Acura Automobiles: Acura Launches All-New ILX, New Gateway to a Acura Brand

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Acura has launched a extensive selling debate to entrance a ILX, an all-new compress oppulance sedan positioned as a gateway to a Acura brand. The Gen Y-focused debate grown with rp, Acura’s group of record, is designed to assistance chaperon energetic, immature consumers into a oppulance marketplace with TV, digital and imitation advertising.

“A abounding array of customary Acura features, during a starting cost of $25,900, creates a ILX a ideal gateway to a oppulance marketplace and a Acura code for a new era of immature buyers,” pronounced Mike Accavitti, Vice President of National Marketing Operations. “This debate will offer to rivet intensity business looking to element their active lifestyles.”

Featuring important tunes from The Ting Tings and Nick Waterhouse, a dual TV and in-theater ads implement a separate shade portraying synchronized Gen Yers concurrently building their careers and amicable lives, circuitous by airports and corporate offices on one side and navigating upscale resorts and nightclubs on a other. In any ad,”Airport” and “Office” a sense ends a tour in a driver’s chair of an ILX. “Life should be equal tools shortcoming and fun,” says a voice-over. “Introducing a new Acura ILX. Move up. Without settling down.”

“These ads constraint a duality of a standard Gen Y lifestyle—working their initial pursuit and perplexing to make an sense while also creation time to have fun and live it up,” pronounced Susie Rossick, Manager of Acura Advertising. “The Acura ILX is a kind of car that can stir in any setting, and we wanted to communicate that with these spots.”

Both TV spots are now live on Acura’s YouTube channel before to their on atmosphere entrance that starts Jun 4 with a inhabitant participation during a NBA discussion finals on ESPN Jun 5, as good as a NBA finals on ABC on Jun 15 and 17. Cable TV includes networks such as G4, Spike TV, AMC and a E! channel.

Because of Gen Y’s fundamental seductiveness in digital media, Acura skeleton to support a ILX launch with a largest-ever bill allocation to interactive media. Placements are scheduled on sites such as Xbox LIVE, Pandora and GOOD.

Consumers can also correlate with a all-new ILX during Autoweek ride-and-drive weekend events this summer in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Chicago. Approximately 200 attendees are approaching to attend any day.

About Acura
Acura offers a full line of technologically modernized opening oppulance vehicles by a network of 272 dealers within a United States. The Acura lineup facilities 7 particular models including a RL oppulance opening sedan, a TL opening oppulance sedan, a TSX Sport Wagon and sedan, a ILX compress oppulance sedan, a RDX oppulance crossover SUV, a MDX oppulance competition application car and a ZDX four-door sports coupe.

About rp
rp is a full-service selling communications multiplication of RPA, headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. Established in 2008, rp has been obliged for a growth of all Acura National, Regional, Online, Direct Mail and Event Marketing communications. For some-more information, revisit

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