway sound into a newcomer cabin by 2 decibels. The foam, practical to 6 locations on any side of a RDX (12 total) is exhilarated and injected into:

  • The bottom of a A-, B-, C- and D-pillars
  • The bottom of a windshield frame
  • The singular post structure above a behind check

Sound Deadening and Noise Isolation
The new RDX has widespread focus of sound deadening element and other insulation around a unibody to revoke both engine and highway noise. Special spray-in sound-deadening element is located in pivotal building areas of a cabin, and additional insulation is positioned during a firewall and in a behind corners of a unibody. Altogether, a 2019 RDX has 15 percent some-more insulation coverage than a prior RDX generation, serve assisting to besiege a cabin from outmost noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH); Advance package includes additional sound deadening for an even quieter pushing experience.

Aluminum Components
Aluminum stampings used in pivotal locations assistance lessen weight increases and yield advantages to handling, fuel potency and emissions.

Among a aluminum physique components are:

  • Hood
  • Front fender beam
  • Rear fender lamp

Exterior Colors
The 2019 RDX is accessible in 9 extraneous colors including 5 pearlescent and 4 lead colors. Four of these, including Majestic Black Pearl, Apex Blue Pearl, Performance Red Pearl and Canyon Bronze Metallic, are disdainful reward colors that are new to a RDX.

In gripping with a precision-crafted pattern of NSX, a all-new RDX becomes a second car in a Acura lineup to offer reward colors. Each tinge is singly engineered to compute a RDX from a competitors. Key sum include:

  • Special pigments – The RDX’s reward colors implement a latest colouring technologies such as mica, reward steel flake, and nano pigments (super-high transparency) to grasp a preferred visible effect.
  • Additional coats – Applied over a primer, some colors implement a double bottom cloak to raise a energy of any layer. This technique replaces a prevalent use of mixing compulsory pigments, lead splinter and nano-pigments in a singular bottom coat. Separating and layering a colouring forms in this approach gives a paint a noticeably deeper and some-more sleek appearance.
  • Special transparent coat – To serve raise a reward paint finish, a color-enhancing transparent cloak is used.

Color Lineup

Exterior Color


RDX Technology Package


RDX Advance Package

NEW PREMIUM: Majestic Black Pearl

NEW PREMIUM: Apex Blue Pearl




NEW PREMIUM: Performance Red Pearl

NEW PREMIUM: Canyon Bronze Metallic


White Diamond Pearl

Modern Steel Metallic

Lunar Silver Metallic

Fathom Blue Pearl


Gun Metal Metallic


LED Lighting
The 2019 RDX incorporates a far-reaching operation of accessible light-emitting diode (LED) extraneous lighting features, including LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), LED Jewel Eye® headlights with 7 light elements (previously five), LED side pen lights and LED taillights (except spin signals). LED side mirror-mounted spin signals are prevalent on all models, and LED haze lights are charity on a A-Spec and Advance Package. The new RDX A-Spec facilities piano black accents on headlights and taillights that give it a some-more assertive appearance.

LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
The RDX has bright, particular LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), that underline a wing figure positioned next and external a LED headlights. Shaped to enrich a jaunty position of a new RDX, a LED DRL array flows gracefully outmost from nearby a grille approximate on both sides of a vehicle, afterwards breaks radically adult and behind to counterpart a commencement of a circle arches. Eighteen inches prolonged and artfully complimenting a physique lines, a DRLs strongly conclude a front corners of a RDX. Helping to minimize componentry and harmonize a RDX’s design, a DRLs double as a spin signals.

LED Jewel Eye® Headlights with Auto On/Off
The 2019 RDX’s LED Jewel Eye® headlights yield softened night enlightenment and prominence compared to contemporary high-intensity liberate (HID) headlights. Comprised of 4 LEdDs per side, a low beams strech approximately 460 feet compared to approximately 360 feet for normal halogen low beams, and a lamp breadth is approximately 100 feet compared to approximately 65 feet for halogen low beams. The high beams use 3 additional LED lamps per side.

Besides improving motorist certainty and active safety, a LED headlights use rebate energy, assisting to raise fuel potency by shortening engine loads. In addition, a LED headlights final adult to 3 times longer than HID headlights and adult to 6 times longer than halogen headlights – contributing to rebate visit deputy and a compared cost savings. An automobile on/off duty is included, and a low-beams are also keyed to a remote pivotal fob operation.

Auto High Beams
The new 2019 RDX prevalent automobile high lamp complement uses a camera located on a windshield to ceaselessly indicate for coming traffic. The complement illuminates a high beams solely when coming or move trade is rescued and afterwards automatically switches to a LED low-beams. Requiring no involvement or movement from a driver, a automobile high lamp underline significantly improves night enlightenment for extended active safety.

There are countless advantages to a automobile high lamp system, including progressing motorist showing of objects in a alley during night driving, that can lead to a rebate in interlude distances for a aloft spin of motorist confidence.

The complement functions when a headlight switch is in a Auto position and might be infirm and reactivated by a discerning lift on a high-beam stalk. A immature headlight idol with an “A” appears on a instrument row when a complement is functioning. The automobile high lamp underline automatically disengages during stormy conditions, when low lamp lighting is preferable. Four uninterrupted wipes of a windshield wiper deactivate a system. Auto high lamp afterwards automatically reactivates when a sleet ceases.

LED Fog Lights                         
The RDX A-Spec and Advance Package are versed with LED haze lights to raise prominence in severe weather. The haze lights use 3 LED elements per side for optimal lighting, while a special filigree underline – desirous by a Acura NSX – surrounds a haze lights from above. Just as a LED headlights are framed from above by a unconditional splendid trim, a haze lights are framed from next and sides by a energetic splendid trim form.

LED Taillights
All 2019 RDX grades underline vast LED taillights (except spin signals) with a signature “dragon tail” flourish, enhancing a vehicle’s sporty new appearance. Utilizing a energetic C-shape, a taillights are rarely particular and extend from a outdoor corners of a behind fenders to a tailgate.

Lighting Technologies

Walk Away Door Lock
Included on all grades, a Walk Away Door Lock feature, new for RDX, automatically thatch as follows: (1) when a motorist leaves a vehicle; (2) when a pivotal holder’s stretch from a car exceeds 6.5 feet for twin seconds; and (3) when no other pivotal is rescued inside a vehicle. An heard tinge sounds and a jeopardy lights peep to endorse that a car has locked. The Walk Away Door Lock underline is programmable and might be incited on or off as a motorist prefers.

Acoustic Glass
For a initial time, laminated acoustic potion is used for a RDX’s windshield to assistance revoke sound entering a cabin. Tuned privately to assistance draw wind-noise frequencies, a windshield potion uses an outdoor covering of 2.0 mm reserve glass, a 0.7 mm thick center covering of acoustic polyvinyl butyl (PVB), and a 1.8 mm safety-glass center covering for a sum density of 4.5 mm.

In addition, a RDX has 5 mm gradual front doorway potion (4.8 mm acoustic potion on Advance Package) and 5 mm gradual behind doorway glass. The gradual rear-quarter and tailgate potion is 3.5 mm thick. All potion specifications are upgraded compared to a previous-generation RDX.

Engine Compartment Isolation
Measures to besiege sound and feverishness emanating from within a engine cell embody front and behind rubber hood seals, froth insulators during a behind corners of a engine compartment, and a extended hood insulator panel.

Sound-absorbing Undercovers
Underneath a RDX, along both sides of a newcomer cabin, are molded undercovers that assistance lessen highway and breeze noise. The front circle wells have cosmetic liners and a behind circle wells have felt liners, to lessen highway and dash sound inside a cabin.

Smart Entry (standard) and 4-Door Smart Entry (Technology, A-Spec and Advance Packages)
Included on a Technology Package and above grades, 4-door Smart Entry simplifies approaching, entering and handling a RDX. For 2019, a doorway handles have been redesigned to embody a Smart Entry Lock sensor.
Programmable Power Tailgate
The 2019 RDX comes prevalent with programmable appetite tailgate. Replacing a twin gas-charged strut and apart electric engine complement on a prior RDX, a new RDX uses a spindle-less pattern utilizing tiny electric engine and worm rigging entirely housed in a roof area. The spindle-less complement lends a tailgate area a cleaner appearance. The spindle-less complement is also 1.8 lbs. lighter than a gear-driven complement accessible on a previous-generation RDX.

The appetite tailgate can be operated around a remote pivotal fob, from a symbol on a driver’s doorway panel, a symbol above a behind permit image (for opening) or from a symbol located inside a tailgate (for closing). When entirely open, it provides 6 feet, 4 inches of headroom underneath.

Three graphic capabilities are enclosed in a programmable appetite tailgate:

  • Stop and Hold – The stop and reason underline allows a tailgate to be stopped during any preferred position, that is useful when a RDX is parked in parsimonious areas such as in a swarming parking lot, in a garage, or nearby a wall.
  • Programmable Height – This duty allows a RDX motorist to set a opening tallness of a tailgate to their preferred spin by simply dire and holding a tailgate switch for 3 seconds when it reaches a preferred height. 
  • Hands Free Access (Advance Package) – New to a RDX with Advance Package is a Hands Free Access system. The appetite tailgate can be simply non-stop or sealed simply by kicking a feet underneath a behind bumper. 

Tailgate Construction
A high-strength creosote tailgate outdoor “skin” on a 2019 RDX replaces a steel and cosmetic skin on a 2018 model. This new construction process for Acura retains steel for a center constructional tailgate skin, progressing a essential strength and confidence of a tailgate. Two primary advantages for a new all-plastic outdoor skin include:

  • Styling Freedom – Compared to a prior steel and cosmetic combination, a new construction technique authorised regulating a some-more assertive and one tailgate design, including an “all one piece” appearance, and leisure to use some-more sundry creases and shapes.
  • Reduced Weight – The new all-plastic outdoor tailgate skin saves 7.1 pounds compared to a prior tailgate skin.

Versatile Cargo Area
The 2019 RDX has a far-reaching and low bucket area charity 31.1 cu. ft. of storage volume with a second-row seats adult (5.0 cu. ft. some-more than a 2018 RDX, counting underfloor storage), and 79.8 cu. ft. of storage volume with a seats folded (2.9 cu. ft. some-more than a 2018 RDX, counting underfloor storage). This positions a new RDX nearby a tip of a rival set in sum bucket volume. The building of a bucket area with chair folded is now probably flat, severely improving a palliate of loading massive bucket and a ubiquitous application of a new RDX. Additionally, a single-motion folding second-row chair underline creates it easy to modify a RDX from newcomer to cargo-hauling use easier. (See a Interior territory for some-more information.)

Relocated Temporary Spare (SH-AWD® standard, Technology and Advance Packages)
The T155/90D17 proxy gangling tire (included on SH-AWD® standard, Technology and Advance Packages) is now stored underneath a car and can be lowered by unwinding a wire tilt with a jack holder arm. The jack, holder arm and a projection wrench are enclosed on RDX with SH-AWD®. RDX front-wheel expostulate (FWD) and A-Spec grades have a tire-inflator pack in lieu of a proxy gangling and jack.

Exposed Dual Exhaust Outlets
In another ascent for a 2019 RDX, twin turn empty outlets with splendid finishers exit by a black behind revoke fascia for a premium, sporty appearance. The A-Spec gets oversize empty outlets for a some-more assertive appearance.

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