Acura Automobiles: Acura Precision Cockpit Previews Next-Generation Interior and Technology Direction 

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  • “Acura Precision Cockpit” fuses a sporty pattern with a next-gen touchpad-based interface and new Acura handling system
  • AcuraWatchTM motorist assistance apartment deployed in some-more than 70,000 vehicles to date, with Traffic Jam Assist on a proceed
  • Acura to allege customary focus plan for active reserve and motorist assistive technologies
  • Brand touts electrification, programmed and connected car achievements during AutoMobility LA

Acura currently suggested a near-production interior styling and record concept, a Acura Precision Cockpit, while highlighting 3 vital themes in mobility creation – electrification, programmed pushing and connectivity. Fusing an ergonomic pattern with a complicated handling complement and a touchpad-based interface that goes over normal approaches, a Acura Precision Cockpit complements a extraneous pattern instruction suggested progressing this year in a Acura Precision Concept. Together, a Acura Precision Concept and Acura Precision Cockpit form a elemental building blocks for Acura’s destiny car design. 

Designed for Performance Driving

The Acura Precision Cockpit’s seats, steering circle and expostulate mode dial are desirous by a NSX, indicating toward a sporty destiny for a Acura brand. Brushed metal, healthy wood, leather and alcantara finishes emanate a reward demeanour and feel. Expressive surfacing and complicated detailing, including copper amber LED lighting, intensify a cabin’s pattern aesthetic. 

The instrument row houses a wide, ultra-clear, 12.3-inch driver’s display.  It sports a double-layered structure lonesome in stitched leather surfaces, providing a lightweight and high contrariety image. A relating core arrangement is placed high in a cabin, in a visually superb location, tighten to a driver’s healthy line-of-sight. Custom colors and animations compare a mood of a pushing mode comparison by a motorist – white for Snow, blue for Comfort, red for Sport and orange for Sport Plus.

The core arrangement is operated by a winding touchpad that is optimally positioned in a core stack. The touchpad is ergonomically designed to discharge a need to visually locate a symbol or a switch.

Seamless Man-Machine Connection

The Acura Precision Cockpit unlocks a advantages of connectivity and semi-automated pushing technology, while enhancing a pushing experience. For example, when programmed systems are engaged, a digital scale in a driver’s arrangement utilizes a real-time 3D engine to support a energetic blueprint that displays other cars and highway objects famous by a vehicle’s modernized sensors, leveraging vehicle-to-vehicle communications to visually heed cars handling autonomously. An modernized prophesy mode leverages sensors to arrangement cars, pedestrians, cyclists and other objects – even those vaporous from prophesy – regulating synthetic comprehension to envision destiny pathways. This mode builds tellurian certainty in a car’s programmed pushing systems.

Touchpad with Absolute Positioning

The Acura Precision Cockpit’s touchpad uses comprehensive position mapping for a initial time in a pushing environment, mixing a coherence and usability of a touchscreen with a comfort and reduced motorist daze of a remote-based approach. A normal touchscreen proceed is discerning and direct, though army a compromised chain of a shade tighten to a motorist and out of a driver’s healthy line-of-sight. A normal remote-based interface – common in oppulance cars – solves these challenges, though a communication between a remote and a arrangement is mostly surreptitious and clumsy. 

With comprehensive positioning, a communication with a touchpad aligns precisely with a actions on a categorical display. Every mark on a touchpad is mapped to a specific duty on a categorical display, only like a touchscreen. Favorites are positioned along a bottom, and scrolling is positioned along a outdoor edges. A daub on a tip left dilemma of a touchpad engages a calm on a tip left dilemma of a core display. 

“Absolute positioning transforms a touchpad experience, creation it personal, discerning and quite befitting for premium, driver-centric, opening machines,” pronounced Dave Marek, Acura’s executive artistic director. “It’s also designed to be fast and simply adopted, as drivers turn acclimated and gentle in minutes.”

Next-Gen OS, Seamless Choreographed Experience

The Acura Precision Cockpit also previews a Android-based, next-generation Acura OS that will energy destiny prolongation cars, providing secure entrance to mobile apps, information and content. With a purify user interface that clearly displays a information to a driver, a core arrangement facilities dual dedicated zones to assistance a motorist fast switch by settings including audio, continue and notifications. This allows a navigation app to always sojourn front and center. Bespoke animations and audio chimes were engineered to raise a in-cabin experience.

Every component of a Acura Precision Cockpit – physical, digital and audio – was designed by a core engineering group operative together to emanate a seamless, choreographed experience. A antecedent system, a Acura Precision Cockpit will be developed into a new interior pattern for prolongation vehicles starting in a subsequent few years. 

Mobility Innovation

Alongside a exhibit of a Acura Precision Cockpit, Acura highlighted achievements and advancements in a areas of active reserve and foundation technologies.

The association announced that a AcuraWatchTM apartment of active reserve and driver-assistive technologies has now been deployed on some-more than 70,000 Acura vehicles. Next year, Acura will supplement Traffic Jam Assist to a apartment in certain models, providing increasing motorist assistance and preference in stop-and-go highway driving. Now offering as customary apparatus on all 2017 MDX and 2017 RLX models, Acura also signaled a vigilant to eventually request AcuraWatchTM as customary apparatus on all core models.

A indication of a second era RLX growth car with programmed pushing systems was featured on a uncover floor. The programmed RLX has been propitious with a apartment of radar, Lidar, camera and GPS sensors, complemented by aloft opening CPUs and GPUs, and softened cabling, feverishness government and circuitry. These enhancements have been total with new, some-more intelligent program algorithms to support some-more formidable contrast scenarios.

The growth car is designed to grasp high trustworthiness by fusing overlapping information together from several sensors. This concept, famous as sensor fusion, allows exam engineers to countenance information from any vigilance with a aloft grade of correctness than can be performed from any one of a sensors independently. For example, a vehicle’s radar sensors are skilful during detecting a relations position and quickness of off-board objects with pinpoint accuracy, while a camera complement is best matched to assistance detect and brand objects formed on distance and shape. This same judgment is practical in a AcuraWatch™ reserve and driver-assistive apartment accessible on all indication year 2017 Acura sedans and SUVs.

Highlighting a focus of electrified powertrains to raise car opening while improving efficiency, Acura displayed a production-based 2017 NSX that warranted a category feat during a Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in June, a North American racing debut. Piloted by Nick Robinson, NSX Vehicle Dynamics Project Leader, a NSX negotiated a 12.42-mile march in a time of 10:28.82 to win a Time Attack 2 class. Next spring, Acura will broach a third electrified vehicle, a MDX Sport Hybrid.

“Advances in electrification, programmed vehicles and connectivity are essentially reshaping a destiny of mobility,” pronounced Jon Ikeda, clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of Acura. “Acura is dynamic to precedence this large change to broach singular expressions of opening to a customers.”

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About Acura
Acura is a heading automotive oppulance nameplate that delivers Precision Crafted Performance, an strange proceed to record and pattern that creates a new pushing experience. On Mar 27, 2016, Acura distinguished a 30th anniversary of a launch as a initial oppulance nameplate from a Japanese automaker.

The Acura lineup facilities 6 particular models – a RLX premium, oppulance sedan, a TLX opening oppulance sedan, a ILX competition sedan, a 5-passenger RDX oppulance crossover SUV, and a seven-passenger Acura MDX, America’s all-time best-selling three-row oppulance SUV. This spring, Acura launched a next-generation, electrified NSX supercar as a new and apex countenance of Acura Precision Crafted Performance.


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