Acura Automobiles: 2019 Acura RDX Press Kit

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Inspired by a Acura Precision Cockpit and a NSX supercar, a 2019 RDX outlines a energetic change in a style, reward peculiarity and technological sophistication of Acura’s 5-passenger crossover. The new RDX offers a high spin of preference and new record in a some-more atmospheric cabin. High-end appointments, including authentic brushed aluminum accents and permitted genuine Olive Ash timber trim, hand-wrapped and stitched leather trim, and softer, some-more durable full-grain Milano leather seating surfaces; and for a RDX A-Spec, Ultrasuede® chair and lurch inserts.

With a longer wheelbase, wider line and second-row prosaic floor, a new RDX’s intelligent interior wrapping provides serviceable and versatile newcomer space for five, with top-in-class newcomer and bucket volume, first-row shoulder and headroom, and second-row legroom and knee space, along with a some-more versatile and stretchable bucket capacity.

A particular new high-deck “floating” core console creates a some-more personal “sport cockpit” front cabin feeling and provides some-more permitted storage options than competing models, consistent aloft focus with slicing dilemma style.

The new RDX also introduces mixed new Acura technologies and reward features, including next-generation Acura sports seats, Acura/ELS Studio 3D™ reward audio, a latest era of AcuraLink® cloud-based services and a innovative new Acura True Touchpad Interface™, mixing a best elements of a touchscreen and a remote interface in a some-more intuitive, driver-oriented design.

What’s New

The following Interior facilities are new for a 2019 RDX:

  • Acura True Touchpad Interface™ with 10.2-inch HD display
  • Apple CarPlay™ compatibility
  • Available Acura/ELS Studio 3D™ Premium Audio
  • Acura sports seats with permitted full-grain seperated Milano leather and adult to 16-way energy composition (12-way standard)
  • AcuraLink® cloud-based services
  • Available 4G LTE in-car Wi-Fi
  • Natural Language Voice Recognition
  • Available full-color interactive 10.5-inch Head-Up Display (HUD)
  • Brushed aluminum interior accents
  • Available genuine Olive Ash timber interior accents
  • Ultrasuede® chair inserts and dashboard accent quarrel (A-Spec)
  • Frameless interior rearview counterpart with integrated HomeLink™
  • Available exhilarated steering wheel
  • Available Surround-View Camera System

Interior Styling
The all-new RDX interior is a initial prolongation essence of a “Acura Precision Cockpit” pattern language, with reward detailing, discerning functionality and issuing lines. Dramatic styling elements brush by a cabin, dividing a front seating into twin personal spaces, with a particular high-deck “floating” core console that facilities rarely organic pass-through storage. Fit and finish have perceived tighten courtesy around a interior, with high-quality, soft-touch materials and permitted seperated Milano leather. Standard genuine steel accents give a RDX interior an advanced, technical coming while a interior of a RDX with Advance Package is warmed with a demeanour and feel of genuine open-pore Olive Ash wood.

Interior Colors and Materials
The RDX’s oppulance interior palette is worldly and concurrent and is offering in Ebony, Greystone, Parchment and Espresso. Two performance-themed interior colors are offering in a RDX A-Spec: Ebony and Red.

Seating component in a RDX has perceived special inspection in gripping with a crossover’s oppulance mission. Synthetic leather is offering in a RDX. In a RDX with Technology Package, A-Spec and Advance Package, special full-grain Milano leather is used. Made with immature North American hides, this leather has a some-more reward demeanour and feel and gives a seats a long-lasting, precisely tailored look. In a A-Spec, black Ultrasuede® seperated core panels assistance keep passengers in position during assertive cornering and urge breathability.


Interior Color s and Availability

Exterior Color Options







Ebony with  Black Ultrasuede

Madder Red with Black Ultrasuede



Majestic Black Pearl



Apex Blue Pearl





Red Pearl




Canyon Bronze Metallic






White Diamond Pearl


Modern Steel Metallic



Lunar Silver Metallic



Fathom Blue Pearl





Gun Metal Metallic






Versatile, Spacious Cabin
Even with a compress extraneous dimensions, a RDX has always been appreciated for a ample and versatile cabin and user-friendly design. In a all-new 2019 RDX, newcomer accommodations and roominess have both changed upscale. Overall newcomer volume is increasing 0.5 cubic feet and RDX can accommodate 5 passengers in comfort. Usability is a pivotal component of a RDX’s interior design, with an easy step-in to a second row.

When it comes to bucket carrying utility, a RDX seating can be quick reconfigured to accommodate a mix of passengers and cargo. With a longer bucket area and new storage space dim underneath a back bucket floor, sum bucket area behind a back chair increases by 5 cubic feet. With a back 60/40 folding seats folded flat, a RDX offers a extent of 79.8 cubic feet of bucket space, 2.9 cubic feet some-more than a prior model.

Advanced and Intuitive Instrumentation and Controls
The RDX has worldly analog orchestration with a vast tachometer and speedometer on possibly side of a tone 7-inch TFT Multi-Information Display (MID) that provides a operation of information and outing mechanism functions, including coolant heat and fuel spin gauges that side a tach and speedometer.


Multi-Information Display
A full-color high-resolution 7-inch Multi-Information Display (MID) positioned between a tachometer and speedometer in a executive instrument arrangement gives a motorist entrance to a operation of useful information. Controls positioned on a right side of a steering circle concede a motorist to cycle a MID arrangement by mixed screens of information from sources including Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and more. The Maintenance Minder™ element alerts a RDX motorist of arriving upkeep needs around a MID and should a error start with a vehicle, specific warning information appears. On models with Navigation or when regulating Maps around Apple CarPlay™, a MID also provides turn-by-turn line guidance. For a initial time ever in RDX, a MID provides a real-time g-force arrangement for opening driving.

Head-Up Display
For a initial time ever, a RDX with Advance Package facilities a vast 10.5-inch interactive tone TFT head-up arrangement HUD), that projects a extended operation of information on a revoke apportionment of a windshield in a driver’s line of sight. The motorist can adjust a plcae (up and down) and a liughtness of a projection or spin off a element around switches on a instrument panel.

Display modes can be comparison by steering wheel-mounted controls. Display modes include:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Current mode for Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist System
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Traffic pointer recognition
  • Compass
  • Pop-up warnings and phone call info
  • Customizable content

Audio/Information Screen
All RDX models underline a new 10.2-inch HD arrangement mounted high atop a core console, tighten to a driver’s healthy line of sight. The arrangement facilities “A” and “B” zones for primary and delegate information. Besides audio element information, a shade also offers backup camera views, entrance to a operation of customizable facilities and on-screen navigation information.

Center Console Connectivity and Storage
The RDX’s new “floating” core console is a pivotal pattern component of a interior, both stylistically and functionally. It integrates a confidant thesis lines that run by a doors and instrument quarrel and is finished in high peculiarity materials including brushed steel accents (genuine Olive Ash timber in a RDX with Advance Package). The console maximizes motorist and newcomer comfort with a shifting padded armrest. There is also a padded palm rest built into a console, designed to assistance support a driver’s palm when regulating a True Touchpad Interface™.

Considerable pattern bid went into incorporating intelligent storage facilities to make daily use simpler. The brazen pass-thorough territory of a console is an ideal place to store a phone, with power, USB and AUX connectivity placed tighten by. Inside a console, underneath a tambour doorway (brushed steel standard, genuine Olive Ash timber with Advance Package) is a span of vast cupholders, alongside a special phone slot with a USB pier for Apple CarPlay™ connectivity. The tambour doorway can be sealed to disguise a phone and cord for a cleaner appearance. For a preference of back chair passengers, a span of USB ports are supposing on a back of a core console in RDX models with a Technology Package and higher.

The RDX interior offers a operation of permitted storage facilities for a motorist and passengers. All 4 doors offer storage bins and bottle holders.

Unique Interior Trim with Available A-Spec
For a initial time ever, a RDX is permitted in A-Spec form, that includes a far-reaching operation of sports coming upgrades. Drivers will notice a A-Spec-badged steering circle wrapped in reward seperated leather with red contrariety stitching, incomparable metal-plated paddle shifters and steel competition pedals. Unique satin china orchestration has red enlightenment that compliments red switch and ambient lighting around a interior. A-Spec grades can be versed with full-Madder Red leather seats or with Neutral Black leather seating, both with Ultrasuede® inserts for comfort and breathability during opening driving. An Ultrasuede® instrument quarrel insert element a look. Special A-Spec steel doorway sill plates, a black superstar and dim steel interior accents serve heed a A-Spec.

Genuine Wood Interior Accents
For a initial time, a RDX offers genuine timber interior accents with a Advance Package. The open pore Olive Ash timber has a low-gloss finish to softened arrangement a impression of a wood. The timber accents brush from a front doors, appearing to upsurge behind a instrument quarrel and also cover a tambour doorway on a core console.

Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors
Power windows are customary apparatus on all RDX models and embody auto-up and -down operation on all windows. Power doorway locks, Smart Entry and exhilarated energy extraneous mirrors are also customary equipment.

Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
All RDX models underline an electro-chromatic interior rearview counterpart that automatically dims during night pushing to revoke glisten from a headlights of following vehicles.

Versatile Cargo Area
Despite a compress extraneous dimensions, a RDX’s totally redesigned bucket area offers versatile capability to fit a needs of active owners. The RDX has an stretched 31.1 cu.-ft. of bucket space behind a back seats, adult from 26.1 cu.-ft. in a prior era RDX. With a 60/40 split-folding back seats down, ability jumps to 79.8 cu.-ft. (up from 61.3 cu.-ft.), now with a prosaic bucket floor. When a second-row chair is folded, a bucket building length increases to scarcely 6 feet (depending on front chair position), with a breadth of 40 inches.

For easy loading, a RDX has a low lift-in tallness and a RDX with Advance Package has satin brushed immaculate steel sill plates. All models have 4 tie-down points in a bucket building for use in securing cargo. All RDX models regardless of interior tone have a bucket area finished in reward black component to minimize a coming of mud or dirt caused by bucket items.

The 60/40 separate back seats can be quick lowered from possibly a back doors or a tailgate, and a core position seatbelt shoulder strap is now built into a seatback (instead of a ceiling), to revoke belt confusion in a interior when carrying cargo. With a second-row chair folded, a bucket building is probably flat. An appendage bucket cover allows dissimulation of storage equipment from view. (See a Accessories territory for some-more information.)

Hidden Storage
Hidden underneath a bucket area building is a best-in-class 1.7 cu. ft. of additional storage. Flipping a multi-folding building quarrel adult and brazen reveals a storage area 16 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches low – adequate to reason folding chairs (bag type) or twin laptop mechanism cases. Flipping a cover adult a second time reveals twin additional storage bins. In addition, a permitted open storage bin that can accommodate 6 booze bottles, 6 libation cans or a gallon of divert is positioned during a left side of a bucket area behind a back seat. Two bright bulbs irradiate a storage area when a tailgate is open.

Interior Lighting
The RDX’s analog instruments are backlit with LED lighting and underline high-contrast markings, and a demeanour of a reward chronograph. The sign package gradually illuminates to give a motorist a welcoming feel on entry. When a doorway is initial opened, a instrument lighting comes to life and afterwards brightens gradually to 100-percent enlightenment when a ignition is switched on. The bright instrument panels afterwards come alive, indicating that a RDX is prepared to go. At a finish of a drive, a instrument lighting dims progressively.

The interior switches are bright to make them easy to locate during night, including a switches on all 4 doors and a steering wheel. In serve to front and back over interior lights and map lights, a RDX also has a element of low-level LED interior cabin lights. White ambient lighting in a roof illuminates a front core console, front feet wells and doorway handles.

In a RDX A-Spec, a interior lighting has an assertive red theme, including red primary instrument lighting.

Engine Immobilizer
Complementing a remote entrance element is a customary engine-immobilizer system. A special electronically coded pivotal prevents a automobile from being started. A transponder, built into a key, signals a immobilizer control territory that a pivotal is genuine. If a automobile is hotwired, or an unapproved pivotal is used, a engine will not start.

Comfort and Convenience
The 2019 RDX is full with a far-reaching operation of customary and permitted comfort and preference facilities that are designed to streamline daily driving. A Multi-Angle Rearview Camera is standard, and a newly permitted Surround-View Camera System comes customary with a Advance Package.

The Smart Entry Keyless Access System with front doorway and back tailgate entrance is customary and on a Technology Package, A-Spec and Advance grades, Smart Entry entrance is also total to a back newcomer doors.

Available as an discretionary accessory, RDX also offers remote engine start that can be activated with a operation of during slightest 300 feet from a vehicle, permitting a automobile to be pre-heated or pre-cooled and defrosted/defogged formed on a customer’s preselected settings.

Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop
All 2019 RDX models offer a upscale preference of Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop.

Smart Entry
The Smart Entry element simplifies approaching, entering and handling a RDX – generally when a motorist has his or her hands full. To benefit entrance to vehicle, a motorist simply pulls one of a twin front doorway handles while a remote is in his or her possession. RDX’s with Technology Package and above now underline 4-Door Smart Entry. With 4-Door Smart Entry, to benefit entrance to a RDX, a motorist simply pulls any one of a 4 doorway handles while a remote is in his or her possession. The Smart Entry underline on a RDX (standard) operates on a front doors only.

Push Button Start/Stop
Once a motorist has non-stop a doorway and is seated, a motorist simply pushes a START/STOP symbol positioned on a instrument quarrel while dire a stop pedal to start a vehicle. Powertrain operation and certain electrical functions are finished when a START/STOP symbol is pulpy again during a finish of a drive. For appendage mode a motorist simply presses a START/STOP symbol though dire a stop pedal.

Remote Engine Start
RDX models versed with AcuraLink® can yield a ability to start a vehicle’s engine remotely. This enables drivers to start their RDX and activate a meridian control element before they get to a automobile – ideal for prohibited or cold days. The remote is designed to have a operation of operation of during slightest 300 feet. To start a engine remotely, a owners presses a LOCK symbol and afterwards binds a ENGINE symbol for a few seconds. When a engine is started remotely, a wipers, lighting and audio systems sojourn off, and a confidence element stays set. The engine will run for adult to 10 mins after remote starting, and afterwards tighten off automatically if a owners doesn’t strech a automobile within that time. When a owners does get to a RDX within 10 minutes, a engine will keep regulating while a owners unlocks a automobile and gets in. The default 10-minute time extent can be extended an additional 10 minutes, if desired.

This element also provides feedback to a owners to endorse possibly a engine is regulating or a automobile is locked, distant over a operation of a customary remote.

Walk Away Door Lock 
The new Walk Away Door Lock feature automatically thatch a RDX when a motorist leaves a vehicle. This hands-free locking capability adds bland preference that’s generally useful when a motorist has his or her hands full or is distracted. In customary use, when all doors are sealed and a motorist walks away, a RDX will automatically tighten when a pivotal holder’s stretch from a automobile exceeds 6.5 feet for twin seconds or some-more and when no other pivotal is rescued inside a vehicle. An heard buzzer sounds and a jeopardy lights peep to endorse that a automobile has locked. The Walk Away Door Lock feature is programmable and might be incited on or off as a motorist prefers.

Steering Wheel Controls
The RDX’s disdainful new leather-wrapped steering circle facilities a rarely compress airbag for a classical sporting appearance. All new bright steering circle mounted controls yield entrance to a far-reaching operation of capabilities, to assistance a motorist keep their hands on a circle and their thoroughness on driving. Phone and audio controls are on a left side; multi-info arrangement controls are on a right side, along with a switches for Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) and Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow. Tucked within fingertip strech is a span of paddle shifters that concede for primer operation of a Sequential SportShift 10-speed involuntary transmission.

In gripping with a RDX’s sporting nature, a steering circle has thick contoured edge that’s wrapped in stitched leather for a reward demeanour and feel.  The RDX A-Spec facilities red stitching, seperated leather, an A-Spec badge and shimmer black emblem and incomparable paddle shifters. 

Heated Steering Wheel
The RDX with Advance Package offers a comfort of a customary exhilarated steering wheel. A heating switch mounted on a left side of a steering circle can be activated when a ignition is switched on and is also integrated to a Remote Engine Start System for programmed heating when appropriate. Acura Genuine Accessories also offers an discretionary exhilarated steering circle for other RDX models.

New Acura Sport Seats
The RDX’s all-new front bucket seats are designed to yield lush comfort, total with secure parallel support for assertive driving.  They implement a newly designed ultra-high strength steel support for low weight and high rigidity. The seats yield gentle support for a far-reaching operation of physique types, along with incomparable adjustability than ever before. The front seats in RDX and RDX Technology Package and A-Spec offer 12-way energy adjustability, including 4-way energy lumbar adjustability and new 4-way tractable headrests. In a RDX with Advance Package, a front seats offer class-leading 16-way energy adjustability, adding two-way power-adjustable side bolsters and thigh support. In all grades, both a motorist and front newcomer suffer a same spin of adjustability.

All driver’s chair energy adjustments are enclosed in a Smart Entry element (among many other features). The element stores a span of user profiles per chair settings – one for any of a twin pivotal fobs that come customary with a RDX. Heated front seats are customary in all RDX models. An algorithmically tranquil ECU allows for 3 heat settings, along with quick warm-up and smooth, accurate heat control. The A-Spec and Advance Package supplement ventilated front seats.

Rear Seats
The RDX’s ample second-row seating is designed for extent comfort and versatility, with a 60/40 split-folding pattern that creates it easy to accommodate passengers or prolonged cargo. A scarcely prosaic building opens adult feet room for a core passenger. There is also a padded, folding core armrest with twin cupholders. In a RDX with a Advance Package, second-row outboard chair heaters are standard. The seatbacks are folded with recover handles simply permitted during a outboard seatbacks, or around remote recover handles positioned in a bucket area sidewalls that are permitted from a back tailgate opening. The core position shoulder strap is now built into a back seatback, to revoke interior seatbelt confusion when a seatback is folded to accommodate cargo.

HomeLink® Remote System
All RDX models underline a HomeLink® concept remote system, located on a interior rearview mirror, that works with scarcely all garage doorway openers and embankment systems and an flourishing list of radio magnitude (RF)-controlled devices.

Driver Preferences
All RDX models come with twin keyless remotes with singular identifiers. Each remote can be set with singular profiles to accommodate a particular preferences of twin opposite drivers. The permitted preferences embody motorist chair and counterpart positions, along with name HVAC functions. Other preferences embody branch entrance lights on or off, audio element pre-sets, atmosphere conditioning preferences, and navigation element settings. In a eventuality both owners use a automobile during a same time, a RDX will commend a keyless remote that approaches a driver’s doorway first.

Auto High-Beam System
The RDX’s customary automobile high-beam element creates optimal use of a vehicle’s headlights. When a headlight switch is set in a Auto position, a element automatically illuminates a high beams until an integrated camera detects coming or move trade and automatically switches to low beams. (See Exterior and Safety sections for some-more information.) 

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera
A multi-angle rearview camera is customary on a RDX. It offers 3 observation angles (wide view, normal perspective and tip view). Drivers might name a elite perspective according to pushing conditions. The rearview design is displayed on a 10.2-inch tone audio/information display. On-screen discipline assistance a motorist softened decider distances, and predictive discipline assistance make maneuvering in retreat easier. (See a Exterior territory for some-more information.)

Surround-View Camera System
In a RDX with Advance Package, 4 extraneous cameras yield a 360 perspective of a space immediately around a automobile by a audio/information display. A camera symbol conveniently located on a finish of a spin vigilance pull changes camera views. (See a Exterior territory for some-more information.)

When Reverse is selected, a back camera perspective appears on shade along with an over 360 view. Guidelines seem in any view, that conform with a angle of a front wheels angle to uncover a vehicle’s likely rearward path. A press of possibly camera symbol switches to uncover a back perspective alone, and another press shows a wide-angle back view.

Pressing possibly “Camera” symbol (when not in reverse) shows a 360-degree perspective total with a front perspective that is ideal for putting a automobile in a optimal position in a garage. Another symbol press provides a front wide-angle perspective that is useful for assisting mark an coming automobile or chairman when nosing out a parsimonious mark with a blocked side view. Additional views embody looking brazen from both sides and usually a newcomer side perspective alone.

One-Touch Ultra-Wide Panoramic Moonroof
The RDX facilities a customary energy sloping and shifting ultra-wide breathtaking moonroof with energy sunshade. To lean or slip a mobile brazen quarrel of a moonroof, a motorist or front newcomer needs usually to entirely press a ceiling-mounted switch once (instead of dire and holding it for several seconds). The moonroof opens or closes automatically. However, if a user wishes to usually partially open or tighten a moonroof, a lighter hold yields full primer control. A energy operated sunshade can partially or totally retard a moonroof as desired. (See a Exterior territory for some-more information.)

Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control – GPS-Linked with Technology Package, A-Spec and Advance Package
All RDX models underline a dual-zone involuntary meridian control element that lets a motorist and front newcomer set temperatures to their particular liking. Technology, A-Spec and Advance packages supplement a GPS-link for still softened control of particular settings. For a comfort of back chair passengers, tractable twin vents are supposing in a back of a core console.

With a position-sensing ability, a GPS navigation element (RDX with Technology Package and higher) contributes to altogether newcomer comfort with a 3D solar intuiting feature. Based on invariably updated automobile position information, a navigation element determines a position of a object relations to a motorist and front passenger. Combining this information with submit from a solar sensor located on tip of a instrument panel, a meridian control element automatically adjusts cooling/heating and airflow from side to side as indispensable to recompense for asymmetrical solar heating. On a A-Spec and Advance Packages, a exhilarated and ventilated front seats are electronically related to a meridian control system, expediting a transition to a elite temperature.

Audio and Connectivity

The 2019 RDX facilities an modernized new human-machine interface (HMI) called a True Touchpad Interface™, Acura’s initial focus of a element that includes a new 10.2-inch full-HD shade and healthy denunciation voice recognition. With earthy audio volume and tuning controls and intuitive, smartphone-like facilities and functionality, including customizable home-screen shortcuts, along with Apple CarPlay™ harmony and Wi-Fi-enabled over-the-air element updates, this is a many means and user-friendly element ever offering by Acura.

The RDX also offers a new era of AcuraLink® cloud-based services with stretched capabilities including puncture roadside assistance, remote locking/unlocking and engine start, stolen automobile tracking, remote diagnostics, geo-fencing, speed tracking and more.

The RDX’s all-new permitted navigation element offers many improvements, including extended graphics, customized automobile icons, 3D buildings and terrain, turn-by-turn directions displayed in a instrument cluster and more. The element includes giveaway map database updates for adult to 5 years that can be uploaded to a automobile around a RDX’s permitted 4G LTE in-car Wi-Fi.

Audio systems change by trim, starting with 9 speakers and 350 watts on a RDX,
Acura/ELS Studio® Audio with 12 speakers and 550 watts on a RDX with Technology Package, and all-new Acura/ELS Studio® 3D™ reward audio element with 16 speakers (including 4 ceiling-mounted Highline™ speakers) and 710 watts on a RDX A-Spec and RDX with Advance Package.

Acura True Touchpad Interface
The all-new 2019 RDX facilities Acura’s many modernized user interface yet. The new True Touchpad Interface™ facilities a 10.2-inch full-HD arrangement mounted high atop a core console tighten to a driver’s healthy line of sight, a dual-zone touchpad with comprehensive position mapping, and a absolute Android-based handling element with customizable app tiles. An permitted interactive head-up arrangement (HUD) compliments a element and provides drivers with a new spin of situational awareness. 

RDX’s True Touchpad Interface combines a best elements of a compulsory touchscreen with those of a remote-based interface. A normal touchscreen is discerning and approach – what we see is what we press – though a chain of a shade is out of a driver’s healthy line-of-sight. A remote interface solves this problem, though a communication between a remote and arrangement is mostly clumsy.

Unlike existent remote interfaces that work like a mechanism trackpad, any mark on a RDX’s touchpad is mapped precisely – one-to-one – with a analogous movement on a vast core arrangement – as a world’s initial focus of “absolute positioning” in a pushing environment. For instance, a daub on a tip left dilemma of a touchpad corresponds precisely with a movement on a tip left of a core display. This arrangement can severely revoke or even discharge a need to visually endorse a elite command, thereby assisting drivers keep their eyes on a road.

All elements of a True Touchpad Interface™, including a new handling element with simple, purify graphics and menu structures, were designed in unison to work seamlessly with one another. Also debuting on a RDX, is a new onboard healthy denunciation voice approval system, that dramatically improves a palliate and intuitiveness of voice commands in a vehicle, and scratch approval ability in a True Touchpad Interface.

Research and growth of a antecedent touchpad, as creatively introduced in a Acura Precision Cockpit, was certified by tens of thousands of hours during a Ohio State University’s world-class Driving Simulation Laboratory determined with a assistance of Acura’s Ohio RD Center. In a process, it was detected that, on average, drivers turn acclimated and gentle with a touchpad element in usually minutes.

Three Available Audio Systems
The RDX’s audio/information element offers incomparable capability than any prior Acura system. Along with a earthy doorknob for energy and volume and tough keys for brazen and back hire seek, a full operation of audio element controls can be accessed regulating a True Touchpad Interface™ positioned within easy strech of a motorist and front-seat passenger. Controls for pivotal audio element functions are also positioned within fingertip strech on a RDX steering wheel.

All 3 permitted RDX audio systems offer AM/FM, HD Radio™, SiriusXM®, Apple CarPlay™ harmony and AcuraLink® cloud-based services. With a new handling system, smartphone-style apps are displayed on a high-definition screen, creation a interface discerning and easy to use. And many like a smartphone, apps can be changed and rearranged on any page, or hidden. You can also revive a dim app to a Home screens.

Utilizing a new Android-based Acura handling system, RDX’s audio/information element is also simply updatable and upgradeable. An refurbish can be uploaded from a USB stick, or downloaded around Wi-Fi from any permitted network (over-the-air).

Acura 9-Speaker Audio System
The RDX comes customary with a 350-watt Acura audio element with 9 speakers strategically located around a RDX cabin. Each front and back doorway has a 9-cm full-range speaker. Each front doorway also includes a incomparable 17-cm driver. Separate 3-cm tweeters are positioned nearby a A-pillars. A 20-cm subwoofer is mounted in a tuned 10.8-liter enclosing in a right sidewall of a bucket area.

Acura/ELS Studio® 12-Speaker Audio System (Technology Package)
The RDX with Technology Package facilities a 12-speaker, 550-watt Acura/ELS Studio® element that is engineered to offer considerable sound peculiarity from a far-reaching operation of media formats. Building on a nine-speaker blueprint found in a RDX, twin additional 3-cm by 10-cm Highline™ ultra-slim over speakers are total in a front apportionment of a superstar and a 9-cm center-channel full-range orator is placed atop a instrument panel. An outmost amplifier with law Acoustic Motion Control™ provides 12 channels of amplification, one to any speaker. The Acura/ELS Studio® audio element offers a same discerning True Touchpad Interface™ and steering-wheel mounted controls as a RDX audio system.

Engineered privately for a RDX, a element delivers rarely detailed, well-balanced sound to all seating positions. The element gets a name from multi-Grammy® Award winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner’s recording industry-recognized moniker “ELS.”

Acura/ELS Studio 3D™ 16-Speaker Audio System (A-Spec and Advance Packages)
The RDX A-Spec and RDX with Advance Package underline an Acura-first, state-of-the-art 710-watt 16-speaker, 16-channel Acura/ELS Studio 3D™ Audio System. Building on a 12-speaker system, a 3D element adds twin additional Highline™ ultra-slim over speakers (shown on left) in a rearward apportionment of a ceiling, located on possibly side of a potion roof panel. Two additional 8-cm drivers are positioned in a D-pillars on possibly side on a cabin, usually behind a back seats. An upgraded outmost amplifier with law Acoustic Motion Control™ provides 710 watts of element power, delivered by 16 dissimilar channels, one for any speaker. To visually heed a system, ELS Studio 3D™-branded authentic steel orator grilles are positioned on a front doors.

Engineered by multi-Grammy® Award winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner, a 3D element is designed to emanate an immersive sound theatre that, interjection to a full array of Highline™ ultra-slim over speakers, seems to be dangling in mid-air. The outcome is a absolute listening knowledge that brings studio-quality sound to a RDX. This worldly orator array offers multi-zone audio, with selectable orator spin optimization. The element allows optimized remoteness sound zones for a driver, for a front seats, or back seats. In addition, a 3D element is entirely integrated with a Bluetooth® HandsfreeLink® phone element to use a over speakers for a new spin of hands-free phone clarity.

Song By Voice®
RDX models with a Technology, A-Spec and Advance Packages are also versed with a Song by Voice® feature. The motorist can simply press a TALK symbol on a steering circle and regulating voice commands, can hunt all permitted calm on a connected iPod or concordant smartphone, and automatically start playback. Song by Voice also lets a motorist name song by artist, album, line name, genre, playlist and even composer.
AcuraLink® Cloud-Based Services
The RDX offers an all-new era of AcuraLink®, Acura’s cloud-based connected automobile system. AcuraLink® is a core indicate for owners for hands-free entrance to cloud-based services, audio and information, and is designed to keep RDX drivers sensitive and connected while on a go.

The connectivity compulsory for AcuraLink’s several facilities is distributed between a RDX’s embedded element and a owner’s concordant smartphone and information package (for giveaway features, in all RDX models). AcuraLink® works with a owner’s concordant smartphone and information package to bond a RDX with song and information resources, internet apps, and more.

AcuraLink® Service Levels
AcuraLink® has 3 permitted levels of services for Technology Package RDX and up. The Standard Package comes enabled on all RDX models with navigation and includes services such as surface-street and turnpike trade (free for a initial 3 years of ownership). The subscription formed Connect Package adds a far-reaching operation of capabilities, including programmed pile-up presentation and an in-vehicle Assist System that connects we with a live Operator with a pull of an over button. The Premium Package, that also requires a subscription, adds Live Concierge user assistance around a RDX’s embedded dungeon phone. The Concierge use can send end information directly to a RDX navigation system, make reservations on their behalf, and refurbish a user on weather, bonds and many more.

Standard (free service)

  • AcuraLink® Real-Time Traffic™ with HD digital turnpike trade and aspect travel trade (complimentary)
  • Acura automobile underline guide
  • Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® mobile phone connectivity
  • SMS content summary function
  • Email function
  • Pandora interface
  • Aha: Internet radio, personalized music, news, podcasts, audio books, Facebook and Twitter
  • SiriusXM® Radio
  • Automated use appointments

Connect Package (subscription fee) includes customary services and adds:

  • Automated pile-up presentation and location
  • Assist Call
  • Enhanced roadside assistance
  • Alarm notification
  • Car finder
  • Remote start
  • Remote doorway lock/unlock
  • Stolen automobile tracking
  • Link call information
  • Local search
  • Destination hunt regulating Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Send to car
  • Virtual dashboard
  • Remote diagnostics

Premium Package (subscription fee)
Includes Connect Package services and adds:

  • Live Concierge user assistance (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

AcuraLink® Smartphone App/Website
With an active Connect or Premium Package, a AcuraLink® element gives a owners a operation of facilities they can control or guard remotely, around a newly updated and softened AcuraLink® smartphone app or AcuraLink® website.

AcuraLink® remote features:

  • Remote start
  • Door lock/unlock
  • Stolen automobile tracking
  • Vehicle finder (sounds horn and flashes lights)
  • Security alarm notification
  • Message Box
  • Send end to RDX
  • “Find parked car” navigation
  • Virtual dashboard
    • Odometer
    • Fuel level
    • Fuel range
    • Door tighten status
    • Hood status
    • Tire pressure

Siri Eyes Free
All RDX models confederate Apple’s Siri Eyes Free mode. Compatible iPhone® users are means to work Siri by informed voice commands by dire and holding a TALK symbol on a steering circle when their iPhone is interconnected around Bluetooth®. Using Eyes Free mode, Siri takes hands-free functionality even serve and helps to minimize intensity distractions by gripping a iOS device’s shade from lighting up.

Owners can approach Siri to perform a series of specific tasks while they keep their eyes on a highway and their hands on a wheel. Capabilities include:

  • Send content messages and e-mails
  • Read incoming content messages and emails
  • Set adult calendar entries, reminders, and alarms
  • Check a weather
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation (when a audio element is set to Bluetooth® Audio or iPod mode)
  • Turn-by-turn on-screen navigation regulating Apple Maps within Apple CarPlay™
  • Sports scores and batch quotes

SMS Text Messaging
All RDX models have a customary SMS content summary duty that can review incoming texts aloud over a audio element and concede a motorist to respond with any of 6 bureau preset messages. The element works with SMS-capable dungeon phones that have an active information devise and a Message Access Profile (MAP), such as a Blackberry, Droid X and others. Apple iPhone models do not support this feature, though Siri Eyes Free Mode offers a ability to initiate, hear and respond to content messages around voice commands.
Once a concordant phone is interconnected with a RDX’s Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® system, a content messaging duty is enabled. When a phone receives a content message, an warning appears on a audio touchscreen. Using a touchscreen, a motorist can name to have a summary review aloud, can name among a preset respond choices, or can call a sender – all though touching a phone.
To minimize a intensity for motorist distraction, a content of a incoming summary is not displayed on shade unless a delivery is in Park.
Available bureau preset content replies:

  • Talk to we later, I’m driving.
  • I’m on my way.
  • I’m regulating late.
  • OK
  • Yes
  • No

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
The Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® interface is designed to offer hands-free operation for many Bluetooth®-enabled mobile telephones. Standard on all RDX models, a element wirelessly connects a driver’s dungeon phone to a vehicle’s audio system. This allows a motorist to make or answer dungeon phone calls though stealing hands from a steering wheel. The element is concordant with Bluetooth®-enabled dungeon phones that have a Hands Free Profile (HFP). A list of concordant phones can be found during or 

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® enables audio files to be played by a vehicle’s audio element wirelessly with a underline called Bluetooth® Audio. If an audio concordant device is interconnected it will be total as an auxiliary source on a audio screen. This allows a Bluetooth®device’s media to be played wirelessly by a audio system. Cell phone inclination that support a Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.3 concede a arrangement of metadata for artist, manuscript and line name on a audio screen. The vehicle’s audio controls for “skip forward” and “skip backward” concede for navigation from line to track.

Acura Navigation System with Natural Voice Recognition
Standard on a RDX with Technology Package, A-Spec and RDX with Advance Package, a all-new integrated Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System with clamp approval uses GPS record to yield drivers with turn-by-turn superintendence to their selected end (available in all 50 United States as good as Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico). 

Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition facilities summary:

  • 10.2-inch tone shade for permitted viewing
  • Navigation coverage includes a United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico
  • Fast line calculation time
  • New Off-line Point of Interest (POI) hunt with 4G LTE Wi-Fi
  • New turf view
  • New auto-zoom (when coming a maneuver)
  • HD digital aspect travel and highway trade (complimentary)
  • Voice approval duty with over minimizes a need for primer impression entry
  • Voice approval element recognizes city and travel names as oral words
  • System control around a new True Touchpad Interface™
  • Selectable 3D map view
  • Simple element operation with transparent visible prompts to beam voice navigation
  • Audio element automatically fades down for turn-by-turn voice superintendence (voice superintendence can be incited off during any time)
  • On-screen design of highway interchanges indicates that lane(s) to use to stay on route
  • Three languages for North American markets (English, French and Spanish)
  • Destination memory recalls stream outing addresses, prior destinations and user residence books
  • Destinations can be sent directly to a automobile by a AcuraLink® Concierge user (Premium Package price applies) or around a AcuraLink® App or website (Connect Package price applies)
  • Auto shade brightness
  • Navigation element database is updateable

The RDX’s all-new navigation system, grown in team-work with HERE, offers many improvements, including extended graphics, customized automobile icons, 3D buildings and terrain, turn-by-turn directions displayed in a instrument cluster and more. The element includes giveaway quarterly map database updates for 5 years. The element includes a HD Digital Traffic feature, that alerts a motorist to stream trade conditions and can arrangement swap routes around gridlock. It facilities stretched coverage including many aspect streets within a U.S., permitting a motorist to name faster, reduction undiluted routes. HD Digital Traffic is subscription-free.

The navigation element can be tranquil by voice or a True Touchpad Interface™. RDX’s new, extended natural-speech voice-recognition element can respond to some-more infrequent authority phrases that need reduction user familiarization, in serve to a prior capability of being means to know oral city and travel names.

The audio element is automatically pale when a “Talk” symbol is pressed. The healthy voice-recognition record allows a motorist to simply pronounce city and travel names aloud, and a element responds by displaying a matches permitted in a database. Points of seductiveness on a map – such as restaurants or grocery stores – can be displayed, or we can have a element yield turn-by-turn navigation, all by voice command. The large point-of-interest (POI) database includes write numbers that can be dialed by regulating a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® element when a driver’s mobile write is connected to a system.

The Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System uses GPS in multiple with minute information from a vehicle’s mapping element to pinpoint a vehicle’s plcae and to yield a horde of useful mapping and line superintendence features. The system’s receiver receives positioning information from a network of 24 tellurian positioning satellites. If a receiver is blocked by a tunnel, a parking garage or a high building, an inner gyroscopic element and a speed sensor line a plcae of a automobile so that a map information stays stream and reliable. The automobile time is exclusively tranquil by GPS data, so when time zones are crossed while driving, a time will automatically set itself to a stream time.

USB Ports and Power Outlets
All RDX models have a 12-volt energy opening positioned in a core console pass-through. In serve to normal source inputs, a RDX is propitious with twin 2.5-amp USB ports in a front core console for easy connectivity to equipment such as an iPod® or iPhone®, or a removable peep expostulate storage device containing WMA, MP3 or AAC format music, or simply for charging. The USB pier located in a phone slot underneath a tambour doorway is used for CarPlay® connection. In Technology Package models and above, twin some-more 2.5-amp USB ports are positioned in a back of a core console for use by a back passengers.

Audio/Connectivity Features

1. Based on SAE J1100 bucket volume dimensions customary and underfloor storage.  This figure compares some-more accurately with many rival measurements.
2. Based on SAE J1100 bucket volume dimensions customary and building space between initial and second seats and front seats changed forward.  This figure compares some-more accurately with many rival measurements.

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